BIGGER THAN CLIVEN BUNDY: NV Stand-Off, “The Feds Are Coming After Our Lands … Setting Precedence with Bundy”

This is a speech given by a concerned friend of Cliven Bundy at a Town Hall Meeting. He says that what is happening to Bundy is much bigger than just this incident.

  • ConfusedAmericanCitizen

    People and families
    living on larger properties, and those making a living off of their lands throw
    a wrench in the grand plan of sustainable communities as they work independent
    of that goal and cannot be controlled through their dependence. These people
    must not be allowed the freedom to maintain their current lifestyles as they
    are contrary to the goals of “sustainability”. Laws, fines, special use permits
    and limitations put on lands around these outlanders must become stronger and
    stronger in order to corral these trouble makers until their ability to
    maintain their noncompliant lifestyle. This will be easier in some instances in
    others but the regime must be diligent in achieving compliance at all cost.
    Only then will a One World Government have the control of the individual. America is most problematic because the
    individual has had an idea of the inalienable right. This must not be allowed
    to continue.

    In order to
    achieve “sustainable” life conditions, the people must be
    corralled into compliant communities that can monitor and control
    the impact an individual can have on the earth. Corridor
    Studies are now being done by ICLEI compliant county agencies throughout
    the world to see to it that communities are being readied with the tools
    necessary to function smoothly when the objective is achieved. Citizens of the
    communities are finding themselves with conditions that they question the need
    for without really understanding who and what have forwarded these conditions.
    When these citizens question the changes they are being led back to the results
    of these “corridor studies” as a way to prove the necessity of these
    compliances and told that it’s a done deal and that their compliance is now the

  • AG Dot Com!

    The federal government is pushing too hard. There is going to be bloodshed.

    • C20

      They want any excuse to declare martial law.

      • AG Dot Com!

        I believe you. I just don’t think the fed will get exactly what they expected when they declare martial law. We’ve been very pussified over the last couple of decades, but we’re still not Fwance … Americans will likely not take martial law laying down…

        • noitaint

          Martial law means “dictatorship”. The Revolution will begin to reinstate our Constitution.

          • AG Dot Com!

            In the true sense, yes. I do not think the feds have the balls for a full-blown martial law – or maybe they really are stupid enough to go that far.

            I do not think there is any question at all that the USA is heading toward some sort of severe political-landscape-changing moment.

      • Sunshine43

        Martial law is the ultimate goal!

    • Sunshine43

      I fear you are correct!

      • AG Dot Com!

        … and I pray I am wrong.

  • James

    Obama is
    testing his Brown Shirt Army. He will be coming after you next. Just like they did in Nazi Germany before
    WWII. This could lead to war. I call on
    Congress to disband the Homeland Security and remove Obama’ brown shirt army.

    • Sunshine43

      Nice thought James! However, this namby pamby congress ain’t gonna do a damn thing………….until, unfortunately, a serious crisis (deaths) occurs.

  • MikeyParks

    Not a peep in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch but I guess that’s better than them shilling for the Obama administration like they usually do.

  • Peter Henden

    A powerful speech. And right on the money! One of these government thugs is going to pull the trigger and all hell will break loose. This could very well be the next “shot hear ’round the world”.

  • Al Chemist

    This will never make the MSM until someone is killed or someone uses harsh language on a minority.

  • Oldchopper

    Stop and think about this folks. I own my little piece of property. Or do I? No I don’t! Anyone of you out there not pay your taxes and you’ll lose what little you do have.
    I pay property taxes twice a year here in Libralfornia at the rate of 1.2%. Now that may not seem like much until you figure in the cost of property here.
    They tax everything here. Everything nailed down, not nailed down, even what you can’t see! And what do they do with this tax money? It’s legalized extortion and they steal it for themselves to be rich and give the rest to their voters and dead-beats. MAN DOES THIS MAKE ME WANT TO SPIT!

    • Notyerslave

      Oldchopper, I hate to tell you, but your land is deeded in the name of a ‘person’ which is presumed as the property of the Government of the United States. I’m not picking a fight here. But if you want to know how that can be true, just ask and I’ll tell you. The cowboy speaking here has some good points but he has no standing because the BLM does have jurisdiction over the land of the United States.

      • gvette

        Correct. The word deed, doesn’t mean ownership. True ownership is called an allodium. We live in a fiefdom. They have changed the wording of deeds, but if you have an older one, read the first two words. “this indenture” When you look that up..A contract binding one person to work for another for a given period of time.
        just something to think about.

        • Notyerslave

          What you say is true, but the manner by which the deed becomes an indenture or a deed for tennancy, or, regardless of what we call it, a deed as privilege rather of by right of ownership is for the fact that it is registered with the records department in the name of a government property. Supose your name were Orance Kruse Gvette; your parents having given you the name ‘Orance Kruse” and you having the common use and enjoyment of the patronymic ‘Gvette’ . go look at “your” deed and you will find it in the name of ORANCE K GVETTE ,or ORANCE GVETTE, which is a name for a presumed corporation as a 14th amendment type citizen of the United States, a type of citizenship by privilege, not by right, the property appearing as held by which ( as for the deeded property) is leinable by the United States for tax debts not paid. The lein and subsequent sizure, if the debt is not paid, is direct as against the ‘person’ (ORANCE) and indirect as against the man (Orance) since the land was held in the corporation name ( an presumed property of the United States) by the man (Orance) for the benefit of operating the franchise, the corporation names ORANCE. This is the function of the 16th amendment which makes the Income tax a direct tax upon the Taxpayer/’person named ORANCE etc./ a property of the U.S., and an indirect tax upon Orance, the man with rights, who voluntarily operated the franchise and offered himself as its surety. Slick system and is it all voluntary and all constitutional.

        • Notyerslave

          Well Oldchopper. . . I do see your perspective, but it is all done by either contract or conduct of the parties on a presumed agreement. I know that sounds like hogwash, but that is how it is done. It is sinful only to the degree that contracting and commerce are sinful, which they are not so long as equity, fairness and truth are supreme, which they are. Remember, Abe Lincoln’s laws outlawed involuntary servitude. . . .but it did not outlaw voluntary servitude. . .and most free Americans have unwittingly volunteered to be slaves to the IRS and other seemingly invasive agencies. The truth is that they are just doing their jobs and you got in the wrong service line. Time to get out.

      • Oldchopper

        I understand the BLM manages the lands and owns my properties mineral rights, EPA manages the air & FAA manages air space. The problem with this is it’s managed by sinful man. Those working in the field are generally (not always) as well meaning as the rest of us that pay for all the corruption, thievery and power grabs that goes on in the organizations. Truth of the matter is that God owns it all and as long as we’re here we’ll have to pay for what man THINKS he owns. One day it’ll change. What a great day that will be!

      • CoosaTotah9

        Notyerslave, this area has been the grazing lands for the Bundy’s ranch since the 1800’s. Way before the “tortoise”, way before the BLM.
        Since the BLM took over the land by “government force”, by “government decree”, and has been employing tighter and tighter government restrictions the Bundy’s started to fight against them. For the last twenty years they have been fighting!

        I don’t know if I agree with the methods or course that the Bundys have taken but I commend their courage to act and stand up against the government.

        So, does the government really have that much power over individual citizens to be able to dictate to citizens as slaves OR has the government far overreached their powers that was granted to them “by the consent of the governed” and become a tyrannical force? Most people here believe the later.

        • Notyerslave

          I truly would like to offer some useful comment in regard to your comment, but unless we know the facts of the land transfer, we cannot judge the current condition. If the land was stolen, which is an impossibility except on document fraud, then the record will show that. i suspect the family got their just compensation when the land went from them to the Government. That is evidenced in the land transfer papers. Maybe they got very little money, but if they did ultimately agree to it, there stands no right to later complain. And it does not matter if they grazed there since the first sun-up, the lan is now Federal by some land transfer which might ought to be investigated before people stupidly start taking bullets.

          • CoosaTotah9

            Clearly you did make a comment, not a useful one but a comment none the less.

            Land “stolen” by the government will always have a paper trail in the government’s favor. After all, they are the ones with the “papers” and the perceived authority! Conflict of interest?

            So, how do you prove a claim against the entity that orchestrated the act of tyranny to begin with?
            How can you trust a thief to be trustworthy?

            How can you get all the “facts” if the one giving the “facts” has a vested interest in manipulating the outcome in favor of themselves?

          • Notyerslave

            Only you say it is stolen. And you have not even looked at the papers, so you know nothing of which you spew nothing but unsubstantiated opinion. Have you even looked at your own deed. That is not in your name. It is in the name of a corporation presumed to be a property of the Government of the United States.

          • CoosaTotah9

            Only you say it is not stolen. And you have not read the papers either. Or have you? Are you actually an agent of the United States? And how would you know that I know nothing if you also know nothing? What do you have to base your accusation on?

            You have not given any facts. You have only claimed that, presently, the property “is in the name a corporation, presumed to be a property of the Government of the United States.” You have not taken into consideration the property history.

