• Janet


    • Richie

      LOL he wants everyone to be the same poor like Obama wants ,if it was not for capitalism you would not be having your computer, or the internet, food stores, we would all be living in the stone ages, get a clue janet

  • pineconegal

    On this subject he is not speaking ex cathedra.

    • jcsmitty

      I believe he is condemning materialism and greed, not capitalism per se. Big difference.

  • garyamusic .

    Lead by example Mr. Pope………show us the way. Empty those vaults at the Vatican, sell the billions of dollars worth of property you own and give the money to the poor. I’ll bet your shoes and dresses alone are worth a small fortune!

    • Cdad

      I agree with Garyamusic. Lead by example. Thought we had a great pope, I wonder now. Theres enough riches stored at the Vatican to feed many even some of the leeches so pope Francis do it or shut up.

      • Doc

        Yup, just think of all the Nazi gold they ended up with just like the Swiss banks!

  • jimboelrod

    Well, I suppose the old saying that says “you can take the pope out of the third world country, but you can’t take the third world country out of the pope”, applies here.

  • william davis

    Like Obama, what has he ever produced: product or service to satisfy a human physical need or want ?. Another community organizer with a very poor experience level . CEO of a faith does not make one a CEO of an successful economic entity in a free society. Feel sorry for his lack of understanding Economics 101.

  • zeprin

    PERONISMO, runs deep. And refuses to die.

    There must be something in the water in Buenos Aires.

  • Doc

    What these morons can’t seem to figure out is that without these “greedy capitalist” the poor would have no jobs. Socialism is a proven failure time and time again. And I’m thinking “Dear leader” in Rome is a socialist!

    • dogface

      Most Preachers, School Teachers, Jews, and Lazy MFs are demoncrats..

    • jcsmitty

      Then your thinking would be wrong. The Church has opposed socialism and liberation theology for years. Do you believe everything you read, or do you go to original sources??????
      I’m sick to death of the way the liberal media has deliberately distorted everything this pope says, but I never expected that the lying media would include Breitbart.

  • jcsmitty

    This is total slander. When he was a bishop in Argentina, the pope strongly opposed liberation theology–which is why his fellow Jesuits tried so hard to get rid of him.

    I f you bother to read papal encyclicals, you’ll see that socialism and its cousins have been uniformly condemned by the Church for many years.

  • kimbercarrier

    Since the catholic church is one of the largest property owners in the wolrd, I say let them sell it off and feed the poor. They are the rich.

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