• http://ClashDaily.com/ Donald Joy

    Wow. So, massive corruption is okay, then. Great, Bob. Now we have a democrat on record. Nixon never should have resigned nor faced impeachment, huh?

  • ligersaurus

    If either Bush happened to be in office when the Benghazi attack occurred, we would have had a Democrat reaction unlike any since Watergate.

    • fedupwithlibs

      If EITHER Bush had been in office, those lives would not have been sacrificed for political theatre and votes. No matter their flaws, they loved this country and stood up, most of the time, for We, the People.

  • SiRobertson

    Beckel isn’t the brightest bulb on the tree and he acts like a child most of the time….his arrested development is obvious. In other words, he’s a typical lib/dem.

  • maddog2008

    Beckel is your typical progressive democrat and is a puppet for his masters, the anti-American left. Wouldn’t be too bad if the next time he chocks feeding his fat vile mouth Bollings said to him what does it matter Bob or no one cares Bob? My blood pressure goes up 20 points every time he opens his mouth, shouts, screams, pouts and talks over anyone that he doesn’t agree with, again, typical of the losers on the left.

  • bushwacko

    Who on the staff of The Five empties his drool cup? Hope they make more money than Beckel does. If it ain’t bad enough being a twisted liberoid, he don’t like dogs. That makes him a special sort of azzole.

    • parlayer

      Got to wonder about people that don;t like dogs. says a lot about them.

      • http://www.grizzlymom.com/ grizzlymom

        Gotta wonder about people who eat dogs, and laugh about it, too.

        • parlayer

          Kind a sick when you think “Man’s best friend” being eaten. “it was so easy to catch, it thought I had a treat for him”

  • Larry Counts

    Does this mean Beckel will drop Watergate since it’s okay so long as everyone does it? When I was a child, my parents didn’t buy that as an excuse, and liberals only pull it out for one of their own (who are largely the only ones doing it).

  • fidlin1

    Survival and desperation bring out the good & bad qualities in individuals. It’s all bad here for Bob/

  • Sam Riddle

    You can tweet “what difference does it make anyway” at;


    and let him know how you really feel!

  • 2Shadow2

    Bob, “big Boy”, Beckel is just another token liberal on a Conservative talk show. Better than Juan Williams and Alan Colmes but still unable to always keep enough BS cover-up going for left the wing nuts without getting ticked. If they don’t back off him and carry his “counter point” he could defend nothing.

    • Deborah G

      Alan Colmes should be ashamed of his really awful persona. Juan I can take at least he is an articulate man of reason. Wrong but decent

      • 2Shadow2

        Agreed. Seriously, since Hannity left Colmes, the guy has descended into some kind of insanity. He always appears with his sister in law and I wonder if she is not a nurse. Williams is very bad at defending the indefensible. Not at all convincing.

        • krdave

          Both are about as sorry as they come.

  • jong

    Why you fat little swine?? Becasue these people could have been saved. They did not have to die. And when that finally comes out and it will bath house barry and the DNC that linked themselves to this will all suffer together.

  • foxxybey

    The fat guy took too many hits when playing at football, can’t fix, dumb, stupid and blind and he fits each one to a tee, a real Nazi left wing nut job, like Juan Williams.

  • puglianana

    Lives were lost, that’s what! He is a little more able to tolerate than the creep Colmes.

  • VeeDub57

    Beckel is not an idiot. He’s very smart. It’s just that like most of his ilk, he doesn’t care about the truth or facts as longs as his “sides” talking points are pushed on the Amerika.

    He doesn’t care how many people die or lose everything, as long as his “side” comes out on top and controls everything.

    Don’t make the mistake of assuming that just because you can’t understand how someone could “think” the way he does, they aren’t fully aware of what they are saying and doing, and how it relates to or contradicts, the facts.

    He is no different than obama. Obama knows what he’s doing, he knows he’s lying, he knows millions know the truth about him, he knows he’s destroying the nation, but he doesn’t care as long as his agenda is pushed forward.

    • http://www.grizzlymom.com/ grizzlymom

      Perfectly stated — and illustrated.

    • AG Dot Com!


    • OzzWorx

      Like your “Biden” avatar!

  • Combatvet52

    Bob Beckel is a horses azz never liked him and now i despise this rat altogether he’s like Pelosi lets get on with it that’s enough talk about Benghazi Bob if you have any sons it should have been them who got killed…….you feel better now Liberal Commie.