            So, you equate a corporation with that of the Government of the United States? Shows how and what you think of the people of the United States as being mere puppets and slaves to the government.

            Keep posting, I am learning more and more about who you really are.

          • Notyerslave

            Sorry, I lost the string. . .the Government of the United States Is a corporation. read the Penhollow v Doanes case. Read the Clearfield Doctrine about governments descending to th level of mere corporation s for the purpose of commercial paper (commercial paper is the paper money you probably carry, or checks and contracts) It exists only as a corporation, what else would you propose it can possibly be. A corporation is any group of people acting on a common idea. It gains legal recognition as a ‘person’ or a ‘legal entity’ if it becomes an “incorporated” corporation.

            I never said that the people are slaves, neither dd I canll them puppets. . .that is all you.

          • gomurr

            Since you seem to know so much about it, then you must know the incorporation of the USA was done to seize the private property of US citizens when the time was right. It was also done to enslave us and use us as collateral, of course, but that’s not the issue here.

            The Federal Reserve had a good trial run with this during the 1970s when they foreclosed (through highly illegal and manipulative tactics) on hundreds of small family farms in the midwest.

            We now have a case where the Federal government is declaring “ownership” of 600,000 acres of public land in Nevada which the state has allowed the BLM to manage. Since 87% of Nevada is public land, this cannot be allowed to happen. They are using their usual tactics of armed intimidation, claiming rights they don’t possess, and the “environmental” excuse.

            Just because they claim they have the enforcement power or legal right to do so, doesn’t make it true.

          • Notyerslave

            I am exceptionally well versed in the concept you touch on in paragraph #1, and discussing it here would be too voluminous and leave most of the bloggers thinking us more insane than they might now. I assure you I am not your enemy and understand what you are alluding to. If you are interested in private discussion on that topic, indicate as such and you and I can arrange it.
            The Federal Reserve forecloses on nothing, the holders in due course on the mortgage is the foreclosing claimant and moving party. They are also the dominant party since the deeds and the mortgage are registered in the name of a presumed second class citizen, named just as is the one on your driver license. That is not your name you read there. It is not the name your parents gave you. It is a name created by the State to which you applied for (begged) the privilege, not a right, to operate as a driver or a motor vehicle operator and subject yourself to the Statutes of the State. Do you now want to complain about being held to the terms of use for the very privilege for which you begged to be considered as one of the privileged class ? You, friend, unwittingly asked for services of your government which you might not now take pleasure in using. And I am not changing topics here. I am just using the D.L. Statutes and the name on you license as an example, because the same privileged use applies to the use of Federal lands.
            As to the ownership of the lands in Nevada. Yes the lands are physically within the meter and bounds of the land which is known by the name “Nevada”, but they are none-the-less the lands owned by the United States, if they are the deed named owners, or owners by compact or treaty or other instrument giving rights in the thing. No different than the house and land that you might own. No different.
            What you view as “excuse” it the owners stated intent, to the degree that they have stated it, for actions taken on their land. Yous neighbor has private lend and need not state his intended uses unless and when compelled by local ordinance to which he may or may not be subjected. The U.S. land is public land and some degree of reporting to the people is required, but, so long as the intended use is permitted by Legislation, the public has no mandatory or compelling capacity to sway the owner’s use of the land. Not to be rude, but it is none of your damned business what the U.S. will do with its land, so long as it is permitted by operation of law.
            Your closing paragraph presumes that they do not have enforcement power. I assure you that they do if they are the owner of record on that land. Call your local cop shop and tell them that your neighbor lets his cow walk to your land. Ask if will get in trouble if you push the cow back onto the neighbor’s land so long as you don’t tread on the neighbor’s land. And then ask a lawyer if you can sell or kill and dispose of that neighbor’s cow if he persisted in letting it remain on your land despite that you gave him all the notices required by law to take the cow off the land. You would be in the right in both cases, just as U.S. is in this case.

      • gomurr

        The BLM only has the power of “management” which the state entrusted to the Feds. They didn’t cede ownership of these public lands……they belong to the people of Nevada.

        There are also certain people (and I don’t know if Bundy is one of them, but since his family has had grazing rights for over 150 years, it’s likely he is) who have a “right to graze”. Deeded base property often includes grazing rights on public land, and the IRS considers this property and taxes them accordingly. This mixed ownership land pattern is tied to water rights.

        In Hage vs US, the judge, in a summary motion, ruled grazing on public lands is not necessarily, and in all cases, a “mere privilege” that the government may withdraw at any time, by whim, for any or no reason.

        The BLM is primarily active in the 12 western states and Alaska. They do not have jurisdiction over the the land of the United States.

        • Notyerslave

          As to your first paragraph: “state” is the people. “State of Nevada” is the name of their government. “STATE OF NEVADA” is a presumed corporation under which statute enforcement is conducted (same kind of name as you use to interact with the U.S> government. The People own what they own, you might own your property, I might own mine. They also own that which shows their town or county or state as the owner. And the U.S. owns that which the deed shows them as owner, and they own it just as absolutely as you own your land. And no amount of squawking or puffing changes that. There is no such thing as “state entrusts to the Feds.” except by lease or by rent. . . and neither case applied here.

          As to your second paragraph. Horseshit ! There is no mixed ownership of anything in this nation unless you are named on the deed. Beyond that, the only “rights” a non-owner can obtain is by a privilege granted. And a privilege granted is only by two means: a. one’s use absent complaint of the owner, b. use by contract or under terms of Legislation. The end. Had I stood on a piece of land for a thousand years and then I sold it or its owner sold it to the next guy, that next guy could force me off at gunpoint. Bundy has no claim by what he and others may perceive as tradition of use or of occupation. That conveys no rights to Bundy in the land of the U.S.

          As to Hage v US is this: a. The stare decisis of that case is guiding as to particular circumasances of use. And if the land is open to grazing, it might not be denied to some but not others, further that decision does not forbid the US from charging and requiring a grazing fee. . . .which Bundy has not complied with. . Bundy is in default or violation of terms. and U.S. can close down all grazing rights if it chooses to do so. so, as you indicated “is not necessarily, and in all cases, a “mere privilege”” but that does not say whether it is more or it is less than a mere privilege. Neither does the court find that grazing there is a right since to say so would be an error and a trespass on U.S. ownership privilege which is the most perfect right obtainable in that land.

          It does not matter how many States the BLM is active in, all of its jurisdiction if U.S. jurisdiction since they are an agency under the Executive power of the United States. Their only jurisdiction is United States jurisdiction. Apparently you do not understand that “United States” is the proper and legally established name provided by Legislation for the United States. It is the NAME of the Federal government, It is not a place for the purposes here. When the Federal Marshals arrest somebody, the one arrested is arrested by the “United States”. Read Art1, S8 cl17, and see for yourself where the “Government of the United States” is created. . . right there by the writing of that passage, it was created. It did not exist prior except in the minds of the legislators who then expressed it by the Legislation of A1, S8, Cl17, just as sure as I express my thoughts here.

          Clearly you can gain a better understanding of jurisdiction and its limits.

          • gomurr

            Well, here it is, straight from the horses mouth. Neil Korne, Director of the BLM calls the 600,000 acre Gold Butte parcel, what it is…..PUBLIC LAND. Note he did not call it Federal land. The stand -off ends as the BLM retreats, at least for now.

            I can tell you (although you are sure to contradict me) this has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with fees, land usage, or the desert tortoise. This whole thing is just a means to end. In operations such as this, national scrutiny and massive public support for your opposition is not desired.

            Now good-bye. I really don’t want to haggle with you any longer.

            Read it here;


  • USPatriotOne

    OB had to do something, Boston was a year ago…another Black-Op (PHY-OP) Operation! OB has declared Civil War II on “We the People”…!!!

  • real patriot one

    cliven bundy absolutely has right to that land. there is no reason for eminent domaine there because its public lands and as far as any government laws go, bundy’s use sets precedent. does adverse possession ring a bell. No Big Government , Bundy does have right to that property. you feds better think twice about what your doing to bundy. If my boss told me to do something. i guarantee i would look it up before i did it. you idiots better read and know the law before you surround somebodies property. trust me, your automatics wont have a chance against a public that knows the truth. to the state of nevada, you better step in on this, im saying bundy is right , not the feds or those hired cowboys that think there cool. feds, im positive you are wrong and should stand down and leave.

    • Chris

      They need better representation. Some organization that could and would take it to the supreme court! The lawlessness of these alphabet agencies is getting out of hand and there seems to be nobody who will attempt to rein them in. most of these agencies have carte blanch and when they violate people’s rights there appears to be no recourse. Of course there is recourse but who can afford the kind of representation to take a federal agency, with unlimited resources to court?

      • real patriot one

        dear Chris , these rogue alphabet agencies you speak of , have NO CLUE what a pissed populous can do. again, i say they better think twice and read the real law. maybe , they ll get in their head and say, maybe we are wrong. we ll see.

