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  • Sam Houston

    Sorry for their loss but they don’t need him as a provider. They have
    all the free stuff the Government tosses at them plus I am sure that
    sure Arab-Muslim league type lawsuit is already raging to go to court
    ahead of all others so that they can sue the ever loving daylights out
    of Walmart. After reading the on scene witness/patron and the location
    of the incident, humanity is somewhat lacking in this area. Those were
    no Christians. The man was better off staying in his own Country like
    all the rest of these so-called refugees. Blame the Federal Government
    for screwing with your country and bringing you to the US. You should
    of stayed there and resolved your own problems. After all, what could
    go wrong in the Land of Islam, the religion of peace?

  • Douglas W. Rodrigues

    We could also say that if it wasn’t for Muslims and Islamic belief, there wouldn’t be any victims having their heads sliced off. If foreign born muslims don’t like it here, then go back from where you came!

  • zknight22

    Muzlims are the swine of the world. The spawn of Satan. They are what dribbled down their mothers leg and never make it to the egg.

  • http://nyctalking.com/ Angel Rodriguez

    Man, you guys ain’t right with the satire. I always fall for this!

    • Shame On Ya

      Why would anyone admit to being that ignorant though?

  • Sally

    It’s always wise to read through to the conclusion of a story. If that had been done people would have read the last sentence of “The proceeding is satire.”!

    • http://nyctalking.com/ Angel Rodriguez

      They always catch me with this! Hahaha. I had typed up an entire response to the first few points, then I continued reading the last few lines. LOL.

    • Splish Splash

      Derrrrrrp. The FIRST sentence said it was satire. Now I bet you feel like dolt.

  • possumpoop

    Though satirical, the Muslim intolerance of others is for real

    • Lee Sackett

      I agree… however, I believe it is wrong to post such a story that waits till the final words to say it is “satire!”
      It gives those Muslims who truly do hate Americans fodder to come after us! :(

  • Rey G

    Just another reason to bash and be intolerant of Christians or Jews even in our own country.

  • Sam

    The Muslims are about vengeance because they worship satan, which is who allah is. Do like the rest of us do on Black Friday and stay home. Stay out of the crowds of criminals and a holes. I believe most were there to steal, anyway.

  • IHateLibs

    The only Good MUZZY is one that AINT BREATHIN

    • urbanvrwcmom

      Instead of 72 virgins and rivers of wine, they’ll be met with demons and the lake of fire of hell.

      • Jackin’ the Box

        Nope. They will be met by Jesus, the Mexican stripper.

  • Guest

    In Dearborn huh? Hell, there are very few white folks left there and they blame Americans? Bull! He needed to stay out of the Walmart and stick with muzzie owned convenience stores! Well, that’s one down and millions more to go!

  • mad as hell

    Had me going til the very end. good job and a great story, should give us pause for thought as that is exactly how the mooslime world would react if this were a true event

  • guest

    Muslims blame Christianity and the U.S. for everything. If they don’t like it here, they can always go home, because we certainly don’t like them here.

    • DrSique

      Yeah, obviously it is more acceptable to behead someone, and post a video of the act on YouTube, than to accidentally kill them in a moronic stampede to aquire a flat screen TV. The wife’s asylum should be repealed immediately and the whole family shipped to an Islamic country. We need to stop importing America hating, potential terrorists. Our immigration policies, or lack thereof, have become nationally suicidal.

      Doh, I’ve been had.

  • Publicus Americanus

    But there is some truth to this satire. I’ve been out on Black Friday once with a sister, and these are NOT Christians; maybe Christian-in-name-only (CINOs for short), but godless pagans.

    • Sistahs Gots Blistahs

      Why did you have to point to the fact you were out with a black woman?

  • Mary

    I’m American and a Christian and you couldn’t pay me enough money to venture out on black Friday. No flat screened TV, or beanie baby, furby, or tickle me Elmo is worth fighting over or losing my life over. Besides, it’s usually only the first 50 people who trample over everyone else that get the bargains anyways.

    • urbanvrwcmom

      I hear you, sister! Jesus Christ is all the Christmas Present I need.

      • Jesus Fernandez Gonzalez

        You mean the Mexican stripper, right? He puts the nice little bow ribbon on his package? You go girl!

        • urbanvrwcmom

          Quit projecting, you pervert!

  • noweareman

    Was he BEHEADED?

    • urbanvrwcmom

      No, but he lost his mind!

    • He was Bilingual Though

      NO! Most Muslims like women.

  • Walt Craig

    Go the fv<k back to Tunisia!

    • urbanvrwcmom

      Yes, and take those leftist loser sympathizers with you. They’ll see how “peaceful” (pieceful?) Islam can be.

  • urbanvrwcmom

    This column is BS; Brilliant Satire. I love it!

  • Mort Leith

    I only can think of TWO things:

    1) It’s a START
    2) Dearborn is like the Middle East and should be NUKED and covered in Pig Guts

  • jr1776

    Tough sh#T welcome to America , now go back to your sand box.

  • Coffee49

    Black friday is for the people that are board and need a life, i dispise the holidays and would prefer to hibernate from thanksgiving to memorial day. Dearborn on the other hand should be tactically nuked, that would get rid of 10% of the problem in this country

    • john

      How long have you had this spelling problem,what kind of board are they,pine or oak or walnut?

      • John beat me to it!!!

        I’m guessing “Surf” Board

    • Ripper10

      Coffee49, I love the holidays but have and never will do a Black Friday. I do agree with your statement about nuked.


      People are boards? Boards don’t hit back. Dispise? Someone needs a SpellChecker for Christmas…..and a grammar checker too!

      • Coffee49

        Although typing on a smart phone can sometimes be a chore, the spelling was incorrect but i do work with people that have the brains of a board so i was only half wrong

  • farrightextreme

    #1. That’s our culture, don’t like it go away.
    #2. What was he doing there if not taking part.
    #3. Wouldn’t have happened if he had left the Christian country.
    #4. What makes anyone think the people there were Christians?