  • Paladin

    Beckel is worried that is why he makes his bs statement. Of course it matters, if no one really cared he wouldn’t be so pissed… This also shows him to be the traitorous ba*tard that he is…

  • http://www.grizzlymom.com/ grizzlymom

    This is just the classic liberal statement: As long as those four dead Americans weren’t related to me, who cares! As for those of you to whom they were related, get over it!

  • modernminuteman

    Even when they are caught with their pants down they want to blame everyone but the guilty! THIS FAT piece of MANURE should say this to the face of say members of the Navy Seals!

    • parlayer

      Bob can’t even breath the same air as a Seal. Manure?, your being kind.

  • wanttoknow

    Bob Beckel, is a shrewd fast talking liberal he got angry and loud on purpose to take away the message. Benghazi does matter, and there are a lot of people who care.
    He was playing the Hillary card.

    • http://www.grizzlymom.com/ grizzlymom

      Indeed. The libs are panicked at how this will affect Hillary, but her fingerprints are all over this thing — and have been from the start, despite the lame fairy tale about the video. And yes, we the people do care — and that will not change.

      • parlayer

        I care.

        • jaxtom

          Me too!

      • Deborah G

        Hillary has more dead bodies behind her than just 4 in Benghazi. She is a murdering liar.

        • krdave

          Lotsa dead people connected to the Clintons.

          • Joan

            I’d say to many too count!!!

  • Me_in_Canada_eh

    This guy is an idiot. To call it merely political is to make light of the fact that the government flat-out lied to everyone. So I can go into a store, steal something and then pretend I didn’t, then when they catch me they should say it’s okay because it was two years ago and because it was in my best interest to LIE about it?

    The government allowed people to be murdered, did nothing about it and then LIED about it. Sure, that’s okay, nothing wrong with that at all.

    • Deborah G

      How is the corruption on your side of the border? Unless it’s that crazy Mayor we hear nothing

  • jimbo124816

    President Nixon was driven from office, not because of break-ins of the Watergate offices of the DNC.

    He was driven from office because of the cover-up of the crimes. He was ready to fight the charges, until the Republicans in Congress went to him and told him they would not stand behind him.

    Clinton wasn’t impeached for the numerous crimes he committed.

    He was impeached because he lied about the crimes to cover-up.

    Clinton wasn’t convicted because the Democrats circled the wagons around him. A moral Congress would have convicted Clinton and removed him from office.

    Now we have an amoral president who surrounded himself with amoral people and an amoral Congress who won’t do anything about the Benghazi crimes and cover-up.

    Bob Beckel thinks a cover-up is OK. It doesn’t make any difference that the administration hung those 4 men out to dry, and did nothing to help them and then kept it hidden because of the impending election, so we could re-elect the criminal.

    • parlayer

      They (the 4) were expendable.

      • http://www.grizzlymom.com/ grizzlymom

        That could be the title of the movie.

        • parlayer

          We could share the credit as movie was your Idea??


    There is no doubt that Beckel takes and gets the tongue lashings he deserves on the FOX 5, he is a big Ol’ lib lug, who misses the point, exhibits his prejudice and loses sight of the discussions intent at every turn….There are times when I applaud this lib for having the guts to take the punches but you know he is boiling on the inside and yesterday was a eruption of pent up defense, mostly wrong and full of bloviating.
    Keep Bob on the show, he is a great example of why conservatives and real Republicans feel that our product for America has a better smell and outcome….

    • Deborah G

      he does it for a lot of money don’t feel sorry for him,. Just like the black player feigning horror over a racist team owner[ like they all thought they loved each other]……their “horroir” is pretty pathetic seeing as they went in with eyes open. for a huge paycheck

  • fedupwithlibslies

    I’ve hated Beckel from the get-go. He is bombastic and arrogant. He demeans all who don’t agree with his jaded leftist point of view and attacks the person rather than the idea. Typical liberal foaming-at-the-mouth ignoramus. How the others put up with him is beyond my capability to understand. He and his opinions DISGUST me.

    Go moan to someone in a commie country, Bobo. No one here needs to hear from you – ever!

    • krdave

      You got it right. I just watch and wait for his melt-downs. I just don’t want anything to cause him to have a heart attack there and stick us with Juan Williams.

