• John Kirkwood

    Great interview, Regis!

  • jong

    I think that women have always had a place in gun culture and it is the media that has tried to “convince” both them and us that they do not belong to split us up. My grandmother had a .22 single shot heavy barrel(my dads now) that she could literally shoot a nickel in the air. And she was not the only one. More war on women by the left.

    • Alleged Comment

      Luckily, men looking to lift the burden of life by making things easier for himself inadvertently made it easier for women and children to do the same thing!

      A women can punch the button to the 5th floor just as easily as a man could do it. Imagine that? But she still can’t change her own flat tire!!!

      • minnow

        Really Alleged Comment? Guess what, at 74, I’m still able to change a tire, replace a battery, shoot a shotgun, repair the wiring in the house and many other things; and also help with firewood gathering/cutting. Women are doing much more now to help out their husband and family. Don’t overlook their abilities.

        • Alleged Comment

          As men keep making things easier for themselves I wouldn’t doubt it trickles down to ole` granny able to operate a B-52 bomber from her favorite rocking chair (also developed by man).

  • Three Friends

    Yet another example of the rationale for a vigorous, active, armed self-defense: http://video.foxnews.com/v/1608602745001/

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