  • http://gravatar.com/hummingharpman hummingharpman

    Yeah! Love that last line about how he was buried according to Walmart and Islamic traditions beneath the bacon, ham, and other assorted breakfast meats. I realize this is satire and didn’t actually happen, but nevertheless it could considering the kind of degenerate scum we’re talking about here!….And in Dearborn?!! If that is where he was trampled it would likely have been done by his fellow arselifters and NOT those Christians and infidels!!

  • wandamurline

    Sounds like she needs to go back to Tunisia where she came from. I have mixed thoughts as to why he was there on Black Friday…maybe we got him before he could get us?

  • MontieR

    Islam is a plague upon mankind. It has by far outdone christendom in killing people. Every country that has allowed their disease to take root has and will pay the price with the blood of it’s people.

  • James McEnanly

    Let he who is without sin cast the first stone. How many Muslims get trampled on the pilgrimage to Mecca? From what I’ve heard, they tend to make our Black Friday shopping sprees look calm and orderly

  • rocka692

    The peaceful religion speak out! We have freedom in America prior to your brother Obama became President and decided to populate you and other Muslins as pioneers in a Christian world. You were deceived by a Brother in Muslin (Obama). Take your hate with your Brothers in Muslin and leave America. That said, get your ass out of America! We like it America where people have the right to stampede when they feel threating. He was there for some reason he was not there to watch time past by. If he insisted you and his family had excepted our ways there is a possible he would be alive today.

  • Billy Edens

    to bad there wasn’t more of them that got trampled

    • Now You’re Lost

      The sad thing is he was your grammar teacher next semester!

  • Barto

    We don’t want any more of them killed here, so do not let any more into the U.S.

  • kchenault

    I think the satire disclaimer needs to be bigger. Some in these comments just don’t get it. Maybe a definition as well.

    • Squeeze a Tit Today

      Awww, you get a COOKIE for being so SMART! Do that little dance your mom makes you do and you can have a nice sugar plum wafer, howzaboutit?

      • kchenault

        Don’t care for sugar plum wafers Tithead. Maybe a nice chocolate chip, toffee, walnut cookie? Put your wit away, it’s not sharp enough.

  • 1947rhoda64

    We need to immediately deport all of these evil corrupt Muslims that are trying to get rid of Christianity in our US. It is time to get these terrorist out of our country like Australia and they made them leave because they weren’t abiding by the Chrisitan beliefs. We don’t have to have these terrorist in our country but I do blame Obama and his evil corrupt communist in the WH letting these terrorist get away with this.

    • IHateLibs

      They are ALL EVIL . Just EXTERMINATE them

  • NoMoreMarxistsInDC

    Did anyone read the article all the way to the end???? It’s satire.

    The last paragraph said:

    ” According to Islamic and Walmart tradition, Kafon Farhuk was buried at the exact location in the Walmart he died in last Friday. May Dr. Farhuk rest in peace under the ham, bacon and other assorted breakfast meats aisle.”

    “The preceding is satire.”

    • polmutant

      but an excellent need to be event. it would be very nice to hear of real live tramplings.

    • Falujiah

      How bored are you? Re-typing stuff that people can just scroll up to is sad!!

  • IHateLibs

    As far as Im concerned They can ALL get Trampled .

    • davienne

      I will up-tick 100 times

  • regulus30

    good read [NO MORE]; THANKS for the comment;; what was Taxia “cab”‘s point?

  • Johnny

    He was there to learn first hand of Black Friday. He was not there to simply view from above the top of a truck where he could have gotten a better look, instead, he had to actually take part. That would be like IF I had the option to take part in the Running of the Bulls of Spain. Chances are I would be trampled as well. Religion has nothing to do with this guys death. Black Friday came about for shoppers in America to obtain a lower cost on items they wanted. Some thing that was not even mentioned — It was probably not even thougth of — How many athiests were among the massive crowd? Just how many non religous folk just happened to be there simply looking to have a nice shopping spree? You know how you can responed to this message . . . Please, feel free to send your comments.

    • polmutant

      like bill Clinton, the muzscum just did not inhale.

  • davienne

    OH NO’s … ban black Fridays now… a muzscum got a booboo….

  • Ben Ghazi

    I understand that Dearborn MI is a singular & vast Muslim Enclave, a sort of ‘Trojan Horse’ already within the Gates of Civil America ? What percentage of this disorderly panicking crowd of Walmart Shoppers, were native Black Muslim Americans as opposed to Black American Christians ? Will those two crazy Christian Ministers the Revs. Sharpton & Jackson be getting into this mess ? Enquiring minds need to know.

  • Eric Haulenbeek

    For the family to respond in this way suggests that life is very cheap to these people. I think these people have already been radicalized, responding with the language they have, and I think it’s time they were blasted back into the third-world existence that they seem to miss so! They’d better be ready to do battle big time if they’re going after the homee population of Dearborn, MI.

    • polmutant

      as long as there are homos, femi’s, communists, socialists, and abortion. human life will remain as the cheapest commodity on the face of the planet, and the cheapest renewable resource.

    • John H. Kohlenberg

      The muslims and democrats love to play the blame game. Take the board out of your own eye, before you try to remove the splinter in mine. Your all guilty of the same sins you accuse other people of. You lay down unreasonable request you yourself are in violation of. When you point your finger, remember four are pointing back at you.

  • Shane

    It’s America’s fault for not warning immigrants about the hazards of shopping on Black Friday. You should send this story to MSNBC so that the libs there will blame Christianity and America for this fake tragic death.

    • polmutant

      the muslim was not shopping it was sight/thrill seeking.

  • MyTinyTown

    Wow, the Christians are blamed for stupid people and stupid stores. The stupid mUslims should blame Santa Claus not Jesus.

    Why not go after that foul mouthed Unique Johnson who tripped over the poor man laying in the middle of the store and get crappy about it!

    Hey stupid mUslims black friday is NOT Christian!!!!!!!!!

    I have other thoughts of what really happened, but they are rude and I will not share them.

    • FlightMaster

      yeah ya did, ya ____ _____ ya!

  • JRCancio

    Making a better world one Muslim at a time.