  • Vetsgirl

    Who cares????? We care! The families CARE! They deserve answers! And someone needs to be held accountable for their negligence!!

    • http://www.grizzlymom.com/ grizzlymom

      I care, too, even though I am not a member of their families. America is my family — half of it anyway — and, unlike the president and the president-wannabe, those who share my half indeed care when any of us are targeted and victimized by terrorists.

  • parlayer

    Crying or yelling about something or stuffing his face. Like williams he is a “token” Nijjar just to have one on the show.

  • jaxtom

    Put a bullet in his fat butt then “cover it up”….

  • GrizzMann

    Dude, this was two years ago. We’re still talking about the most mundane thing.

    What difference at this point does it make?
    Just more of the Democrat talking points.

  • Denver Kitty

    Beckel, you are a lard-a$$ piece of shiitt. Anyone who considers you as being more than the stinking pile of dung that you are — and have always been — is an idiot.

    • krdave

      Bob lets on like he is anti-muslim, but won’t admit that his #1 hero is turning us into a muslim nation as fast as he can. Tear down anyone or anything Christian and kiss every muslim @$$ you can find is this administrations goal.

  • Raymond Daniels

    Bob so eloquently displays the typical liberal mindset so well. Who cares? Wasn’t my family that died. Just 4 old white guys. WHo cares? I guarantee that if the people working in the consulate there were all black then he would have something to say. Since its just 4 old white dudes? Who cares!?

  • ron44

    So BOB, does transparency have any meaning to you instead of blaming every thing on conservatives or are you just as loony as Harry Reid?

    • Deborah G

      He has a pickled brain from being a drunk and a Democrat why they have him on except for comic relief is beyond me.

      • k

        You have it exactly right. If it wasn’t for comical Bob, they would put Juan Williams on. That might be best, tho. Then I would have a good excuse to not watch it. It’s worth watching for the times they get fat Bob to lose it. I love it.

  • http://www.grizzlymom.com/ grizzlymom

    Even more importantly, what this has done is show the American people that their country no longer has their back. Be attacked, find yourself the victims of terror and violence, and you’re on your own — even if you are a pawn on assignment from your own government. And should something terrible happen, what difference does it make?

  • Liberty

    So why should we care what this liberal says since lies are the same as truth to him. In the scheme of things, what difference does HE make?

  • darkcyder

    Wow- can we get a reset on Watergate, then?

  • Deborah G

    Another “What difference does it make anyway” dialog.

  • Wes

    Wow, Beckel. “Yeah the government deliberately lies to the American people about very serious issues in which our citizens were killed, so what?” It’s compliant lazy talking heads like you that enable big government.

  • Anon

    This is simply a demonstration of the toxic ideology of the left. Table pounding and yelling with a red face to deflect the fact that this issue is so huge it should bring down the entire administration. The fraud, corruption, and lies are so bad, it’s like catching a raindrop in a storm. It’s everywhere. Drone strikes, Benghazi, IRS scandle, SEAL team 6, Obamacare, voting fraud, BLM land grabs, fast and furious, failure to control our borders, taxable theft of personal and private property, NSA spy grids, gun grabing, free speech areas, etc. There’s just too many to list… it is simply rotten to the core in every direction.
    The government no longer serves We the People. We are currently buying the rope in which to hang ourselves with. This simple depiction below is exactly where we’re headed. It’s time to stand up America.

  • Deborah G

    His claim that the Republicans are doing this for political reasons my next question would be :is that why the Democrats ALWAYS destroy decent people?” Puuuuulllllllllleeeeeeeezeeeeeeeeee. Of course its political but the right thing to do and we need answers so do those families. What does the missing girls in Nigeria have to do with this topic ? Stay on point Bob and we’ll also discuss why Obama refuses to step in on a black nations murdering girls next. OIne thing at a time Bob next

    • Wes

      That’s our president, all right. “The Republicans are doing this for political reasons” he claims as he hastily tries to kill the issue for political reasons.

  • 2War Abn Vet

    Bob Beckel is the bravest man on television. He comes on five days a week to defend the indefensible, cover up leftist lies, and support liberal depravity. What’s more, he does it with a straight face.
    I didn’t say smartest or most honest; I said bravest.

    • Deborah G

      Nope I disagree he comes every day for the fat Fox paycheck

      • kenjack

        OK, brave and greedy!

  • AG Dot Com!

