With Friends Like These, Who Needs La Raza?

The_President,_the_Speaker,_and_the_TaoiseachIt turns out, Speaker of the House John Boehner and Barack Obama have much more in common than nicotine addiction and a high melanin quotient (more on Boehner’s suntan in just a minute).  

Boehner recently shocked and angered millions of us, who are already routinely nauseated by Obama’s endless lies and usurpation, when he answered an interviewer’s question by saying emphatically that he “trusts Obama absolutely.”  

The interviewer pressed him about that word, asking, “Absolutely?”  Without missing a beat, Boehner replied “Absolutely.”  

Boehner went on to say that he and Obama have a “very good relationship” which is “one of trust and friendship.”  

Gag me with a 2,700 page bill.

Boehner, of course, tried to qualify his rancid bilge by acknowledging that he and Barry Hussein have “big differences.” So what?  He lost me at “trusting” Obama. 

About a week after he said that, Boehner (along with other key Republican scalawags) then proceeded to publicly condemn a fellow Republican congressman, Alaska Rep. Don Young, for referring to people who had invaded our nation’s sovereign territory with an archaic, yet perfectly deserved, name –“wetbacks.”  

That term, “wetback,” derives from the actual behavior of people–not their skin color or anything beyond their control, but their criminal conduct, and the allegorical, residual condition of their skin after having recently swam across the Rio Grande to illegally cross into the U.S. from Mexico.  It’s slang, of course, and these days it’s considered off-limits, taboo, in our new police state of diversity uber alles.

Young, who is 70 years old and was serving our country in uniform before most of us were even born, had used the term in a remark about illegal aliens being hired to work on his father’s farm long ago.  Young remembers a time when our country actually had a sensible immigration policy.  In fact, Young was in the U.S. army about the time when our federal government’s own official policy was to implement the massive Eisenhower-era “Operation Wetback” to round up and deport upwards of a million illegal aliens near our border with Mexico.

The ones who really have earned the right to be offended are veterans like Rep. Young and I, who put our lives on the line to defend our country’s laws and territory and First Amendment, only to be scolded and told to shut up by those who rally to the side of invading armies from the South of the border, telling us not to “disrespect” the illegals!

Of course, Rep. Young has since completely flopped belly-up onto the political pavement and writhed and grovelled, begging forgiveness, while the usual race-grievance hustlers scream for his resignation. 

I’ve had it up to my eyeballs with politically-correct, worthless wastes of spinal fibers in the form of so-called Republican leaders.  Let someone with cajones, like Trey Gowdy or Ted Cruz, sit in the House Speaker’s chair and represent our side if the likes of Boehner would rather be working on his tan by golfing with Obama, then dining out and sharing cancer sticks with him instead of making Soetoro wish he’d never left Indonesia. 

Speaking of Boehner’s tan, do you suppose there’d be any kind of national outcry if some Democrat called him (or any other white man) a redneck?  Of course not – skin color and any other trait is fair game as long as it’s whites who are the ones being called names.   

Some of us actually thought for a minute that the Republican leadership had found its stones when they refused to cave in during Obama’s cynical, treacherous budget sequester gambit, but that looks to have been just a flash of gold flakes in the prospector’s pan. 

Meanwhile, prominent GOP senator Rob Portman has suddenly announced that he’s decided to join the enemy camp, deserting us on the defense of marriage front.  He cited his son’s “coming out” as a homosexual as having influenced him to change his mind.  Other Republicans have also defected on that issue in recent days.

Even Dr. Ben Carson, who created a national sensation by appearing and sounding so heroically defiant as he stood at the National Prayer Breakfast lectern not long ago and expertly, convincingly denounced just about everything Obama believes in and has done (with Obama himself grimly sitting almost within arm’s reach), has now almost rolled over.  

In that speech, Carson went on at considerable length about the damaging effects of political-correctness, emphasizing that it is an Orwellian evil which inhibits meaningful dialogue and destroys our liberty, and prevents us from even addressing and solving our worst problems as a society.  

Unfortunately, Carson is now on TV grovelling and licking the posteriors of the gaystapo after they screamed foul over his perfectly reasonable recent remarks against gay marriage.

About the author: Donald Joy

Following his service in the United State Air Force, Donald Joy earned a bachelor of science in business administration from SUNY while serving in the army national guard. As a special deputy U.S. marshal, Don was on the protection detail for Attorney General John Ashcroft following the attacks of 9/11. He lives in the D.C. suburbs of Northern Virginia with his wife and son.