  • Barnlady

    I hate to break this to you but JESUS was not born on Christmas, the holiday was declared to appease the polytheistic people’s customs of the conquered area.. I assure that shepherds DO NOT sleep outside in December… I do not think JESUS wanted his transition from heaven to the earth to be celebrated or HE would have made sure to tell HIS disciples… The buying frenzy is encouraged by the retailers to “sell” , and has nothing to do with JESUS, so spare me the insult that blames Christians for anything that is done in HIS name…. I honestly do not understand why a muslim would move to a “Christian” nation and expect to be “catered to”?? Like me moving to Saudi Arabia and expecting them to have a church and to celebrate my holidays… Stupid!!!

    • warwagon

      I don’t know you caught the piece as written as satire and never actually happened. However.
      You are right as to Jesus not having been born in the time his birth is celebrated. It is entirely pagan in origin. Many give credit to Constantine basically starting the church in Rome. What they don’t know is that Constantine remained pagan, worshiping the sun god and winter solstice among other pagan rights.
      There is an underlying purpose for the advancement of Muslims into what has thought to be Christian nations. You have to remember that there are leaders within Christendom that preach and teach that the same God is worshiped. Of these leaders their share in the kingdom of heaven has been taken away. Now they advance the belief that there are other ways to God other than Christ.
      Islam will play are very integral part in the last days. Listen with care all the words spoken by the current Pope.
      When you believe there are many ways to heaven, when the three major religions worship the same god, look for two of the three to come to an unholy unity. Both believe in Jesus, and neither serve the one whom they believe.

      • John H. Kohlenberg

        If God wanted us to celebrate Jesus’s birthday he would have told us the day Jesus was born. To me it is just another day. That goes for Easter, and Santa Clause lie also. You folks need to stop following the crowd of the pagans and read you bible more.

        • warwagon

          What you say is true. And that is why not all flesh that enter a house of worship shall be saved. James did write that without works, faith is dead.
          The Mother, who is the Harlot did bring paganism into the church. And her Daughters, who left the Mother do the things of the Mother. As she fornicated herself among the nations her daughters also do as she.

      • Barnlady

        OK, so all of it is not true?? I understood a lot was satire but did not realize the death never occurred, thanks.. Yes you are so right about the end times.. I believe that when TSHF and the financial system crumbles and to keep order they will have to require everyone to have a “chip” on their wrist or forehead to dispense money/food/etc… I also believe “LORDSHIP” of JESUS is the only way to heaven… Easy belief is scary in my opinion, persecution sure weeds out the “tares”.. Thanks Warwagon for information.. See you in heaven…

        • warwagon

          Don’t worry. It won’t be a chip. As God puts his mark upon his people, the mark is not located but one place. Unlike the mark of the beast which is one of two places. In the right hand or in the forehead.
          I believe the tares and wheat are the same as sheep and goats. I believe they are separated as each returns in the spirit to heaven. Consider the story Jesus gave of the beggar Lazarus and the rich man, and that he told the one thief that he would be in paradise with Christ that day. Also that in death, Christ gave up the Spirit.
          No, I don’t believe that mark is is a chip. It would not be surprising that there are those who actually have the mark now.
          It is of utter importance that one should know the identity of the Harlot who sits upon the Beast, and also know the identity of daughters. It would shock a lot of people if they were to know.
          Also remember. It is not for man to strive for heaven, but for the Kingdom of Heaven. In the very beginning there were only the sons of God. When one returns he is either a reconciled son, or he is not. If he is, he is at the right hand of Christ. And if he is not, he is at the left hand of Christ.

          • Barnlady

            GOD puts HIS mark on a persons heart but the “mark of the beast” will be on the forehead or wrist.. Many have heard of the mark and would be opposed to it if it is not required to buy and sell.. A microchip is the only way to identify a person.. Without that a person could stand in line for food then when they got it just put it in their car and get back in line…
            I am not sure anyone knows who the beast is but when he is shot in the head and recovers we will know for sure.. Exciting times to live in…

          • warwagon

            Is it possible the Beast is here in the world, now. Consider the Harlot. She sits upon a Beast. The Beast she sits upon is not only in the world to date, but has been in the world for 1500 years. The Beast upon whom she sits is not unlike the Beasts also mention in Revelation. Although each is representative of something different, they all have one thing in common. What they have in common is also found in the statue of Nebuchadnezzar’s dream as described by Daniel. In particular the thighs and legs, then the feet having ten toes.
            The Roman Empire was a single empire, hence the thigh. But the empire became divided between east and west, hence the legs. That empire gave way to the feet having ten toes. Hence the ten horns of the Beast having seven heads.
            Not only is the Beast in the world, but the Harlot also. She is also called Babylon the Great. There is but one system in the world that fits the varied depictions of the Beast having seven heads and ten horns. It is not to be confused nor mistaken as Islam. For it is this Harlot that blasphemes the name of the Lord and the God of true believers.

    • polmutant

      muslims come because their land is a cursed pox as they are cursed poxes. they are of no ethetical, economical and political value. They come to mooch and whine. better to just nuke the lot of them. The world would immediately be a better place and we would have no need for an EPA agency as the air would be SO much MORE cleaner when they are gone. they do their infatada now. soon Crusades will start.

    • John H. Kohlenberg

      Christmas was started by the pagans. This is the birthday of their sun god.

      • Was He Gladiator?

        You are confused, little shank. It is the birthday of THE SON OF GOD! Straighten up before we feed you to the lions!

        • warwagon

          Surely you are not serious that the Son of God was born December 25th. Who can say in all truth that that was so. December 22nd is the winter solstice. December 25th is the rebirth of the sun god, whom Constantine continued to worship until his death. Nowhere in the scriptures does it provide the date of the birth. Nowhere.

    • Bernie of Brooklyn

      Well Ms Jackass, thanks but no thanks! In the Middle East, a desert area, Decembers are WARM. You can’t assure anyone of something that happened 2K years ago! Jesus DID tell His disciples! When He said DO THIS IN REMEMBRANCE OF ME at the last supper. Then he said, EAT ME! And Jesus was a big fan of Macy’s, he loved the parades on his Birthday, December 25th. And did you note this was SATIRE, ya lunk ya?