  • yaki534

    This type of stuff has been going on in the Pacific Northwest since the spotted owl and salmon were declared endangered. They do not care about anyone’s property rights or economics. The EPA needs to be disbanded and done away with. They are a bunch of lying bureaucrats that only want to control the citizens that pay their wages.

    • Dave

      Virtually every area of the US has some species that “the powers that be” have declared to be “endangered”.

  • Notyerslave

    This man and his friends have certain rights. Trespass on Federal land is not one of them. He can make progress, but not by moving toward armed confrontation. He may end up being a martyr to brash and ill considered attach of the United States. A cool head and proof of claim to the rights of the land is what is required here. Guns are good for many things but not for fighting over presumed rights and privileges which are well documented in the public record of the ownership of the lands. It is as simple as going to that county’s county clerk office and seeing who the owner of record on those lands is. Opinion is meaningless relative to the land of someone other than yourself. You can no more graze your cattle on your neighbor’s land without paying, if payment is required by them, than you can graze on the land of the United States if you’ve not paid the required fees. It is as simple as that. And the BLM, defending against trespass for their principal, United States, is in the right to keep the ranchers off if that is the administrative policy of the State Department, in which I believe the BLM to be founded, I apologize if it is not State Dept, but I assure you is is one of the Executive power departments. The Bureau of Land Management is a policy enforcer, private police or security force for the land holdings of the United States, the Government. And that Government was established in Article 1, section 8 of the Constitution. Go read it for yourself. It did not exist before that, and it is independent of the people’s government which is called, or ‘styled’ “The United States of America.”. Now, here is where folks get confused. . .The United States of America owns the United States. and neither of them is the 50 states of the union. They are only governments. Just as “The State of Nevada” is the government created by the people who live in Nevada, one of the Several states.

    • Exjupiter

      We are sick and tired of the Imperial Federal Government telling US, the people that pay THEM, what we are to do and how much to give them. They are thugs with guns, drunk on power, who are at this moment, mobilizing for a confrontation with US. They are Socialist, Marxist & Fascists and they will stop at nothing to make us their slaves.
      You can bloviate all you want about the ‘law’ and the rule of it, but realize that THEY are the ones outside of that law. THEY have become tyrants with their leader, Barrack Hussein Obama and the Tree of Liberty needs watering.
      It is time.

      • Notyerslave

        Did I use one letter too many to suit your taste and wander into the realm of bloviation ? It is very clear that you do not understand your relationship to the Government. It is clear that you do not understand their jurisdiction or that they truly doing the job provided for by the Legislation. (you’ll find that gas-bag word at Constit. Art 1, Section 8, as the first time that it refers to the Government of the United States)
        Your opinion does not matter when it comes to operation of law. Law is supreme no matter how pissed off you get, no matter how many bullets you shoot. If you feel like a slave it is because you volunteered for a driver license, a taxpayer number and to participate in every program they offered but you did not have to literally sign up for. You signed up to receive their services and now are not happy with the service, so stop buying it. I haven’t paid the bitches in 3 7 years.

    • CoosaTotah9

      So, if I steal your land by tyranny, then it becomes mine and I can charge you for using it? And how do you show proof of claim to the “Rights” of the land to the very entity that stole your land to begin with? Do you really think you will be treated fairly and justly?

      Yes, you are totally wrong:

      BLM – the Department of the Interior. The BLM is a land management agency, BUT, IS NOT a private police force or security force. If it acts in this way it has “stolen” powers not authorized by “We the People”.

      And it has!

      Department of the Interior IS definitely NOT under the Executive “department” – or the President, it IS under the Legislative Branch – under Congress. It is authorized by Congress.

      No government agency has “Rights”, period. Ninth and Tenth Amendments and the Declaration of Independence (as starters).

      “Rights” owned by the individual supersede any loaned or granted powers or authorities of any government.

      BLM does not have the “Right” to do anything, it may have the authority or power depending on what authority “We the People” have granted them to have.

      Powers are granted to the government by the governed, “We the People”.

      The United States DOES NOT own us, “We the People”
      We are NOT slaves to that which we own!
      The government(s) IS/ARE owned by “We the People”.

      “The United States” DOES NOT own “The United States”,

      “We the People” own “The United States”.

      We are NOT subjects, we are the owners!!!!!
      And “it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it,” when it becomes destructive of our “Rights”, our ownership.

      “All men” are endowed with unalienable “Rights,
      “That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed,— That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.”

      Just what do you think firearms are for? Shooting ducks?
      “…it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it,” by force if necessary.

      The use of firearms is a last resort, BUT, at this point the government is pushing it in that direction by the act of tyranny upon “We the People”.

      We are in this together.

      • Notyerslave

        You are the one alleging tyrrany and doing so without evidence, so there is no topic there. I am telling you that the ownership and its changes are in the record of that county and if you want the truth, that is where you will find it. you will not find it in anger and frustration and supposition, any more than the ranchers and their aiding militiamen will. All are in the wrong until the law and rights and evidence of ownership are brought forth.
        “We the People” were the specific individuals who wrote the Constitution and they are dead. ‘we the People”, well that would be us except that the vast vast majority have all voluntarily acted as property of the United States under granted privileges from it to them as ‘Taxpayers’, ‘U.S’ citizens and all the other groups named in the U.S. Code and administrative titles.
        One of your unalienable rights is the right to volunteer to the Government for the purpose of it considering you as a statutorily conceived ‘person’ subject to the jurisdiction of the United States. It is your right to volunteer to act as the slave of another as it is your right to stop volunteering. So, if you do not like the way the Government serves you, stop volunteering to be its slave. I’m Notyerslave and I haven’t been theirs for 37 years.
        Yes the just powers of Government are privileges which lie in grant by virtue of the Constitution and all Legislation made there under. You are subject to that Legislation only if you give the Government evidence that you prefer to be considered by it as you acting as a 14th Amendment citizen rather than a state citizen alone. It is you who unwittingly volunteered to be treated as a second class citizen. The power of the Government is just and particular and appropriate and flows from you. The problem is that you asked for the wrong services and they are duty bound to provide those services even to the point of executing you if you break the statute which has execution as the penalty because using the Government’s laws is a privilege which you do not have to subject yourself to because you had common-law to go by, but set it aside in favor of the Federal jurisdiction. You really would do well to come to understand how rights and privilege are different and what status you actually have, as opposed to hollering about what you think you have. I hope you understand that I am on your side here and trying to point you in the right direction to freedom and less frustration. Start be reading the Constitution a few times. Not much need to read part Article two.

        • CoosaTotah9

          Record of ownership – covered. No need to rehash. Tyranny.

          We The People – the citizens of the United States in posterity.

          “property of the United States” – I am not property and if you think so then we shall have bullets!

          Clearly your conception of unalienable “Rights” is twisted. I have no false notion that I can change your progressive mind so I will not even try.

          You need to understand that “We” know the government is a power hungry vaccum. The more “We” have given it, the more it has taken, stolen, by perceived force, by tyranny. NOT by a willing people, but by a people under the thumb of overwhelming tyrannical power.
          People have been complacent and allowed it to happen. But, bottom line, there comes a point where “We” say NO MORE!

          Please continue to post. The more you say, the more “We’ know who you really are.

          • Notyerslave

            Right. You are not the property. Te property is the concept of the “citizen of the United States ” which for the first time ever, is mad to be by Legislation, the 14th Amendment. It is only a concept as is all of what Government is. The Government is only Legislation. The buildings and all the physical things are just objects necessary to carry out the meaning of the words. So, with the 14th amendment, congress privided Legislatoin that gave the freed slaves a set of privileges which are similar to rights, exept that they are civil rights which exist by operatin of the laws which were formed under that new citizen concept. You, presumably were born in a state of the Union, You are presumed to have unalienable rights. But when you give the government some evidence by which it should consider you as if using its property (the concept of the citizen of the United States), it is duty bound to provide you all the serviced for which a “citizen of the United States” qualifies. . . the way the system works is like a franchise. And the property most people use is the “Taxpayer ” status. Congress, through Title 26 from which is written the Internal Revenue Code, created and owns the concept of the “Taxpayer”. When you file a tax return, they take your order to treat you as a user of United States property to which only the second class citizen is truly entitled. You did not realize that you were asking to get screwed and they are obliged to obey your command and sort of enslave you, except that it is not slavery since you volunteered. And you can also leave. They are your servants and as such cannot question your request or warn you what you are getting into because the master is presumed to know everything that the servant need not know. The servant need only know how to serve. You are being provided Government service. It is that simple. And they presume that once you ask to be served, they will continue to serve and even shove it down your throat because that is the service you requested. You get all of the sevice because that is the way it is designed to be delivered, because to give only parts of service to some and other parts to others is discriminatory and illegal. Getting it yet ? They are just doing the job you unwittingly asked for.

