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Norway’s Welcome Gift To Muslims: The Murder Weapon

Every community has their own way of saying, “Welcome” to the new neighbors. Some do it with food gifts or toys for children. Some welcome neighbors with maps and useful locations in the new community. The styles vary, but the premise is always to make the new neighbors feel welcome and comfortable in their new habitat.

Which makes one wonder what was in the mind of the Norwegian Directorate of Immigration (UDI), when at some point, they decided it would be appropriate to give Muslims … whose holy book advocates the killing of infidels (non-Muslims) … a 12 inch (30 cm) butcher’s knife, as a welcome gift.

Unless you’re hosting a Texas size BBQ, or you’re a member of the Electro House duo Knife Party, OR your name happens to be Norman Bates … I’m not sure you would have an urgent need for a butcher’s knife.

And believe it or not, the knives have been used in several murders in Norway … all traced back to the UDI gift.

Now, if it were me, I wouldn’t give a large, sharp weapon to someone whose sacred texts call for the murder of people who don’t believe in their misogynist, pedophilic prophet … or the former moon god who ordained him. These are people who adhere to the dictates of a maniacal leader, who demands the conversion, enslavement or slaughter of those who refuse to bow. I wouldn’t give them a way to separate my head from my shoulders. Why not throw in a noose and ask where they prefer my gallows?

But hey … maybe that’s just me.

To their credit, several Norwegian politicians have insisted the “Welcome to Norway favor” cease…

Leader of the Conservative Party, Linda Catherine Hofstad, asked: ” Is it really necessary to give out a butcher knife which can also be used as a murder weapon?”

Progress Party’s Sandberg, agrees: “To give the knife to asylum seekers when they arrive in the country is completely pointless. Many of these people have war trauma and are mentally unbalanced. This practice must be stopped immediately.”
But as of yet, the UDI has no plans of halting the free weapon upon entry.

It may very well be too late to take back the former glory of the Vikings. Their Valkyrie have traded their battle- wear for burqas, prostrating themselves on the prayer rugs of multiculturalism.

Norway will not go out with a bang or a whimper. But on the edge of a weapon they handed their enemy.

Shalom through strength…

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Audrey Russo

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