    The sheer hypocrisy of the left is mind-boggling. If this had been GWB, the loonies would have demanded him dragged through the streets behind horses, a crucifixion, and his name struck from all books across the nation, or some similar absurdity.

    This coverup not only meets, but far exceeds the scandal of Watergate. Four Americans died, horrifically – and this administration not only did nothing to help them but then deliberately, willfully, and with malice and forethought, worked furiously to cover it up.

    Impeach and try Obama, try Holder, and bar anyone associated with the incident from any further government work in perpetuity.

    • http://www.grizzlymom.com/ grizzlymom

      And don’t forget Hillary’s involvement. Her enduring legacy must be the image of her standing in front of the caskets, screeching to the grieving parents that she and her minions would find the person who made the video, followed, of course, by her legendary “what difference does it make” moment.

      • AG Dot Com!

        Yeah .. about her … whoever it is doing the killings for the Clinton family may want to consider her future ability to support his endeavors and keep his information intact. Just sayin’.

  • davidlawrencephd

    Not to argue ad hominem but Beckel’s brains are caught up in trying to keep all his fat in place. If he can’t respect himself enough to diet then he can’t respect reality enough to see it. He is a pig. An ideology rolling in a mud trough.

  • Deborah G

    Just as a differnce let’s take one of Bob’s kids. Turture them, drag them around by their throats, burn them alive let THAT hooror seep in you fat pile of crap. Have THAT nightmare the rest of your life and see what the families of these men feel over and over. That was the most sickening display of Muslim ‘s loving religion I have ever seen since 911.

    • CeceD

      And the last images of your child that you will ever see, Bob, are pictures posted on the internet; they’re of the kid being tortured, and their naked, desecrated body being dragged through the streets of a third world country. The images will burn into your brain till that’s all you can see. It’s there when you wake up, it’s there when you go to sleep. It’s there every holiday, birthday … you fat, sorry sack of crap.

  • e1313ruth

    Obama armed the terrorists..That is why it matters…Obama is an accomplice to murder..

  • http://www.grizzlymom.com/ grizzlymom

    He has also admitted in the past that if the shoe were on the other foot, if the president overseeing this atrocity of an administration were republican, he would be going ballistic over the scandals (and we all know that that fictional republican would have been thrown out of office long ago).

  • Take 2

    So what if Americans allow voter swaying rigging half truths designed to report misinformation ie a lie to grab inocient votes

    Plus, BOB four Mothers Wives children grandchildren’ face loved one is or are DEAD because of an overzealous President playing dirty pool political war games. And thus dishonesty of covering it up.

  • Verdes Lutz

    The Oblamer regime armed Al-Queda militants to overthrow Khadafi in Lybia, the same terrorists who carried out the Benghazi attacks murdering Americans on the anniversary of 911. Nobody has explained where the president and SOS were at the time or who gave the stand-down orders abandoning the murdered Americans to their fate. The president got up the next morning and went to fund raising events. At or about that time the regime concocted a story blaming the incident on a spontaneous uprising on an anti-Mohammad u-tube video that I suspect they had something to do with. This incident potentially involves dereliction of duty (failure to “answer the phone”), criminal negligence (failure to respond to the incident) and possibly treason (siding with terrorists against the USA and lying to the American people to cover it up). Gullible and foolish Americans re-elected the president two months later. It seems that there has never been a more inept, corrupt American administration.


    Another Moron !!!!! These people suppose be so smart ! They are pretty ——– dumb !

  • kenjack

    SO WHAT? SO – the President is a bold-faced liar, SO – Susan Rice is a liar, SO – Hillary ignored her duty at the expense of the lives of four Americans because to her, “what did it matter”, SO – Leon Panetta is willing to sacrifice Americans’ lives for the sake of political expediency and the Left-wing cause, so – Obumbler’s entire evil empire is composed of ignorant, sleazy, lying, snide, arrogant, hateful, law-breaking snakes-in-the-grass whose sole purpose seems to be to take American ‘can-do’ spirit and American pride down to its lowest level in history. That’s “so what”!