          • Notyerslave

            Right again you are. . .the people have become complacent because even our poverty is richer than poverty elsewhere.But the greatest error of the people is to have let our servants run the show. . and they should run it because we sure as hell are not. After all. . almost every one of us has unwittingly volunteered to be the servant of our servants. Why would you hire a gal to wash your dishes and then volunteer to wash the dishes for her. Yet that is what we have done with our Government. Through interaction with them, we have put ourselves into a position of functional lower class status, lower than that of the Governmental workers and then we wonder why many of them seem to be condescending to us. The way I learned this was by looking back at the way it was and forwarrd to what had become and found the various points of change. And yes, it has been many people who have pointed the way and provided evidence, but the fact is that the fundamental unit of citizenship in our land is the man who is a state citizen, and his state is the People who are the state, he is not a citizen of The State of Arizona, because “The State of Arizona” is his state government. He is a citizen of Arizona and domiciled there within the People of Arizona. The concept of domicile is extremely important and probably the most important, because it is the dog collar for the ‘citizen of the United States”. They are considered as “domiciled within the District of Columbia” and that particular domicile is not an actual physical place, it is conceptual. Sort of like being a Catholic is conceptual. It means that you are a member of the state of mind, the belief of all other Catholic to the degree that you presumably of like mind. And one may be a Catholic regardless of where they live or “Reside”. Just as one may be considered as ‘domiciled within the District of Columbia, the Seat of the Government of the United States” and therefore subject to its jurisdictions, its laws, similar to a Catholic being subject to the laws of the Church so far as for his purposes relative to the church. As for the U.S. citizen insofar as for his purposes of interaction with the Governmnent, So, the easiest way to escape Catholic doctrine is the same as escaping U.S. doctrine (U.S. Code, Statute, IRS code and all of it. ). . . .leave the church. And then it really does not matter what the church does or says so long as they leave you the heck alone. Getting it yet ?

      • Notyerslave

        You are wrong. You did not do your homework. Department of the Interior is under the Executive. Just look at a Structure of the United States Government flow chart. Please do not mislead us with unsubstantiated opinion about the Government.

        • CoosaTotah9

          I will have to give you a one half point. Congress created the department of the interior in 1789. Thus a legislative action but place it under the executive branch in the flow chart. BUT, the department of the Interior must obey and operate under the laws enacted by Congress.
          The BLM IS under the Department of the Interior not the Department of State as you stated. etc.

    • gomurr

      They are public lands…..belonging to the state of Nevada and the people, NOT the Federal government, regardless of how they spin it. The state allowed the Federal government (as many states have) to manage the land. It does NOT belong to them. The BLM primarily manages the public lands (that’s PUBLIC) of 12 western states and Alaska, with some involvement. Other than Washington DC, military bases and armories, the US government HAS no land holdings, nor do they have any Constitutional authority to grab state’s lands at whim.

      This fight is not about “grazing cattle”. It’s not about the desert tortoise. It’s a land grab. The government wants this land for their own purposes. There has been a concerted effort by the BLM and Forest Service in the Western states over the last few decades to drive these family ranches out of business by depriving them of rights, allotments, seizing their cattle, and often their ranches.

      By the way, the United States of America is a group of separate entities who agreed to a central governing body to protect the basic rights of the people, the borders, over see the military, etc. They may be deluded enough to think they own everything, but that doesn’t mean you should be.

      By the way, I have read Article 2, Section 8. Where does it give the Federal government the right to seize state’s public land?

      • Notyerslave

        You might do well to gain an understanding of public lands. Public lands are lands owned by our governments. Some are town lands, some county lands, some state lands. The land in question is United States (U.S.), or Federal, land. The owner of land is the owner of record as shown on the deed. Your opinion does not change that, any more than my opinion that I own your land makes it mine.
        Public lands are available to the public for different purposes and different uses according to the uses expressed by the owner, the subject land being the U.S. and its agents; in this case congress as it expresses by Legislation. Certainly you cannot claim a right to set up a fruit stand on the Hoover Dam, you cannot play baseball in a military bomb practice field, and you cannot have a pic-nic in a superior courthouse, despite that they are all public lands. And the very same rules apply to areas as wide open as the subject lands which are permitted of grazing . . which is an extraordinary use and a privileged use and one for which a fee is rightly charged and and that is a fee enforceable by court action and the user (recipient of that benefit) can be forcefully compelled off the land if he does not comply. All can be excluded from using that land for grazing if they do not first obtain the appropriate permits and pay the fees. The people are being permitted to walk around that land so long as they behave themselves, as there is a limit to free speech and a limit to trespass on the person ( you are no more permitted to assault toward a cop than to a private person). So, the people are not being denied access and use of that land for non-use purposes. It becomes a ‘use’ purpose when the particularly and appropriate extraordinary use is exercised, and in this case, grazing cattle is that use and the fee requirements must be met or ejection follows attempted use. Charges, arrest, trial, fines and imprisonment may also follow, depending on the offense and persistence of the trespasser. You can go the the Lincoln memorial but you are in trespass if you sit on the “lap of Lincoln” or take a piss on the floor. Public land does not provide absolute use rights. All use of public land is by privilege because it is not “your” land. . . it is also my land and that of all your peers, so you have no basis by which to claim a “right” in it. If you and I own a pie, you have no right to eat it unless I agree, because I too own every morsel of it. The same principal applies, by different terms of use privilege, to each the “And” type bank account, and the “Or” type bank account when held in common by two people as their community property.
        Again gomurr . . .. it is you who is saying it is a seizure of land. . . . The land is owned by whomever the owner of record is, and that appears on the deed. You have no basis to allege a ‘seizure’ except if the Feds are on somebody else’s property. All ownership is ownership on terms, and the terms of ownership relative to the State ceding land to the United States need not be absolute ownership. It may be tenancy or for a term of years. But the result is the same, that the U.S. has absolute jurisdiction over that land. Do you see any local or State of Nevada police on the Federal land. . ? That is because the State of Nevada (the Legislature and the Executive branches) know who owns that land and that they are forbidden trespass. But you . . . you know better ?
        If it is State land, the state police would be there or there would be an action for ejectment before the superior court of that county or one in the local Federal Superior or Circuit Court, but I have not heard of one. This is an instance where the people do not know their rights and privileges and the Federal Government does. It is not a matter of who can stomp their foot the hardest.

        • gomurr

          I am very well informed of what is happening in Nevada. I also know the chain of corruption here from the city counsels, CC Commissioner Tom Collins, Senator Harry Reid and his likewise degenerate son, Rory Reid, the newly appointed Director of the BLM, Neil Korne, from Elko, Nv, former senior advisor to Senator Harry Reid.

          Now, YOU need to have a better understanding of public lands. The 600,000 acres known as Gold Butte, the land in question, is NOT Federal land. It is PUBLIC land belonging to the state of Nevada, entrusted to the BLM for “management” and “stewardship”. You are incorrect.

          I am thoroughly familiar with the type of deed allotment attached to Mr Bundy’s real property and what it entails. I know about the right to forage, mixed land use patterns, the judges summary in Hage vs the US, and what led Mr Bundy to stop paying the Federal (but not county) fee, and what the ultimate goal of our Federal government is and why. When you know all these things, I’ll be glad to discuss it.

          Because our government claims something, doesn’t make it true. You should have figured that out by now. Since you haven’t, I will leave you with one of my favorite quotes.

          “We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.”

          William Casey, Director CIA 1981-1987

  • Swed.

    The BLM is cattle thieves and can be shot as such.

  • Ann Wilson

    Clive’s friend is right. The Bundy’s are not the first to have this happen. Recently a lot of people are being harassed on their land in the California desert. Told they couldn’t be there, grow food etc.

    • obxster

      Where else is the government going to build all those FEMA camps?

    • Chained

      Time to dispose of federal agents that threaten citizens well being and livelihoods

  • Dave

    I just love how the fed has all the time, money, will, and manpower to “protect” a f#ckin’ tortoise, but then turns around and refuses to protect our borders.

    • Chained

      They need the vote from low intellect and ignorant foreigners

  • Top Hand

    Meanwhile, Al “the Rat” Sharpton owes $2 MILLION in back taxes and from the Feds,

  • 1462
  • 1462

    DICK ACT of 1902… CAN’T BE REPEALED (GUN CONTROL FORBIDDEN) – Protection Against Tyrannical Government

    Article 1 Section 7 Clause 2

    No laws of Congress are valid
    “Congress can pass no law while a usurper pretends to occupy “the Office of President.”
    The Constitution provides that “[e]very Bill which shall have passed
    the House of Representatives and the Senate, shall, before it become a
    Law, be presented to the President of the United States” (Article I, Section 7, Clause 2). Not to a usurper posturing
    as “the President of the United States,” but to the true and rightful
    President. If no such true and rightful President occupies the White
    House, no “Bill” will or can, “before it become a Law, be presented to
    [him].” If no “Bill” is so presented, no “Bill” will or can become a
    “Law.” And any purported “Law” that the usurper “approve[s]” and
    “sign[s],” or that Congress passes over the usurper’s “Objections,” will
    be a nullity. Thus, if Obama deceitfully “enters office” as an usurper,
    Congress will be rendered effectively impotent for as long as it
    acquiesces in his pretenses as “President.””