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  • CalMom

    Well stated article.
    The statists of the Republican leadership crave bigger government, more money, and more power just as much as those leaders of the far left. They have thrown the U.S. Constitution and first principles to the wind long ago. Logic and sound reasoning is dead in D.C. (and, sadly, it appears to be so in most of America).

    • http://ClashDaily.com/ Donald Joy

      Thank you, CalMom!

      • Just Another Blowhard

        arent you married to a hispanic? Do you let people call your kids wetbacks? Some of the readers here do.

        • http://ClashDaily.com/ Donald Joy

          I thought you said they were West Indian when you sold them to me.

        • http://ClashDaily.com/ Donald Joy

          I thought you said they were West Indian when you sold them to me.

        • http://ClashDaily.com/ Donald Joy

          I thought you said they were West Indian when you sold them to me.

      • Just Another Blowhard

        arent you married to a hispanic? Do you let people call your kids wetbacks? Some of the readers here do.

      • Just Another Blowhard

        arent you married to a hispanic? Do you let people call your kids wetbacks? Some of the readers here do.

  • Thomas Sharp

    Excellent article.
    I too wonder if there is anyone in DC that has an ounce of useable integrity left.

    • RacerJim

      Anyone who trusts Obama at all, much less absolutely, can’t be trusted.

    • http://ClashDaily.com/ Donald Joy

      Thank you, Thomas!

  • Bill Board

    At the risk of being politically incorrect, let me just say….. I agree with the wetback statement, I agree with the buttf**kers statement but I draw the line with the “cancer stick” crap. They are called cigarettes.

    • jeepdude911

      Motion seconded.

  • William Lee 2014

    Way to go, Don!
    Boehner is simply a DC insider, who wants to keep his membership in the club.
    If he does something that is “right”, it is only because it was advantageous to him,

    • http://ClashDaily.com/ Donald Joy

      Thank you, William!

  • $39132868

    The formal GOP is nothing more than a pressure valve, to allow the dismayed and duped genunely Conservative Whites to still cling to the belief that there is Representational Goverment, in DC. That’s the biggest problem. Whites refusing to deal with blindingly obvious reality.

  • 2War Abn Vet

    Establishment Republicans who have partnered with their Democrat friends to weaken the nation for decades. These “go-along-get-along” Republicans have consistently put personal power ahead of their duty to those who elected them. The sooner we rid ourselves of these PWOPs (Politicians without Principles) the sooner we can put our country back on track.

  • RockyMtn1776

    The GOP committed suicide some time ago. RINOs like this helped hurry it along.

  • Maxine

    Some of these people have been in office 35 and 25 years that is way to long we need to stop this when they are in office to long they think they own us and we have to go by what they say they no so much crap about each other that If they dont do what the others want then they will tell on them or they buy each other with are tax money We have stop them
    when election time comes

  • mogul264

    Being from Texas, and acquainted with the illegal alien influx from the ’40’s and ’50’s through now, the term ‘wetback’ ONLY meant those illegal aliens who had, in fact, crossed the Rio Grande itself, whether the Rio was running, or just a trickle, as it was, sometimes! This was the ONLY way to get to Texas from Mexico directly, whether as a possible swimmer, wader, or puddle jumper, or the LEGAL way, across the border access bridges. In those days, they usually went back home after a month or two, or a summer of work, even the illegal ones! We also did NOT provide public welfare, public education, public housing, public legal or other public services, so MOST did not bring families! Some employers DID provide cramped quarters for seasonal employees!

    However, there were SOME who did bring a wife, had a kid, and overstayed, as they found sympathetic bosses who took pity on the ‘family’ men! Gradually, the number swelled, until the soft-headed idiots in Washington decided to have an ‘amnesty’ for them! When word of THIS spread, the DAM BURST! Almost immediately, the number of illegals doubled, no border control! Even though Congress decreed we would clamp the borders tight, …………we didn’t! More illegals poured in, expecting more amnesty, NO border control. Another amnesty, and promises of border control! NO BORDER CONTROL! This was repeated some NINE MORE TIMES, and EACH time, “we WILL clamp down those borders!”. Each time, more illegals lined up for ‘their’ amnesty! Each time, NO BORDER CONTROL!

    We arrive at today. Now, we are going to try something BRAND NEW! Our Congress leaders have said so! We are going to allow (the conservative estimate of) 11 MILLION illegals (probably closer to 300 MILLION!) have amnesty, and we are going to clamp down those borders! ………..Excuse me, there seems to be an echo here! I could swear I’ve heard this ‘solution’ before! I wonder just how many will flood across the border, THIS TIME, awaiting ‘THEIR’ amnesty?

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