      • Barnlady

        Oh dear, you have never been to the “Holy Land” in December have you.. It is the same Latitude as Dallas Texas… Yes it is hot in the summer but it get cold in the winter, in fact is sometimes snows.. You also are confusing “The Last Supper”(Good Friday/Resurrection Sunday) and celebrating HIS sacrifice with HIS birth many months apart.. The early church did not celebrate HIS birthday.. Macys, please how do you compare Santa Clause’s parade to HIS triumphal entry into Jerusalem… Please take a trip to Bethlehem in December and sleep on one of the hillsides and tell me how warm you were…

  • sgtbigdawg

    Good Lord people the many times it clearly states this a satirical piece and yet many are still replying here as if it actually happened ! These post indicate just how well people are reading anything anymore.

    • Hope has Changed

      It did happen! Grannie say she saw it right after she got KNOCKED THE F OUT buy a gang of roving black Christians, who were playing the Knock Out Game. They then played a rousing game of Whack A Muzz!.

  • retvet

    What is the purpose of satire?

    • Hiroshi Anagata

      What is the sound of One Hand Clapping?

      • retvet

        Thank you. Have a good day.

  • Richard Hull

    Trample all the sons of bitches. One at a time. Make the world a better place in which to live. Radical Islamic men are nothing more nor anything less than rag head GF’s. They hate anything American. Kick tem out of this country and send them back to the Middle East where they belong

    • Old American

      They should have stomped that useless muslim to death while they had him down.

      • John H. Kohlenberg

        He was just a lookie loo, to cheap to buy anything. Just got in the way. Now his family cries, and looks for the spotlight to do damage to America. We need to remember Hiroshima. Actions spoke louder than words and we solved the problem.

        • Old American

          You Sir, are 100% right.

    • dog491

      I agree with you . Muslims should be sent back to where they came from.

    • Sammy the Slope

      Raghead GF’s? Girl Friends? Gender Fairies? Gump Funkers? Whut?

  • Mari Upthegrove

    Umm… folks, the disclaimer that is this satire is at the beginning AND the end of the piece. All of you with your panties in a twist need to go back to English 101, reading comprehension, lol.

    • 2013 Graduate of F U

      Awwww, go shave your chin stubble will ya!

  • recop

    I would like to know how many of those people who trampled this Farhuk person were Muslims themselves. You know the theory of the Islam Religion, those 72 virgins waiting at the end of the rainbow, murder and suicide are their way of life.

  • monacall

    I’m glad he was buried amongst the bacon.

  • 2War Abn Vet

    Since he was in Dearborn the greater probability is that he was trampled by fellow Muslims.

  • bamissfa

    i’m thinking clash daily should change their name to trash daily, what a waste of space and time.

    • Rufus T. Johnson

      You didn’t have to read it, now did you Miss Sore Buns? If you can’t handle biting political satire, go back to watching funny kittens on YouTube. But before you go, thanks for letting people see, quite clearly, what is WRONG with this nation. The borders are open, btw, so feel free to take that hike any day now. See ya!

    • buckofama2010

      And yet, here you are

  • polmutant

    this is awesome poetic justice! who says Jesus Christ is not just and does not have a sense of humor!? just a pity the muslim was not stampeded by a heard of pigs, but in Dearborn Amafrika the pigs do look different. Best Christmas news I have heard. Dearborn can you trample a few thousand ore of these unwanted?? God Bless America! and damn the obamanation of desolation.

  • Deborah G

    IS that all the man’s problem is? Then just have him send a few moreto the maills we’ll trample them too and help them get the CHRISTMAS gift of Virgins

  • bobmead1960

    Now what have the Muslims intentionally done to Christians in Detroit? Not nice things. But people accidently trample them to death is blamed on Christianity. Come on man! Get real. How about the hundreds of thousands that Muslims that kill Christians across the world. Those are not accidents when one takes a machete and behead people.

  • Merlinever

    A Muslim man was trampled to death on Black Friday?
    That’s terrible.
    I mean it’s terrible that only one Muslim was trampled to death.

  • oldtimer

    The Dearborn Mosque was recently turned into a Pig Pen On Saturday. fourteen stone age Muslims slipped and fell into the pig crap. Five were ate by the hogs before they could escape. They are still trying to isolate the hogs that ate the Muslims.

  • e1313ruth

    So who do we blame for the Christians being murdered in over 140 countries????
    And what do we do about these murders????

  • undunder

    It is a terrible tragedy! However, Black Friday has very little if anything to do with Christ or Christians. It is an opportunity seized on by retailers who use “Christmas” as an enticement to get folks to buy. In fact, when retailed can get shoppers to shop without even using the word Christmas, they do so. It is a retail quandry. I grieve for the family’s loss. But put the blame where it truly is.

  • John H. Kohlenberg

    Wow, one Muslim puke gets killed by Christians they say. What about the many deaths the Muslims did to the Christians. He should have kept his cheap ass at home. It said he was only there for curiosity, and not to buy. I do not like this black Friday crap myself. It just shows greed and worldly idols. Now watch our media inflame this to the public and praise this jack ass, like they support these blacks with their evil knock out games. This world is backwards, and I can see why since we put God in the closet. This is what happens on a large scale when he looses control of his people.

  • Patriot502003


    • Big Plood


      • Patriot502003

        So……why are the sheeple expressing their apologies for something that didn’t happen? The disclaimer is at the start and the end of the column…..So?

    • jb80538

      That is highly unfortunate!

  • omega2


    • Lee Sackett

      Purposed “beheading” and accidental trampling are FAR from the same! We should never allow this woman’s hate of America and Christians to be spoken of in the same sentence. I’m sure that some CAIR member must have told her who was to blame! :(

      • Derenzopa

        It’s SATIRE, as in it never happened. Read the entire article including the very end.

  • Hawkeye72

    He should have kept his muslim ass in Tunisia living with his goats.

    • Sgt. York

      For damn sure in fact all of them need to get there asses out the port door


    Dearborn? Somalia is safer than that hellhole town.