    Furthermore, Obama Could not be Removed Except by Force. As a USURPER posturing
    as “the President,” Congress cannot even impeach Obama because, not being the
    actual President, he cannot be “removed from Office on Impeachment for, and
    Conviction of, Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors”
    (see Article II, Section 4). In that case, some other public officials would have to arrest
    him—with physical force, if he would not go along quietly—in order to prevent him
    from continuing his imposture. Obviously, this could possibly lead to
    armed conflicts within the General Government itself, or among the
    States and the people. BUT IT NEEDS TO HAPPEN IF WE ARE TO SAVE HER!

    ALSO, Bear in mind, that as an imposter Commander–in-Chief of the Armed Forces,
    “he will be entitled to no obedience whatsoever from anyone in those Armed
    forces and Law Enforcment. Indeed, for officers or men to follow any of his
    purported “orders” including law enforcement will constitute a serious breach of military
    discipline—and in extreme circumstances even charged with “war crimes.”
    In addition, no one in any civilian agency in the Executive Branch of
    the General Government will be required to put into effect any of
    Obama’s purported “proclamations,” “executive orders,” or “directives”
    (Viera, J.).

    Biden cannot step in to take over as President nor can Pelosi, Reed, Clintons, Boehner,…because they are all Criminally in COLLUSSION with the NWO, England, Bilderbergs George Soros the EU and the UN Tri Lats etc…. We must elect an intrim Government which will step in for 6 months untill new elections can be had…

  • 1462

    You cannot IMPEACH someone who is not legally President but you can have the Military step to the plate and physically remove Kenyan Born Muslim Fraud USURPER and whore for England the UN EU Bilderbergs George Soros and others and all his Criminal Assistants in DC and around the Nation or you can remove him under the 25th Amendment as being Criminally Insane and then arrest them all!!
    Article 1 Section Clause 2!!

    As long as a FRAUD USURPS the Office of President Congress and the Senate can make and pass no laws nor does the Senate posess the power to Ratify!!!

    Also the Constitution is Clear….neither the President nor Congress nor the Senate nor the Supreme Court nor the States…NO ONE..even through Executive Orders and Treaties they STILL…DO NOT…posess the power or the Authority to USURP the Constitution the Bill of RIghts or our Sovereignty!!! THey simply do not posess the power to do it!! To try is an act of Treason punishable by Death!!!

    Article 1 Section 7 Clause 2 says that you cannot IMPEACH someone who is not Legally President!!!
    To do so is to say that all that has been done is legally Binding and it is not!! Also JFK ABOLISHED the Federal Reserve with an Executive Order june 4th 1963 Executive order 11110 still on the books legally Valid but you have all continued to steal and rob the American people Blind…. If you do not have to listen to an Executive Order from JFK why should we have to listen to anything especially from a FRAUD USURPER!!!

    Why is everyone on both sides ignoring the TRUTH!!!!!! They are enabling a Known Proven Crimional Fraud USURPER who has no legal or Constitutional power or authority to do anything he is doing!! Lots of Pretty speecheds lots of legal battles and petiitions to fight against someone who is illegally in office…..seems like your all soaking America for all you can get and your all in Collussion!!!

    British Intelligence Advisor Obama Criminal Fraud USURPER born 1960

    Article 1 Section 7 Clause 2 Below!!

    Cease and Desist Order filed and Served upon this Criminal Cabal in DC……. legal Document filed
    at bottom of this link

    You are BOUND to your Oath Article 6 Section 3 you took an Oath to Protect the Constitution America the American People and our way of life …you DID NOT take an Oath to Protect and Defend any one individual let alone a Criminal Fraud USURPER a WHORE for England and the UN Bilderbergs George Soros and others.

    Obama and all his Criminal Assistants need to be arrested ASAP this includes Clintons, Pelosi Reed Feinstein Dodd and many others including Several members of Congress the Senate Joint Cheifs members high above the FBI CIA NSA DHS EPA IRS Federal Judges Supreme Court Justices State Govenors and many others….. Our Government has been Compromised at all levels and they are all supporting and in Bed with and providing Aid and Comfort to our enimies and becasue of them and their allowing a New World Order whore to USURP the Office of President have all put this Nation in Jeorpardy and they are in the process of Deliberately Financially Crashing the United States that the American people are NOT OBLIGATED TO via 1871 and the ILLEGAL CREATION OF THE USA CORPORATION. The Banks and Federal Reserve have already been Legally FOreclosed and the USA CORPORATION was already Legally DISOLVED but they are Criminally operating OUTSIDE the Constitution and all they do is NULL and VOID!!

    Artile 1 Section 7 Clause 2 Below As long as a FRAUD USURPS the Office of President Congress and the Senate can make and Pass NO LAWS and if they BOW to a Pretender President all they do is NULL and VOID nor does the Senate possess the power to Ratify ….it also states that a FRAUD USURPER CANNOT BE IMPEACHED but he and all his Criminal Assistants can be Mass Arrested!! Sedition Treason and Conspiracy to Overthrow these United States along with a host of other Charges!!!

  • 1462
  • obxster

    If the feds think he is breaking the law then why didn’t they quietly arrest him when he was off his ranch? Why the big dog and pony show just like they had at Ruby Ridge? I swear law enforcment just can’t do anything anymore without swat teams and a big show of force. I know, not all law enforcement agencies are this bad there is getting to be enough of them around to scare the crap out of us.
    It’s another example of government being pretty stupid to take grazing rights away to protect a turtle who is benefiting from those grazing rights. It seems the turtles love the cow dung. Where the cows killing the turtles? Where they destroying their environment?

    • lisarichards124

      Because he did in fact pay his fees: Read here–

      It’s about Gov wanting his land and the only way they can take it is to come up with bogus scams to make him look like a law-breaker and animal abuser

      • obxster

        Pay his fees are lease fees to fhe Feds and it isn’t his land to take away. He quit paying his lease fees when they told him he couldn’t use the land anymore to protect the endangered turtles. He still continued to use the land.
        Personally I think it’s a bunch of hogwash and the government is being thugs. The EPA needs to be disbanded and the Animal Protection Act needs to be repealed.

        • lisarichards124

          That’s my point and its proven that this guy paid, but why should he pay when he is told he cant let his cows come to be watered because it might hurt something the French kill for soup!

          I would have still used the land and said F you Fed Gov, you own 90% of U.S. land and that is unconstitutional and you prohibit us Americans from land, because if we own the land the government will be far less powerful and very small in size and scope.

          I hate the EPA. They have confiscated land in my state from people because neighbors called in gov to say those people have wetlands and they shouldnt own it, it might hurt wild life.

          EPA and all gov agencies need repealing. We only need the Constitution and it is we the people not them the Fed Gov!

          As to those turtles? Jewelry, eye-glass frames! Screw the damn turtle, what about human beings with rights from God Almighty who said “Man shall have dominion over the earth and everything in it,” Not the government. God never said give Government dominion over everything and enslave mankind to governments and leaders.

          What will it take for everyone, or enough to wake up to do something about changing American back to America?

          Wake up people or you might be next. In my state, the US SCOTUS overrode the state SCOTUS and illegally took beach front property to give it to Pfizer so Pfizer could have eminent domain to build health spas for its workers by stealing private porperty

    • Memphis Viking

      Because they want everyone to see what happens to dissenters.

  • TexasBound

    Reposting From A Friend

    Why you should be standing with the Bundy’s in Nevada?

    As with any issue, the facts are blurry, and of course every publication
    twists things to their own liking.

    What is true is that another federal agency is always changing the rules
    (laws made without Congress) through rules and regulations. Sometimes these laws
    are made on personal opinions and science that isn’t even sound.

    What if the EPA comes and fines you for illegal water run off…you are all
    at once guilty of a law you didn’t know existed.

    What if Fish and Wildlife comes with an armed swat team to fine you because
    your cat has been killing Robins…..a migratory bird?

    Government agencies change the rule of law all the time and your elected
    reps have no say so.

    So, is Bundy breaking the law? Sure. Are you breaking the law? Sure. You
    break the law 4 or 5 times per day and don’t even know it…laws published in
    the federal register that is so large that major companies have departments to
    keep track of new rules and regulations, and many other companies exist just to
    keep track of them for companies.

    Eventually, they will be coming after all of us unless we stand with the

    • lisarichards124

      What’s worse, is Bundy did actually pay his bills to use that land: Dana Loesch, the only TV personalty whose bothered to investigate this found out this and much more here:

      Also, you’re right. Here’s another one: Where I live, if your neighbors decide your woodlands should be open to others to hike, they will go all the way to townhall meets and court to get your land taken under grounds it must be protected land. It’s happened here with people who had wetlands on their land and townspeople said it needed protection from the owner by giving it to the town so others could enjoy it–don’t you love that underhanded excuse to take what you’re so jealous of others having—more than you.

