• joshuasweet

    using the same math that they use to pay for items

  • Azsteve53

    This is a natural extension of Obamacare, no one should be surprised. The states are simply shifting costs to the Feds. Remember these people have high infection rates of TB, STDs, AIDS mental health issues and problems from long term substance abuse.

    Anyone who follows this at all understands that the costs for this are astronomical.

  • puglianana

    I don’t believe it. This administration has lied on everything since OB took office. So why should we believe this. The jailbirds are getting it free at tax payers expense. Don’t be fooled.

  • Carrie Barton

    Nothing shocks me with this administration. Read between the lines and always think the opposite.

  • DOOM161

    Signing up still only means that they checked prices. If I check the price of something on Amazon I haven’t bought anything.

  • jong

    I want to see the numbers from a agency that has the real ones. Then boys and girls get ready for the coup de grace. In June or July the insurance companies will annouce price hikes throwing off millions more off their insurance and those people will either not be able to afford any kind of insuracne or go on medicare/caid. Right before the elections.

  • Eric Haulenbeek

    Of course we have no idea what the real numbers are. You can bet your last dollar that whatever Obama says, it’s a lie!

  • Idadho

    Signing up does not mean they are willingly choosing Obamacare healthplans. Their existing plans may be non-compliant so they have to switch to an Obamacare compliant plan. As they look at the raw cost of the new Obamacare compliant plans, the higher costs all but force them to choose a subsidized plan. The mandatory coverages have pushed premiums up by a substantial amount.
    It remains to be seen how people who have signed up will respond to the coming Obamacare letter requiring documentation to validate citizenship status and projected income (Obamacare Modified Adjusted Gross Income) for 2014. This request for verification letter says what is required but does not provide a format for a response.
    Will the response end up in a ACA Dark Hole ?

    • KDS

      It’s extortion care! If you are poor because medical expenses have wiped you out and you have a debilitating disease there is no other insurance. You either die of your disease or take an insurance that you do not want. No choice but I am putting up a good fight!

    • jlbs

      With all the delays of this ‘law’, I wonder if the verification letters will also be delayed, or scratched all together.

      • Idadho

        The verification letters are mailed within 2 weeks of signing up. My wife has received two letters after signing up in mid April. Her other plan (Blue Cross) was non-compliant. They appear to be generated automatically. The two letters for the same account have different requests.

  • Centurian2010

    I predicted that Obama would claim that $15 million signed up by the end. What the heck, they are ficticious numbers anyway.

  • bet1125

    If you include medicaiders, prisoners and the bison running out of Yellowstone.

  • RockyMtn1776

    How many are paying customers ? That is the real question, they are footing the bill for the freeloaders !

  • silverstreak

    Because the first round of Obamacare enrollees were older and sicker than insurance companies had hoped for.

    The insurance companies are contemplating raising rates in 2015 as much as double digit percentages.


    Remember when Obamacare was going to save us all $2500 a year?

    Yeah…about that.


    The Obama administration declared victory on Tuesday over signing up more than 7 million people for this year, overcoming technology failures that stymied enrollment in the program’s early weeks and Republican efforts to discredit it in the eyes of consumers.

    But insurers have already said that the first group of new enrollees under Obamacare, as the law is widely known, represent a higher rate of older and costlier members than hoped. To keep their health plans from losing money in the coming years, many expect monthly premium rates to rise by double-digit percentages in some parts of the country.

  • suzyshopper

    And we should believe these numbers because……!

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