  • Lizard Gizzards

    My mother was there and she saw the muzzie being trampled by a group of burqua wearing broads shouting something about a snack bar. Heifers!

  • warpsix

    Muslims are not Compatible with the Constitution

    • buckofama2010

      They are not compatible with humans

  • buckofama2010

    So why was this satan worshiper Christmas shopping? And, of course, one accidental death is so much worse than the MILLIONS of death from islime and the DAILY acts of terrorism around the world from this scum.

  • Henry

    I thought he was a welcome mat and wiped my shoes……

  • Pazuzu

    This is a joke, right?

    • PhigNewtons


  • gmhunt4

    All Muslims should be deported…………………………………………………

    • J.J

      People born here are Americans. where would you deport them?

      • gmhunt4

        Muslim country of their choice

    • 1915 never again

      Obama should lead the deportation

  • marmo43

    there is no reasoning with people who are clearly controlled by Satan. It’s like they are demon possessed.

    • HappyDog1

      They are demon possessed!

  • Sgt. York

    Let them bring it on we will not be intimidated by a group of thugs acting the name of afools religion.

  • RaceRealist

    Imagine our country without most muslims and blacks Notice the boon, “Unique”, and how she talks and behaves. What a horrible place.

  • Mobetta Jenkem

    Not a problem. That’s why we have boot scrapers.

  • drdgonflyr

    You people are so crazy, this was and is a joke. A very good one and made me laugh this morning thank you.

    • J.J

      I know it’s can be little freaky to realize how willfully ignorant and hateful some people can be. I read this new letter a lot and it’s all just classic fear mongering propaganda. Whether the intended scapegoat is a Muslim or a black or scary teenagers it’s all the same. The liberals do it too, so don’t try to play this off as liberal bias. They are currently using their fear mongering propaganda to try to push gun control, victimize trayvon, and berate Mellisa Bachman. You people are all the same you all just play the victem or the Martyr.

      • drdgonflyr

        First of all I am no victim nor martyr. I am not a liberal. I am not a liberal. I do not think this was any propaganda at all. Just a little satirical joking, which it seems most people can’t take and have to get all upset over. Pretty soon we won’t be able to tell a joke.

        • J.J

          It’s called context. This article may labled as satire but you cannot deny the stories run on this site are no joke. Because if a Nazi makes a Jewish joke it’s not ok it doesn’t matter if he says its satire. This site continually puts out hateful fear mongering propaganda that must be taken into context when viewing this “satire”.

    • Lui

      True but for some of them it’s hard to tell if they are playing along with the satire or serious.

  • HappyDog1

    Do you see the trend in racial and cultural divide in America? Blacks blame whites for their problems. Democrats blame Republicans. Neo-con Republican elites blame Tea Party conservatives. Muslims blame Christians for their ills. This nation is headed towards a civil war soon if the do-nothing socialist/Marxist in the White House is not removed, along with his cronies in all three branches of government.

  • Ree

    If you don’t like it here then go back to your own country and leave mine alone, I don’t want your religion conflicting with mine, most religions are toerent but not the muzzleliys

  • AR154U

    ” According to Islamic and Walmart tradition, Kafon Farhuk was buried at the exact location in the Walmart he died in last Friday. May Dr. Farhuk rest in peace under the ham, bacon and other assorted breakfast meats aisle. ” Too funny !!

    • J.J

      That’s not true.

  • littledon

    That Guy looks like a Crazy “APE” in Heat! Give Him or Her some Water to COOL that Down! Hey! You Look like you want to Kill another PIG, Dog, Cat or are you waiting for another Little Boy or Girl! Shame! Shame! on You!
    God Bless America!

    • J.J

      men have beards.

  • Lee Sackett

    Should this woman seek an “Eye for an Eye,” then America still needs to purposely trample 58 more Muslims to get even with the mall in Nairobi, Kenya, yes? :)
    When will this HATE end? For this woman to declare it was Christians fault her husband was trampled is ONLY such “hate” placed in her mind to comfort her grief! I feel sorry for people who accept such evil teachings. They never improve relationships through “LOVE,” but only exacerbate them through more and more HATE!
    Christmas is the celebration of a man’s birth who stated, “If you have not LOVE, you are nothing!” Perhaps she should try to find that verse in her Koran?

  • michael lawless

    never been to walmart and decides to go on black friday
    welcome to america hahahahahaha

  • NymRod

    Great idea, let’s turn it into an annual national event at all the Walmarts stores to see how many muzzies we can trample to death. Adds a whole new meaning to Black Friday!

  • Robert

    While it is unfortunate a person got trampled he has not been the only one. What about the large number of muslims trampled and crushed in the gates of mecca.
    The fouled house of islam needs to clean its own house before they criticise any one.

  • Lee Sackett

    I do NOT care for Muslims, never will! However, I DONT like postings that appear to be laced in any account of a “NEWS STORY,” only to be so stated as “SATIRE” in it’s final words. It ONLY gives ammunition to those Muslim Loving Idiots to use against the REAL tragedies of HATE that actually do occur!

    • Woody

      It was stated both before, and after, that the article is satire. Pay attention!!

      • Lee Sackett

        When I need to be reprimanded by a person named “Woody,” I will turn on the cartoon channel and start watching, Pinocchio or get out my old VCR copy of Toy Story!

        I received a EMAIL ALERT on my private address with the following highlighted statement leading me to this site….. “Muslims Blame Christianity, U.S. for Muslim Man Trampled on Black Friday!”
        I did indeed see the “Satire” label and thus gave my opinion. However, should you read a vast majority of the other comments, apparently the small “italic” caution so stated.
        I am a member of a large Conservative Vs. Liberal debate blog. It is stories such as this which inevitably get posted on that blog and are then the subject of attack to “Discredit” Conservatives for being so ignorant to read and post such lies!
        That may not matter to you…. but to the individual caught up in the nonsense of a “Make Believe” story…. it does! Why post such falsehood?

  • marineh2ominer

    Just let me say that if that has any truth to it I am REALLY REALLY proud of my fellow AMERICANS

  • Sylvester Jones

    Get them all out of our Country they’re not welcome.