      Regulations change so often our leaders don’t know. Your neighbors can get jealous of what you have and find a way to make you lose it, or they don’t like the way you water your gardens–too often and will demand you be punished for too much water use. Don’t think that can’t lead to you losing everything, because you wind up in court, fined up the wazoo for nothing, then all of a sudden the EPA comes in and look out, you’re out!

      And you never did anything wrong but own what God said you could have when he gave us dominion over the earth and everything in it and the Constitution upholds that with property rights to us, not US Gov

      • AmericanMeltDown

        Same thing going on here in Missouri. We are getting out of Missouri as fast as we can to Texas, maybe Oklahoma. Most people are unaware of what Agenda 21 is bringing to the table as far as ownership of private property and our personal use of the resources we own on our private property. Need a better state to ride this out in.

        I can’t imagine normal folks who have a fair amount of common sense, putting up with this socialist and liberal lunatic nonsense much longer. Yet there are more ignorant people in America that intelligent people, based on the last two elections.

        Waiting to see what the tipping point will be to revolt en masse. Surely we’ve learned something from the Holocaust and won’t give up our freedom and constitutional rights, just because that’s what obamacarelessness and his personal gestapo wants.

        • miggy cabby

          you think Texas wont fall for Agenda 21, look at this, this isnt some blue state like NY, this is Nevada a state that has gone red many times. Thats the whole point the feds wanna show they can do this in a red or purple state, so that in the futrue going to Texas or Oklahoma wont be a problem

  • lisarichards124

    According to records Clive Bundy did in fact pay his fees to def Gov and local Nevada Gov. He wasn’t delinquent. Dana Loesch found the records and told Megyn Kelly last night this guy has been paying but it came down to the life of a turtle versus Clive’s cows and other rancher’s cows grazing and drinking water.

    let’s also not forget that the Bundy family has been paying property and income taxes on their ranch since those unconstitutional laws were passed a century-ago. But Fed gov is not happy with gouging Americans out of their incomes and taxing us to the hilt on our private property, the fed Gov wants to regulate and charge us for everything from feeding and watering our livestock, to what we can and cannot sell in our shops, how things must be packaged and labeled, getting involved in our personal bodies by wanting to know everything our doctors and us talk about and what we take medically, forcing us to buy healthcare when we don’t need it or want it.

    When are we people all going to stand up like these Nevada ranchers and say get the hell off my land Fed Gov, it’s mine, I own it!

    When are we people going to wake up to the fact that the constitution never placed or gave Fed Gov rights to be in the land owning business, they are not in the real estate biz, but they have made themselves the owners of the majority of U.S. land the Gov forbids us from owning–especially if its wet lands or certain animals crawl or walk or fly on it.

    We Americans are not allowed to own much land without Gov coming in and overtaxing so we can’t afford our lands. If we don’t have water or enough grass, we are forced to beg state, town and fed gov to let us graze and water our livestock on gov land, and they then force us to pay them for it after we pay too much for everything else!

    This is just more of government trying to confiscate what we the people own and have by punishing a guy, who records show he paid for the rights and isn’t delinquent, so that guy will have to hand over his lands to gov so gov can enrich itself further

    • noitaint

      When?..Now looks pretty good!

      • lisarichards124

        Dana Loesch is the on person in TV who is truly investigating this story and found the truth: Fed Gov wants Bundy’s land for turtles and government ownership, and Bundy has been paying; this link takes you to all the investigations Dana has been doing and interviews the news doesn’t want you to know so you’ll hate the rancher with all that land, because Americans apparently were never given property rights in the US Constitution, only the gov which owns 90% all land and we people populate only 12%

    • Ballistic45

      I will keep passing this quote by the founder of Communism so that the People know what is really going on and by who’s hand it comes, at this time in America it comes from the Communist sympathizer Barack Hussein Obama and his Communist Administration; “The theory of Communism may be summed up in one sentence: Abolish all private property.” – Karl Marx

      • Debbie Robinson

        Your Right Ballistic45. First the gov. controls free speech, then they go after our guns, jobs, money by creating bubbles, and bailing out their rich friends, and now the only thing left for them to do is to take away ALL privately held property. A people that are unarmed and don’t own anything are easy to control. And our chicken S@##! Congress is to afraid to impeach obama- because they don’t want anyone calling them racist-and they would be called that and much more. But who cares!! Either they impeach him now or wait until he finishes killing/destroying the US.

    • SoCalOilerFan

      Saw the interview last night. The other lady said he has been paying State Fees, but not Fed fees. However, she did say that if the Feds are destroying his cattle and not just impounding them, it is a whole different ballgame.

      • Sunshine43

        I saw it too! The Federal government is getting way out of control, in my estimation! Those BLM guys were itching to pull the trigger or set the dogs on those people. Thugocracy comes to mind!

      • lisarichards124

        Bundy did pay Fed Gov and state fees, but recently stopped when Fed Gov and EPA said his cows could not water there because it endangered turtles. So cows can die and we can’t have beef so turtles can live!

        Screw that, I say we kill those turtles as the French do and put them in soup!

        Not to mention Turtles make fabulous shell jewelry

        • SoCalOilerFan

          The irony is, now the Turtle population is so high in that protected area, the Feds are euthanizing them. Brilliant.
          I think everyone knows by now that the turtles and the cattle grazing are diversions from the real issue….The land grab for the water and for the mining of weapons grade materials.

          These are the same brilliant minds at work that are diverting & dumping water here in California to save a tiny fish called the Delta smelt. Yep, a tiny insignificant fish is more important than people getting the water they need for stock, crops and themselves!! Insanity at work!

    • gomurr

      Many states ceded “stewardship and management” of state and public lands to the Federal government. The Federal government now believes it THEIR land, to use however they desire. It’s time we demand our states take back control of our public lands which belong to the people.

  • VeeDub57

    Change you’d better believe in as a distinct possibility!

  • Ballistic45

    “The theory of Communism may be summed up in one sentence: Abolish all private property.” – Karl Marx

  • Robert

    Does anybody have the adress’s of the SS troops known as BLM officers. If you do publish the names adress snd phone numbers of these uncostitutional jackbooted thugs known as BLM officers. That way real patriots all over the country can give them the same harrassment theyae giving Mr. Bundy, and family.

    • akwarrior

      It is more than the BLM troops they are just following orders from higher up..We need to harrass their bosses

      • charlie

        but those bas-turds refuse to live up to their oath of office therefore are personally liable for their actions

      • Landshark

        Hitler’s SS and Gestapo were only following orders. Stalin’s KGB goons were only following orders. There are orders and there are lawful orders. One is required to follow only LAWFUL orders.

      • Robert

        Add those A-holes to the list too.

        • Jinglebob

          Punch a federal tire today.

  • dan from ohio

    according to the Constitution,article 1,section 8 clause 17,the government is illegally taking the land they have no right to.This is a fight concerning the people,s rights,take a stand.

  • JuneUSA

    Where are the animal rights people? The cattle are being run to death and the feds are withholding water from them. That is inhumane.

    • colsooonscoorner

      Animal rights people don’t care about animals starving or dehydrating to death. You just can’t use them as a food source. Makes alot of sense doesn’t it.

  • colsooonscoorner

    Pretty amazing, our own govt pointing guns, with the intent to kill, on citizens of the United States. I agree with Clive. They will fire the shot heard round the world. We won’t have any other choice than to protect ourselves & our property. “Cause they ain’t stopping there. They are power hungry. If you think Obama doesn’t have anything to do with it, why has he not stepped in. I know the excuse it’s not his problem, the bureau is in charge. Who do ya think controls the bureau.

    • akwarrior

      We need to draw a line in the sand and say enough is enough, we need to change things and hopefully that will start this November at the Ballot box. However it is long over due to take back our country and our freedoms..we need to lock and load just to be ready

      • colsooonscoorner

        I pray the ballot box works. This is like living in a nightmare. NEVER thought I’d see this day!

      • miggy cabby

        why would it work, it didnt work when the republicans took over during the Clinton years, they had power for 6 years and then for 4 during Bush and they did nothing to stop over aggressive govt.

  • Joken Joe

    It’s sad that people now feel they have to mobilize as militia because the government has become for the government by the government. Only time will now tell.

    • Landshark

      Yes, it is sad that the people must mobilize as a militia. But I am proud that there are still Patriotic Americans who will take a stand to tell the government it has gone to far. We have waited a long time. It has long been past time for us to assert our rights. And now it is about time. Stand up America, wherever tyranny rears it’s ugly head. Semper Fi!

      • Joken Joe

        Roger that yirene. 14 year army vet. Problem is to many have forgotten there oaths, to country and constitution. Pass the powder and biscuits. I think we’re in it for the long hall. Ptfshg!

      • 2War Abn Vet

        “Government is not reason; it is not eloquent, it is force. Like fire, it is a dangerous servant, and a fearful master.” – George Washington

  • Hossmiester

    God bless this man, He hits the nail on the head. I truly beleive this will be the start of the Second Revolutionary War. The Feds may fire the first shot but we will fire the rest of them. America Bless God! Molan Labe!