  • ActualConundrum

    Beckel is a paid mouthpeice for the DNC he knows he only speaks lies and crap. He doesn’t care it lines his pockets. Why did the left attack when the watergate cover up was to save the president embarrassment? Why did they obsessively attack? With watergate no dead Americans were involved. Absolute petty stuff. Compared to directing Americans to die. And then lying putting an innocent man in jail all to cover a Presidents murder of four Americans. When Obama decided not to send aid. He decided they should die so as not to make him look like a failure. After all if it was a that he had to rescue them from he would also be a failure. So he decided let them die. Then we blame a stupid protest that got out of control. Can’t have terrorist attacking. Obama stopped terror right. They died because Obama ordered it. Instead of sending aid and saving them. Because it would expose his failure of stopping terror. He is as much blame for their deaths as the terrorist. Plus it killed the ambassor who he used for gun running to the terrorist.

  • Al Chemist

    So what if everyone in this liberal/progressive/commie administration is a liar? So what if half of them including the occupant(s) of the White House is (are) involved? So what if the coverup was just to help Obama get (re)elected? So what if those people in Benghazi could have been saved if only an attempt had been made? So what if a film maker was imprisoned (for almost a year) under false pretenses? So what if the terrorists who committed the murders are still at large? So what if the administration will not come clean about what the four were doing in Benghazi? So what if secret information was beaten out of the ambassador before he was raped and killed? So what if (as a result of all this BS) the terrorists now have access to missiles? So what if (and when) the truth is known, the MSM will not report it or gloss over it? Yeah, so what?

  • Lois Hull

    I can’t stand this man. Bob what if this was one of your sons that was raped, sodomized, and beaten. would that make a difference to you? You should be fired.

    • Dan S.

      I don’t think a person of no morals would really care one way or the other if it were their son, nor any other family member.

  • Coldcowboy

    Once an idiot always an idiot!!.

  • garysvent

    So what? The cover up was designed to make Hillary a somewhat viable candidate for the Democrats in 2016. That’s what. The Dems have no one else to push their communist agenda — it MUST be Hillary.

    • Deborah G

      Her health looks pretty shakey to me. I hope her brain anurysm or stroke prevents her from running ugly old hag

      • Hidden benefits of clintoon

        Just think of the economys we could have . . . . No more AF-1 to fly the president. She could just step out on the west lawn and mount her broom..

  • Is there ANY truth in politics


    At least Beckel admits it . . . . both the main parties are liars and deceivers and that exactly is the reason for the existence of the TeaParty. We are tired of being lied to and deceived. We want the truth in government not the lies and hogwash they have been feeding us for the past 50+ years. When lies are told in the selection of government office holders the opposing party should pursue libel charges and not just say well everybody does it so let it be. It greatly disturbs me that warren is able to claim native american ancestry and that swift boat kerry is able to claim ribbons he never earned and threw at the white house when we had a president in office. and not be challenged even AFTER the election. Why was the falsification of documents about bush by the Establishment media allowed to go unprosecuted?
    I’m sure that there are many accusations and false claims about corruptocrats that also go unchallenged after the election. If nothing more was accomplished than destroying the credibility of the instigator it would be worth the effort.

  • dandeman

    Beckel is just a marketing & promotions guy with no ethics. Never let the truth get in the way of your agenda to get what you want. With people like him, it’s never a lie until your caught – then deflect, polarize, or create a red herring..

    • Doc

      Actually he is far worse than that. He is a self-serving malignant parasite intent on promoting himself, and making a VERY nice living for himself on the backs of those who sacrifice for his sake. Like Hitler’s Himmel, Beckel is a slobbering lapdog with no morals, purely evil intent, and a guaranteed place in hell.

  • SiRobertson

    Not only was obama running weapons to the enemy through there and has lied about everything, but remember what the pos said while at the UN a few weeks afterwards?

    “The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of islam.” BHO

    That is a very chilling and evil threat made by this muslim terrorist fraud.

  • proudtexan62

    So What????? What difference does it make???? Well, I’ll tell you “so what”??? Obama and his minions are committing crimes against America on a daily basis and this was one of the worst. Then , throw one lie after another out there when they are caught and backed into a corner!! That’s so what and no, all administrations do not cover up things like Benghazi. In other administrations, there would have been NO BENGHAZI!!!! What difference does it make? Four innocent American patriots were slaughtered and sodomized by those butchers and animals!!!! That’s WHAT DIFFERENCE IT MAKES!!!!!!

    • Jay Star

      Makes you wonder what this man does care about! Plus if he would stop and think American property was attacked resulting in loss of life and they do nothing? What kind of message does that send to our allies and our enemies?