  • Pug Shi

    How many times can you say WTF when it comes to this STUPID people! This people literally have their brain in their ASS.

  • Lui

    Come on now, you dont want to give the Obama administration another excuse for Benghazi.

  • BuffNBone

    Given he was a cardiologist, his demise provides another excuse as to why Obamacare will fail.

  • James Kroeger

    Stupid Muslims…a bunch of brain dead MORONS!

  • Derenzopa

    Have we lost all reading comprehension? It is SATIRE, and it says so before and after the article.

  • tryingtomakeit


  • jane 44

    It is not the devout Christians who are at fault for this anymore than devout Muslims are responsible for the Boston bombing or Sept 11, 2001. It is greed and selfishness which are traits of all humanity.

  • jlp5871

    All muslums out of the USA All muslums out of the USA, muslums should go back to there county and take there garbage religion with them. take along the brain dead communist democRATS with them…

    • Lee Sackett

      You need to WATCH the video DCW posted above us! It is riveting! :)

  • DCW16

    Maybe it was the decendants of slaves just getting even ? ? ?

    Want to learn about the history of these folks ?


    • Lee Sackett

      Thank you for posting this video. I was going to watch just a minute of it and come back to other comments. Rather, I found “I could not remove myself from listening!”
      I’ve forwarded it to no fewer than 10 other people and posted “return” comments to several of the Muslims on YouTube who are striving to debunk it’s accuracy!
      Thank you again for posting it….. LS

      • DCW16

        The first time I watched it I was blown away . . . what we are fed today as history is sad . . . even 20th century history is distorted to flatter the insane left.

  • worldwatchman

    Just end them all. Neutron bombs are a plus this season. Sick of all the rhetoric and vows of revenge. Just end them. To hell with them.

  • Waclaw Jerzy Borken-Hagen

    Here is a practical idea:
    Send an army of Walmartians to Mecca when muzzies have their yearly celebration.
    I am sure they could precipitate a “spontaneous” stampede. A win-win situation.

  • Wyatt

    Hmmm , perhaps Mrs Farhuk should immigrate to Tierra del Fuego . here are few Cpeople there let alone Christians . All she would need fear is being trampled to death by Penguins

  • Sam

    Don’t like our country? Then leave! Go back to where you came from! I am tired of the stinking Muslims coming over here and then complaining about us. You goat fockers should all be deported.

  • (moi) Nick Taxia

    I’m so glad this piece has not provoked any inane, ridiculous, and hate-filled comments. Thanks! -Nick Taxia

  • rick0857




    • Andrew Linn

      Orson Welles’s War of the Worlds (and the nationwide panic that resulted from it) comes to mind

    • Chubby Freen

      And your efforts appear to paid off in spades…

    • Woody

      Now, now, you should be nice to the stupid people. They probably can’t help it. Further down in these remarks, read my comment to Lee Sackett and his response to me. I decided someone like him is NOT worth my time.

  • foxxybey

    God said they would be wild men and the picture proves Him right.

  • Name

    “Around 10:00 AM, a stampede broke out at the Dearborn Walmart…” there ain’t no Christians in Dearborn–so don’t blame it on us you Devil (allah) worshippers!!!

    • UnCL3

      you got THAT right…SALUTE!

  • sickpuppy70454

    Yes, the people in WalMart were not acting as Christians are supposed to behave. They were behaving like Muslims.

  • PoorWhiteMan

    Blaming a religion for this is stupid.But then so is going to the stores on the worst day of shopping.It’s sad that this man was trampled and killed but only goes to show that no matter who you are,the mob rules.

  • knowledgeisgood

    I understand why a mother, father, sister, brother, and any other family member would be angry, but the others who knew him not, only feel hate through their false anger, because it happen in the United States, by Americans. They blame Christianity for his death, yet they do not look at those who killed their own thru the same methods at their own festivities. This tell’s me that, islam is hypocracy, amongst other words that I will keep to myself for the time. I will say this to any family member of this young man, I will pray that the Holy Spirit will surround you to comfort you thru this time of lost, and bring you all peace.

  • Mys77

    Black Friday??? That has NOTHING to do with Christianity. Please someone explain this to this woman. Just for the same reason the muslims say they are a peaceful religion, and yet….. they strap a bomb on themselves and blow themselves up, rape and murder their women, and call for the murder of any and all who don’t convert to their cult…. and yet….. I don’t see this muslim woman condemning her religion??? This man died, and I guess it was Allahs will or something like that. She is welcome to leave and go back to where she came from.

    • Chubby Freen

      It WAS the will of Allah–and to say otherwise is to suggest that Allah is so weak, that he must dance to the infidel’s tune whenever the unbeliever breaks out his fiddle. Or, maybe Allah can’t stand ragheads, either…

    • bluealiendevil

      Do you understand the meaning of satire? Check article again.

  • johnnywood

    “Christians and Christianity” has nothing to do with “Black Friday” but I suppose an ignorant Muslim would not understand that.

    • bluealiendevil

      how abot an ignorant person not understanding the meaning of “satire?” Check the end of the article, better yet, learn to read the whole thing.

      • Mindy Robinson

        I read that , I took it to mean that the last paragraph was satire.

      • Mindy Robinson

        However, I did miss the first sentence, right under the title, of the article , that clarifies your statement.

      • johnnywood

        Sorry but I did miss the opening of this post. I`ll bet you have never done that since you are soooo wise and intelligent.

    • Sharon

      Not ignorant (because there’s a cure for that) but just plain stupid (there’s no cure for that).

  • UnCL3

    Too effin’ bad…1 guy is not even a “good start” IMHO.

  • Chubby Freen

    This IS very sad. Thanks to Christianity, Mr. Farhuk missed the Black Friday special on pressure cookers. If it makes his family and imam feel any better, I didn’t miss the ammunition sale…

  • jeepdude911

    Damn shame. Only one. What a tragedy.