  • diane holstein

    This, of course, is one way they are implementing Agenda 21’s plan to coral us all in “population areas” and control the rest of the land in the country. Expect the “signing over” of our land to UN World Heritage Sites or UN Protected/Endangered Species Programs, and other similar land grabs to start rapidly escalating… God Help Us.

    • Westy34215

      God will only help us if we are willing to help ourselves. Join “Operation American Spring”, May 16——–until the usurper is gone. Join at: Call your Reps now and demand that the House cut off all funds to BLM right now, including salaries. That’s the only way to defang these guys.

      • miggy cabby

        doesnt matter if the house did cutt off funding for the BLM, the obama administration has a history of diverting money after a budget is passed to the agencies and areas they want too. Besides the Senate with a democrat majority wont agree to that.

        • leewacker

          ESPECIALLY as the Senate HEAD, Harry Reid, will benefit financially to the tune of millions of dollars!
          You can bet your bottom dollar the Obamas won’t see a penny of that, either!

  • Frank Visone

    That was so spot on perfect. and I applaud him for saying he would NOT carry a gun if he goes in to get those cows back. Force these bastard BLM pricks to be the ones to set it off. This is so far beyond one man and his cows. Look at the Eminent domain garbage happening in TX and Colorado, and all the land in Nevada that, unbeknownst to most of us, is being set up for fraking as we speak. Big brother is doing whatever he wantsm whenever and wherever he wants. but what he forgets is that he’s doing it with OUR money, on OUR soil with ZERO given authority. Enough is enough.

  • miggy cabby

    i keep seeing people say this would not happen in Texas or Oklahoma or i am going to move to Texas, hey people this isnt happening in a blue state like NY, MD or MA, this is in NV which aside from the left wing loonies in Vegas, it is a red state or at least a purple one. The feds are showing you that hey they can do this in NV, then they can do it in TX, OK or any other red state. Until a state governor declares that he will arrest any federal agent that does this stuff, the feds will keep on doing it.

    • Evan White

      Wheres the county sheriff he could have these fed bastards arrested and exectued,

      • miggy cabby

        he probably got a threatening phone call from the feds saying stay out or you and your family may just end up…….

      • knight2

        The Clark County Sheriff is a coward. Forget about it!

        • Jinglebob

          Colorado Sheriffs refused to support gun laws, it got attention and was noticed by Feds. Where is the sheriff? Citizens arrest for dereliction of duty?

  • lisarichards124

    This is happening everywhere.

    Don’t forget the eminent domain falsely use din my state CT to illegally confiscate beach front land for Pfizer who wanted that land to build a health spa and resort for its workers and CT courts said no, that’s a violation, so those in CT who wanted money from this along with Pfizer, took case to US SCOTUS and US SCOTUS overrode CT SCOTUS and said give the land to Pfizer and make those people move.

    BTW: Those landowners were not paid well under Constitution law. They were under paid so low they had to take that to court as well as fighting for their land that was taken and they were forcefully removed from their homes.

    That land lays vacant and abandoned because it was a constitution violation, so in the end, Pfizer was told they could never use the land and no one in my state is willing to violate the rights of those people by buying that land Pfizer wishes someone would buy. So its rotting because no one wants to buy stolen property that should be given back to its rightful owners.

    What Pfizer did also hurt the city of New London, CT. It gave it a black eye by illegally getting land and the downed economy there went down further.

    Government land grabbing is going on everywhere. Government wants our houses, our land, even our belongings if they can figure out how to give us a European wealth tax to tax us yearly for the value of our possessions.

    Gov already confiscates our paychecks and taxes property, which is a violation of Art I Sect. 8 that was never abolished when unconstitutional 16th Amendment was enacted.

    I could have studied biz in college, but I chose Political Science so I would spend years studying the Constitution. I’m so glad I did, because I know what the law really is and I pray everyone will realize no one needs a degree to read, study and understand the Constitution: Just do it. Self-educate yourselves, you deserve it and have rights. Don’t lose them any further

    • leewacker

      Also, wasn’t some of that land in those families since before the French/Indian Wars?
      That isn’t eminent domain, that is Communism pure and simple!

  • Marilynn Reeves

    Just like in Hitler’s time. Better speek up now or when they come for you there maybe no one left.

  • Vince Fox
  • RoseofSharons Rose

    I don’t have the money to go out there.

    • Jinglebob

      Don’t feel bad Rose, most people don’t. When their money runs out, no gas, no jobs, when their husband or wife is calling them home it will end. The feds know this, a mob never accomplishes much.

      • leewacker

        Boy, aren’t YOU just a ray of sunshine?
        It was, might I remind you, a mob such as this that started the Revolution! AND, this just could be the modern equivalent of the Boston Massacre!
        Just wait—it will happen, and people like you had best run to your government leash-holders for protection—because WE WILL FIND YOU!

        • Jinglebob

          Weedwacker…you are a Damned Fool.

  • knight2

    First Amendment zones? Snipers? Dogs? The Nazi’s are gearing us and so are we.

    Uniformed thugs that are stealing a man’s cattle. Basturds!

  • knight2

    Haven’t heard a peep out of Little big man Harrito Reid. This is happening in his state and you would think he would say something, anything. Not a word. Little coward.

    • leewacker

      Nope! Especially as it is HIS family who stand to gain millions of dollars–CHINESE dollars, as a reward for selling out their fellow Americans!
      Won’t hear a word from the Reids nor their lapdogs, the SEIU!

  • lostproton

    This is the UN’s Agenda 21.
    Consider Barack Obama’s idiots illogical vendetta against cows, defining them as purveyors of methane gas. And the idiot in the British House of Commons with a similar vendetta against human beings as purveyors of methane gas from eating too many beans. Any living being that consumes vegetation or other beings who consume the beings who consume the vegetation, during the digestion process produce as a byproduct methane gas.
    Methane gas (natural gas) is a colorless, odorless gas, which an odor is added to the natural gas piped to your stove, hot water tank and furnace for you to smell to alert you of a leak that could cause an explosion. The smells of farts are the other gases
    produced during digestion. The decomposition of vegetation produces methane as
    well coal with added pressure and temperature over an extended period of time. All
    this wasted time and resources over global warming gases that politicians do
    not have the aptitude to fathom.

    • gomurr

      We all know who the biggest purveyors of methane gas are.

  • Bill Benson

    The three boxes: The ballot box (well, you see where that got us…), the soap box (here, but are any of the folks pulling the strings really listening, or are they either spinning us into obscurity or patting us on our heads saying “There, there, don’t worry your pretty little head about it”..?), and, finally, the cartridge box, which is the direction I am afraid it’s heading all across this Nation…

  • AmericanMeltDown

    Contact the BLM and asked them the reasoning behind killing the turtles, themselves claiming they couldn’t afford to feed them, yet the BLM is now claiming they have wasted 3 million dollars on harassing Mr. Bundy.

    • leewacker

      The BLM was a waste of money from its inception!
      I tried to buy some land from the BLM once, and got into a quagmire of stupidity and loss of reason! I finally backed out of the deal because not even the people handling the land sales in that area knew what they were doing!

  • LaserKay

    Bill Benson sure mentioned three important boxes, but just like me if I tried to name all 5 or 6 (see) of the Three Stooges, I’d leave one or so out. Besides the ballot box, soap box, and the cartridge box, there is the jury box.

  • Sassy3000
  • Mac Boy

    ******* “OPERATION AMERICAN SPRING” *********
    *** March on Washington DC ***
    *** MAY 16th !! ***
    Be there, or Support those who do GO …………

    Over 2.5 MILLION Vets, retired Vets & Civilians have pledged to go and Demand a change of Personnel in DC – from the top – down !!!!

    *** and We WILL stay in D.C. until the job is Done! ***

    • Jinglebob

      A herd of cats running in all directions. You need organization, media, support, funds, yes supplies. If you get 100 thousand in D.C. I will be surprised. You need a tremendous event to spark a movement and thereby change. So far it has not happened.

      • gomurr

        And with thinking like yours, it never will. Good luck, and have a nice life.

        • leewacker

          His name shows he has drunk the Kool-Aid, and will stand with the criminal administration!

  • Sassy3000
    From the article^ above:
    If you have been paying attention to the news, you have probably heard about a number of eminent domain
    abuses being perpetrated in other states. In New York, for example,
    you may have heard about the multi-billion-dollar corporate charity
    known as the Atlantic Yards project. In the ostensible name of “public
    good” property is being taken from homeowners and small business owners
    and given to a billion-dollar corporation for pennies on the dollar.
    ^Can eminent domain be used to take my property and give it to another private party?

    The federal and state constitutions all say that property may only be
    condemned for “public use.” For many years, governments applied that
    term to mean that property could be taken for things like roads,
    schools, and public buildings.

