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Whoa! Hollywood Let A Free Market Film Slip Through: Monsters University

by Pat Kane
Clash Daily Contributor

For many, especially those on the right or those with free market sympathies, going to the movies can be an arduous task. I personally don’t mind seeing or hearing a film that expresses an agenda that is contrary to mine. However, going to the theater gets tiresome and discouraging when there are seemingly no films made that express a libertarian or free market point of view. If Hollywood could still make a tasteful or intelligent film, I wouldn’t mind this as much. However, sadly most large films made today are either puerile dribble, or are destroyed by some obnoxiously heavy handed political message.

For example, the majority of upcoming blockbusters in 2013 are shameless and belated reactions to the Occupy Wall Street movement of early 2011. While the others look unwatchable to anyone with even a semblance of aesthetic integrity. Tragically, out of both artistic and philosophical disgust, I am forced to forsake one of my most cherished pastimes, going out to see a movie in the halcyon sanctuary of a movie theater.

Thankfully, there is one film currently in theaters that has risen above the rotting, carrionic void that is most major films, and miraculously made it out of Hollywood free from the parasitic jowls of a half baked statist message. Monsters University is an unadulterated Horatio Alger story dressed up in burly fangs and purple fur. The film is centered around two college aged monsters, James Sullivan and Mike Wazowski, who are studying to become members of their societies’ most respected profession, Scarers. In the film, the monster world is powered by children’s screams, and it is the job of the scarer to cross over into the human world to get the screams. It is the human equivalent of becoming an astronaut, and a young Mike Wazowski gets determined to become one after an unforgettable childhood experience.

Warning: Spoilers

The beginning of the film introduces the audience to a young Mike Wazowski, who since childhood has been determined to become a Scarer. Though Wazowski is not the scariest of monsters, he does not let this stop him from realizing his dreams. Through hard work and tenacity, Wazowski gets accepted into the most prestigious University in his world, Monsters University. From his first night at the school, Wazowski forgoes parties and other distractions, and immediately starts a diligent studying regiment to master his craft. Throughout the entire year, Wazowski never looses sight of his goals, and stops at nothing to become the best in his class despite the fact there are monsters who are physically more frightening than he is.

Wazowski is juxtaposed by by his comically mismatched roommate, James Sullivan or Sully. Sully made it into the school off of his family name, and coasts through his classes off of his loud roar and intimidating frame alone. While his initial charm helps Sully in the first few weeks, he soon realizes physical ability alone is not enough to compete in the world. Though adversaries at first, Sully and Wazowski develop a strong bond while fighting to keep their place in the college. Through Wazowski, Sully learns that he can not go through life on his family name and looks, and that he too needs to work if he wants to achieve his dreams.

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