  • Tom Townsend II

    It is a terrible loss for anyone to suffer such a tragedy as this. I, as a Christian, do not see any reasonable need for this man to have ever died in such a way. By the same token, I do not see any relevancy at all for anyone; even the widow, to blame Christians or Christianity for this man’s death. Christians; true Christians, would not act this way and we certainly do not support killing anyone.
    I do not know if there were any actual gunmen involved in this event. I do know that it is Muslim Islamic Terrorists who are best known for going out in public and slaughtering innocent people. As to the validity of God, Christ, Allah or Muhammad; I, unlike many Muslims (or so it seems) do not deny the validity of any of the aforementioned entities. I do however suggest a close critical examination of just whom exactly seems to use their beliefs in such beings to justify massive destruction, bigotry, dominance of others, murder and such sins, wrongs and evils as to condemn a whole generation of offenders. Just consider how many “Christians” have been burning mosques; beating, raping and abusing women and children (including child brides); how many veteran heroes’ graves have been destroyed and defiled by Christians; how many sites and relics of historic value have been destroyed by Christians to erase the truth of Muslim history from memory; and how many Muslims have been and are driven from their destroyed homes and businesses and butchered or forced to serve as oppressed slaves to pay taxes for Christians to live in luxury unless these Muslims convert to Christianity as part of a scheme to create a one world Christian order. Personally, I cannot think of very many cases; if any, where any of the above allegations could possibly apply to Christians. However, there are a great many examples available to cite wherein Muslims were and continue to be guilty in a large scale of subjecting Christians, Hebrews and pretty much anyone else they find who are not Islamic to these very same heinous criminal sadistic and evil practices without mercy or regret. I am also pretty sure I remember reading and seeing on the news where Dearborn, Michigan (supposedly a U.S. city) is a place where non-Muslims U.S. Citizens have been stoned, brutalized, injured and assaulted by a massive population of Muslims and their children with the blessings of the local police department through their willful dereliction of duty over and over again. As what seems to be a “Muslim Islamic” city that has committed such atrocities and where other U.S. citizens who are not Muslim or Islamic must fear for there safety and their very lives if they dare to go there, I do not think there are any Muslims or Islamists anywhere who has any right or moral ethical reason to try to lay blame on Christians, Hebrews or any other group of people for this or any similar outcomes in a community where such intolerance and evil is blatantly and so readily inflicted upon non-Muslim/non-Islamic people. To put it simply, if you want any credibility at all or want anyone to take you seriously about claims such as these, then do not be guilty of the crimes I have mentioned above or the many many other such crimes that can easily be proven with the blood from these crimes so readily evident on the hands of the Muslim Islamic swine and their Imams, Ayatollahs and supporters who are guilty of committing these crimes. As I have maintained and can easily be widely proven; Islam and its followers, teachers and practices are at the top of the list of the most loathsome, vile, reprehensible and outright filthy and evil throughout the entire world and from the entirety of human history. As a whole it should be shunned, shut down and utterly removed and erased from our world forever without exception, Mecca and all.

    • Stan Parrish

      I know you spent a lot of time on your post but look at the bottom of the article. It says;
      “The preceding is satire.”
      This article was meant for humor because it is ridiculous on the face of it. Your post would be more appropriate on a serious article. But then again Muslims have repeatedly made ridiculous claims like being a religion of peace.
      So, never mind. I never said a thing.


        It is also the first 4 words on top. The following is satire

    • homer1057

      Islam will be destroyed: IF you read the Bible, and I mean a King James Bible, not some Alexandrain MS’S, you should see in Amos last ch, and last two verses and then Obadiah (all, only 1 ch) It says that Muslims will be destroyed and Egypt will also be descimated and those that are left will BOW down to the Jew they hate. You will know Him as Jesus! Muslims will all be kicked out of israel, all of them from all of Israel that will reach from the Nile river to Kuwait City all the way up to Mt.Ararat in Turkey! Read the minor prophets for more on this subject! The bible says in Psa 9:17 that the wicked shall be turned into hell, and alllllll the nations that forget God! How many Muslims KNOW Jesus Christ or acknowledge Him as Savior…? VERY, VERY, VERY, few, if any!! So draw your own conclusions!

  • Knybee

    So the muslims are now angry and will kill “Christians”? I can’t believe that they’re angry, that’s never happened before! And they’re vowing vengeance upon “Christians”? I would never expect that from such a “peace loving” people. The army of liars, thieves, and cowards shall go to battle against who? Shall we lay out some more sitting ducks for them like at the Twin Towers? Shall innocent women and children be who they show their great bravery against? Only liars born of the devil would say that this incident was brought about by “Christians”.

    • Imiss Freedom

      You should do some research. Here is islam for dummies (Just a catchy title, don’t take it personally):

      1. It is in their religion to lie or do whatever it takes to advance islam. And as an added little exception, it is also ok for a husband to cheat on his wife and lie about it.

      2. It is in their religion to kill all infidels. (People who don’t believe in islam, i.e. Christians. For proof look at Syria and Egypt))

      Its not new, its an excuse to do what they were going to do anyway. How can you be friends with someone who’s region is to kill you?

      For a different view of things: http://www.barenakedislam.com/

      • Knybee

        The things that you’ve stated I already know about. You mistook my words for something other than sarcasm, which it was. Please read again. And I would suggest that you yourself could use some understanding in word comprehension.

        • Imiss Freedom

          I missed your sarcasm so now its a personal attack. FU too.

  • Mindy Robinson

    What a load of nonsense. Walmart and Black Friday have nothing to do with Christmas and Christianity , nothing to do with God. It has every thing to do with making money on the part of business. He wasn’t trampled by Christians, he was trampled by those Americans who could care less about religion or God, he was trampled by those who seek material possession for as little cost as possible, those who think a life is worth less then a good deal on a PlayStation game. I’m a Christian, black friday is disgusting to me, it is another atrocity created by the powers that be on this earth. To the mans “wife” I say this , you don’t grieve for your husband, neither do those who seek to blame Christians, you could care less about his life, you have used his death to attempt to move your personal and evil agenda’s forward. You are all heathens. This man’s death was not the first, it had nothing to do with being muslim, nothing to do with being Christian, nothing to do with Christmas or God, it had everything to do with the savagery of the Godless.