  • Doc

    Once more we hear the Democratic mantra “What difference does it make?” It is all a part of a desperation plan to distract from the multitude of corruption issues emanating from the White House. The worst part of this is that our mass of low information voters are falling for it. On second thought the worst part is Congress. Never in my many years of voting have I seen a worse pack of sniveling, cowardly, corrupt, manipulating, subversive, obfuscating, and truly evil self-serving sub-humane parasites. Want to save America? Vote every incumbent out of office.

  • Robert Huddleston

    To Bob Beckel and any other crony for the corrupt Administration attempting to run this country or who has a desire to run this country in the future, I DO Care and it does make a difference about what happened in Benghazi! The simple fact is the Administration lied to the American people! Hillary Clinton lied, Barak Hussein Obama lied, and Eric Holder lied, Susan Rice lied, everyone of them have lied! Therefore, they are liars!
    I’m an American and I vote, but I won’t vote for liars or un patriotic types who are currently in charge!

  • jpcec

    Gee, what a surprise! Beckel is an dem a-hole? Who gives a rat’s A$$ what he has to say? Here’s an idea Bob…sit down and shut up!

  • raptor27

    Tell me what Beckel has done for this country in his lifetime.. Nothing..!!

  • richie

    Prettyb Sad Bob

  • Dan S.

    Get Bob Beckel OFF of ANY program on Fox networks!!! He is still asking what difference it makes that there was a cover up about the TERRORIST attacks on the US embassy in Benghazi. Well Mr. Beckel here is the difference it makes….FOUR US CITIZENS WERE KILED IN THOSE ATTACKS AND YOUR PRESIDENT DID ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO ASSIST THEM WITH ANY FORM OF MILITARY ASSISTANCE. Mr. Pickleface, what if one or more of the men killed in those attacks were your family members? I am very sure YOU would want answers right away. You sir have NO place at all on any conservative network or program. You are such a stinking liberass IDIOT!!!

    • SiRobertson

      I’m for leaving him on so people can see the stark differences between libtards and normal people.

      • pj4me

        Well, that’s a good reason, but the problem is liberals don’t watch Fox and they are the ones that should SEE and HEAR the stark difference between their idiot cult members and REAL PATRIOTS of AMERICA. Unfortunately, the conservatives are the only ones who watch FOX and we’re sick ad nauseam of Beckel’s stupidity and moronic feckless statements.

  • krdave

    When Hillary runs for President, It should be a great commercial to show hers and Bob’s rant about “What difference does it make” one right after another.

    • Jay Star

      Just shows how much this administration cares about loss of life, even their own ambassador! Its a long list of we dont give a damn! If you dont agree, just try to keep an open mind and surf the net, and not just one source.

  • Azsteve53

    Beckel is a party hack first and foremost. His job as he sees it is to protect Democrats especially Hillary Clinton. The truth is irrelevant to Beckel

  • Scirel

    Faux anger: the last resort of a lost argument. Pound your fists for effect.

  • Rachel Guess

    LOL OMG he must be hitlery’s long lost parrot!

  • Joan

    The unmitigating gall of this fool to think hes sit’s with the five on fox!! Hey bob get lost you moron they’re we’re four Americans who lost they’re lives.. You say so what!! Too bed you were not in Benghazi so we could say SO WHAT!! Jerk!!

  • me1952

    Watergate wasn’t political? At least no one died.

    • pj4me

      Yes. Watergate is WEAK compared to Benghazi. And to think Nixon resigned for that? but BO just laughs off all the scandals as “phony scandals” and continues on with MORE criminal, corrupt behavior. He and all those who surround and support him need to be thrown out of office — literally! Because impeachment would never happen with a Democrap Senate. And even if it did, the government’s process of accomplishing ANYTHING is a disaster!

      • me1952

        And bo will continue to laugh until the Republicans in Congress grow a pair. Hopefully they have started to.
        Bob Beckel is acting like the betrayed lover who is being forced to face up to some very unpleasant facts about the man of his fantasies.

  • powhatan1

    I do not watch that show mostly because I can’t tolerate Beckel

    • lizaz

      Neither do we…..I don’t know why Fox keeps him around!!

      • relayman

        Comic relief or to show that maybe Darwin was right.

  • JBKonya104

    Consider the sources! He’s a Liberal! They are all from another planet.
    L – lacking, I – in, b – basic, e – ethics, r – reality, a – and, l – life!