    ^With eminent domain, the founding fathers knew there would be those who
    would abuse this law and therefore wrote specifically in Constitution
    and Bill of Rights amendments that guaranteed private property owners
    certain rights and protection. This protection for private property
    owners is in the 5th Amendment to the Constitution and in the 3rd
    Amendment to the Bill of Rights. James Madison, the writer of the 5th
    Amendment, took a moderate approach wanting to provide some protection
    of property rights and specifically used the word “compensation” and the term “public use,” not public interest or public benefit.

    • leewacker

      In these cases, and especially in the Bundy Ranch case, it is FOREIGNERS who will benefit—NOT American companies, and most likely none of those, either! The nation is being sold out, and the many tentacles of oppression are being uncovered!

  • Sassy3000–.html

    *When a government agency is interested in obtaining your property through eminent domain, they will:
    –Make an initial contact to express an interest in your property
    –Schedule a date for an appraisal of your property
    *Once the appraisal is complete, you will be provided with a copy of
    the appraisal and an offer will be made to purchase your property.
    ^Did you know that the Castle Coalition gave Nevada a B+ when it comes to property owners’ protection against eminent domain?
    ^Thankfully, District Judge James Todd Russell agreed, holding that he would be
    compromising the rights of Nevada citizens if he granted the request.
    PISTOL will remain Nevada law — at least until such time it is amended
    or rescinded through the proper statutory channels.
    And that’s the way it should be.

  • Archangel

    Have Guns, Will Travel! Revolution Anyone?

    • leewacker

      Lock and Load!
      The Tree of Liberty must be watered with the blood of Patriots!
      Or the blood of traitors like the OATH takers of the BLM and other federal agencies!

  • Mike Reisman Major-Ret RN CS F

    For what it’s worth I served my last 4yrs of 23 yrs with the Nevada Army National Guard a medical unit out of Vegas. I called the Governor’s Office to protest and gave my support to the ranchers. I look back from when I went in the US Army in 71′ what the deuce happened to our gov’t.?!

    • Timothy Wenners

      This is the same government you served under.

      They were just a hell of a lot more secretive about this stuff back then.

      The truth is our government has been tyrannical towards its own citizens and foreigners for more than 100 years.

      • Dave

        Actually the gov’t has been tyrannical towards us since 1791.

        • leewacker

          I think you are referring to the Whiskey Rebellion, in which case you are correct!

      • UnCL3

        In the “modern” era it started with Woody Wilson

    • UnCL3

      DemoncRat communists and Alinskites.

    • Berry J Griffin

      “We” didn’t want to piss anyone off, didn’t want to be called racist, didn’t want to be accused of being intolerant and let the commies play us like fish on the end of the hook. Here we are today.

  • dan from ohio

    it has just been reported that Harry Reid,s son represents a chineses firm that wants to place solar systems on this land.THIS is why they are taking the ranchers land

  • dunc

    same old story.this is theater .a good stradegest starts with undermining a benevolent cause, cultivates trust in the mindset,, co-opts the organization and uses it as a weapon for the agenda .just imagine taking the image of mother tearesa and slowly superimposing ted bundy on the reality.ted would still be out there on a rampage..?
    this is what happened to the environmental movement and many others.people think crony capitalism IS capitalism there for capitalism is a failure .a few slimball billionairs setting the standard…

  • Sweet, Innocent, and Lovable

    In the U.S. Constitution where it says Federal Jurisdiction it says that the Government s to only own land to buid forts, amories, and 10 mile to build the capital. It says nothing about national parks, or farm land. The BLM is another unconstitutional agency. Not only that but by the constitution they must pay him for all hose cattle they take.

    • leewacker

      What is REALLY disgusting about Bundy’s cattle is that they were slaughtered, then trucked up on a hill and buried—WASTEFUL use of meat—that might otherwise be used for people who need the meat!

  • rgone111

    It’s not just the feds. It’s Harry Reid and several Democrats that have a vested finanical interest in the land for future Chinese solar enegy plants. America is being sold out.

  • ron44

    I been having a suspicion the land maybe needed for replanting of new arrivals from the middle east and other places around the world. I can see this administration making secret deals with other governments for resettlement purposes. I have seen chatter suggesting that we need to bring other peoples here because of wars we have been involved in and it seems to me that the wars had ulterior motives, Might be the UN push for the one world entity and this might help create that.

    • leewacker

      Good point! But, I think this criminal administration is well on the road to destroying what they haven’t already in this country!
      The faux president wants to be the world emperor so badly, he would sell even his mother-in-law’s soul to get what he wants! For that matter, I think he already has sold the souls of his MIL, Michelle’s and the girls’, too!
      All he wants is to be EMPEROR of all he surveys, and that means the entire WORLD!
      This is only one of his many tricks!

  • Nixon

    The son of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV), Rory Reid, is the primary representative for ENN Energy Group, a Chinese energy company seeking to build a $5 billion solar panel plant on a 9,000-acre Clark County desert plot in Laughlin, Nevada.

    ENN scored big when Clark County commissioners unanimously voted to sell the Chinese company the public land for just $4.5 million, despite the fact that it was appraised at $38.6 million.
    Sen. Reid has been one of ENN’s biggest supporters, having recruited the company during a 2011 trip to China. According to Reuters, last month Sen. Reid tried to “pressure Nevada’s largest power company, NV Energy, to sign up as ENN’s first customer.”
    Both Rory Reid and Harry Reid deny having ever discussed the $5 billion Chinese solar panel plant deal:
    “I have never discussed the project with my father or his staff,” said Rory Reid. Kristen Orthman, a spokeswoman for the senator, said he had not discussed the project with his son.
    This isn’t the first time the Reids have come under fire for alleged cronyism. In 2003, allegations emerged that Nevada industries frequently lobbied Sen. Reid through his well-connected relatives.

    • larrygrant876

      I guess scum like Harry Reid need to keep the kids busy and involved in some fortune building opportunities in Nevada. The last real work Rory has done was “Calibrating Voting Machines”, in Nevada so poppa could keep the power he so craves.

    • leewacker

      WHAT RIGHT have the Reids to sell ANY AMERICAN land to CHINESE or other FOREIGNERS?
      I recall President Carter’s brother, Billy, had a sale of about half of Georgia’s farm land to the Saudi Arabians, and was stopped only because his brother objected to HIS farm being in the mix!
      “After all,” Billy whined. “Its only farmland, where’s the harm?”

  • Nevada Anonymous

    Just heard Harry Ried and son could be behind this. Harry’s son is trying to get a Chinese company some land to build a solar farm. They tried in Mojave County, CA but were rejected by the people of CA. We don’t want it either, but Harry has been trying to shoving these solar farms down out throats, except there are so many ‘undocumenteds’ here now, Harry will be around for the foreseeable future… Sorry.
    – Another sad Clark County Nevada resident.

    • leewacker

      AH! CONFIRMATION of the Reid traitors!
      Get rid of them!

  • I’m ready when you all are

    If that does not make your chest swell with pride you have no blood in your veins. That’s a powerful question about who is the one behind that rifle, where they not born on our soil ? Are they not the same as us ? it happened to people of this world before many times and we still have not had enough of it yet I guess. I’m speaking about the still blind ones.

  • Mary Jones

    My WWll veteran dad is very sad the direction this country is heading. I told him not to fret, it’s our turn to go up against evil.

  • Jock Doubleday

    Stefan Molyneux

    “The Truth About the Nevada Rancher’s Standoff”

  • Bud Martin
  • dangerouspatriot

    YES!!! RIGHT ON!!! They may fire the first shot but we will fire all the rest!!! I like that attitude as we have to TAKE BACK OUR COUNTRY before obama and his THUGS steal it all and we all end up in concentration camps. I will not submit or comply with anything obama throws at me or mine and neither should you. L&L

  • noitaint

    After reading about Dana Loesch’s investigation, I think we should call this “The Harry Reid Range War”. Also, they should give back all the land they took from the other ranchers.

  • leewacker

    Absolutely! This is just another land grab for Harry Reid and the faux president to turn over to the Chinese to pay on our indebtedness to them! The Chinese have been snooping around our forests, our wildlife, croplands and waterways for nearly two years, now, and are well on the road to taking over!
    Reid and company are just out to save themselves and make money!

  • AR154U


  • AR154U

    Ok, just do the math. 300 Federal agents @ roughly $100/hr + Overtime + Hotel + Meals + Air fair + Transportation + weapons = $MILLIONS for what? Murdering of more Americans for Americas sake? Will they label them as White Supremacist ? Will they label them as Child Molesters ?,… then go in with guns a blazing with no media allowed nearby to catch Feds executing ranchers? When do we act,.. BEFORE or AFTER or once again,.. NEVER?

  • dagobarbz

    I think I want to hear more about solar farm land grab rumors. Between pipelines and solar farms, militias are gonna have their hands full in the years to come.

  • James Andrews

    Good speech, and he’s right on the money.

  • letfreedoring10

    Rick Light is a fraud and a traitor to millitias. . .

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