    • Imiss Freedom

      You are correct, of course it doesn’t. Its just an excuse to kill Christians, which is really why they are here, but now its even more justified in their pea brain.

    • Terry Jones

      Poor fahook, faruk, rahim what ever his name was. Like anyone cares!! The way I see it is now he is a good muslim. This is funny stuff, wonder if he got his virgins?

  • WASP

    Is Black Friday something like Black Sabbath? BTW, I wasn’t there, so I didn’t do it. Now, if I had been there, and could get my Mini-coop in that aisle, well, who knows. I suppose running him down with a car isn’t technically a stampede.

  • Oldchopper

    I wish I could see a stampede of Christians. A stampede going to their local churches, town hall meetings, school board meetings, public hearings, running for town councilman/woman, governorship or any official capacity that can bring about Hope & Change that leads in a Godly direction.

  • Shears_of_Atropos

    He went to Walmart, and intended to return home to his family, Allah willing.

    Seems Allah was not willing.

  • Waclaw Jerzy Borken-Hagen

    Sorry for the length of this post. It is factual and reduced to pointing out names
    and positions of influential people in our administration.
    Obama administration has been supporting Islamic terrorism all along, and the Muslim Brotherhood is just the tip of the iceberg that includes the “infiltration” of our highest levels of government.

    Check out how many Muslims have been appointed by Obama to high-ranking cabinet and administrative positions within our government, law enforcement (Justice Department), and intelligence agencies like the FBI, NSA, DEA, DIA, NIA, and of course the CIA. In fact, his Chief White House Adviser, Valerie Jarrett, is an Iranian-born Muslim, new National Security Adviser Susan Rice is a Muslim convert, as is CIA Director John Brennan, and of course Secretary of Transportation Ray Lahood is also a devout Muslim.

    Want more? Okay. Arif Alikhan is the Assistant Secretary for Policy Development for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Mohammed Elibiary is a Homeland Security Adviser, Rashad Hussein is the Special Envoy to the (OIC) Organization of the Islamic Conference, Salam al-Marayati is an Obama Adviser and the founder and current executive director of the Muslim Public Affairs Council, Imam (cleric) Mohamed Magid is Obama’s Sharia Czar and member of the Islamic Society of North America, and Eboo Patel is the Chairman of Advisory Council on Faith-Based Neighborhood Partnerships.
    Don’t forget Huma Abedin, Hillary’s lover and right hand in the State Department with
    access to the highest State secrets, who herself and her family are known to be well connected
    to the leaders of Muslim Brotherhood.

    Not only that, but since Obama took office in January 2009, he has welcomed more than 100,000 so-called “political refugees” into our country, most of whom are Islamists from Palestine (PLO), Iraq, Libya, Yemen, Tunisia, Somalia and now Syria. No background checks
    are performed prior to admission just as they were not done on Tsernayev family,the Chechen
    Boston bombers.
    Get the picture? We’ve been betrayed and infiltrated at the highest levels.

  • millerstwo

    I would like to share a quote by a fine Christian woman, Unique Johnson, who’s bravery over at the ‘Children’s Isle’ should not go unnoticed……
    “Me and my fourteen cousins were all like, ‘Ain’t no (expletive) gunman gonna stop us on Black Friday! So we charged over people when they said the kids’ aisle was clearin’ — crazy man with gun or not!”
    ‘Unique’ and her 14 cousins were very upset as you can tell by this quote…..
    “Of course I seen (Farhuk) — I tripped over him, too, all laying down in the aisles and (expletive) like he own the place. …Triflin’!” , poor Unique and her 14 cousins I hope, with time, that they will be able to put this all behind them, praise Allah.
    Dearborn Mich. has the largest concentration of Muslims in the United States so perhaps the ‘tramplers’ were Muslims, not Christians!

    • disqus_T19pimUmK9

      and were did see say she was a christian. just because some one lives in the USA and is not a Muslim does not make them a christian.

      • millerstwo

        My dearest disqus, may I call you disqus? Disqus, with some difficulty I think I have finally deciphered your reply to my post. Disqus, I totally agree, no one should assume that Christians were responsible for the death of that unfortunate Muslim man. As I mentioned in my post, Dearborn has the largest Muslim population in the U.S. so it could have just as easily been Muslims who trampled that poor guy. I apologize for my assumption that ‘Unique Johnson’ and her 14 cousin were Christians as that was a stretch on my part, sorry.
        Now disqus regarding your reply to my post and I quote … “I really know anything about a true Christian” and “For one a true Christian is not religious. It is a way of life”. Wow disqus you probably should check out what the Bible and Jesus Christ say about judging others. Anyway, wishing you a great life and God bless you my friend.

  • homer1057

    The Bible (KJV) in Psalms 116:15 says “Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of His saints” Now how come NO Muslim can say that? Isn’t it funny that Allah, NEVER, EVER said he loved his people! Jesus Christ said he loved His people..John 3:16 For God so loved the world….I feel sorry for ANYONE, at any time that takes Allah as anything in the rehlm of god….he is a god (2 Corinthians 4:4 KJV) but not the right one! he is ‘the god” of this world, IN other words, he is Satan!!

  • Lee

    Muck Fuslims, it would not bother me if 1 billion of them died all at once!

  • Leslie Garner

    1 of their own is killed and they want revenge??what about all the people “THEY” have killed??they have killed hundreds but 1 of them gets killed they freak out??omg

  • Proud Infidel

    Someone should tell the wife the crazy Black Friday shoppers lost the true meaning of Christmas long ago. Besides, if it was in Dearborn, some of his fellow boy-child lovers probably helped cause the death.

  • smilsuM eht kcuF

    The Dearborn Wal-Mart had a 72-virgin special going on. Wanting to ‘experience the Blackest of Days’ was only a cover to fool the wife.

  • Wes the Christian

    Crapp happens sorry about his death and his familys loss no matter his religion . did you ever stop to think they wanted him dead in his own country but what for .Maybe another Muslem killer said some one had a gun to start the stampead Quit blameing Christians I wasn’t out that day But if she wants to be American do like everyone else does get a lawyer sue Wal-Mart with Obama backing how can you lose

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