  • lizaz

    He sounds like Mrs. “what difference does it make” Clinton….neither one of them give a rat’s behind for the four murdered Americans, or their families!!!

  • Tiredofsocializm

    It’s what leftist lib’s do when confronted with evidence deflect, change the subject and when all else fails throw a tantrum!

    • Not You

      They usually resort to name calling to facilitate changing the subject before the tantrum.

  • Charles Bill L.

    Big Lard Azz Liberal Fox should drop his sorry fat azz and put in a conservative to replace him.He is disgusting.Every time I look at him I get sick at my stomach.Its like looking at Hanity and Combes an other ignorant liberal.Get rid of their ignorant azzes.

    • relayman

      Its always good to have idiot libtards in a debate with Conservatives so that even the low information types can see the contrast, that liberalism has no intelligent basis, that at best it is emotionally driven and cannot be defended on any intellectual basis. It highlights the absurd lengths libtards will go to defend the inexcusable, even with the deaths of four Americans. “What difference does it make,” uttered now by two pig-faced slobs underscores the depravity and intellectual vacuum that exists in the democrat party.

      • Brian_R_Allen

        How very well said, relayman!

        Except that I reckon Fascissocialist totalitarianism – and that’s “liberalism’s” real name – descending, as it does, from a zealous-ideologue-creating Malignant-Envy-driven, self, own-culture and inevitably and invariably own-species, loathing — and notwithstanding, as is its design, it emotionally attracts its usefully-idiotic sociopathic supporters — is a psychosis.

        And that its every active participant and promulgator is a psychopath.

        It is said of Bob Beckel that he is personally charming.

        Hmmm. All who knew him said the same of Ted Bundy.

    • pj4me

      Ummmm . . . Hannity isn’t a liberal. Just sayin . . .

      • Brian_R_Allen

        …. Hannity isn’t a liberal. Just sayin ….

        Perhaps not. But he’s such a bloody dawk, his producers play him like one.

        So he might as well be!

        And is another of the reason to not watch @FoxNews.

        (‘Cept there’s nothing else)

  • Chuck

    The coverup is less important than the FACT that this Administration with military resources available, for whatever political reasons, allowed those to whom they OWED protection to die, not only without lifting a finger to defend them, but very deliberately ordering potential rescue forces to STAND DOWN!!!!

    Is this not murder by omission?! Getting to the bottom of who it was that ordered the stand-down and what business the President had being disengaged and taking zero responsibility is a valid investigation that should not only result in firing or impeaching the perpetrators, but imprisonment of same.

  • Jay Star

    Theres the problem right there, both administrations have coverups, yes thats true, but does that mean we ignore them. Guaranteed if it was a Republican administration doing this heads would roll! Look at the Nixon caper, and to my knowledge no one died in that one. And being hot headed like Hillary and the president does not change the facts! And we have yet to find out who told the military to stand down

  • pj4me

    It angers me that Fox (the only Conservative media on TV) continues with their “fair and balanced” mantra by allowing Feckless Beckeless (and other liberals) to spew their opinion. If I want to watch comments jam-packed with stupidity, I can switch the channel to MSNBC, NBC, ABC, CBS — lots of liberal media out there to watch without wasting MY time. I fast forward the idiots!

    • Arby

      His past admitted use of mind altering drugs, has indeed altered his mind.

    • Brian_R_Allen

      …. Feckless Beckeless ….

      Hmmm – not bad.

      But I rather prefer ‘Bobby-Byron De Le Beckelwith.’

      With apologies to Mr De La Beckwith – also a fascist Leftard, by the way – who when compared to Beckel, is a woos.

      And, worse, @FoxNews knows it.

      Brian Richard Allen

  • FrankC

    Bob, when Watergate was going on, did you say “it doesn’t matter, they all do this, just get over it”? Should Nixon have been investigated? Should Nixon have been forced to resign?

  • mcrognale

    Fire the son of a bitch and be done with him!

    • RLC

      Not gonna happen. That’s the mentality of the media and the people behind this show. He’s there specifically for this crap and a lot of it is fed to him from the control room, i.e. “say some of your stupid crap bob”. Because of him I put very
      little time into this show.

      • mcrognale

        Yeah, I know. Thanks.

      • Brian_R_Allen

        Spot on.

        Shows We Who Are Right are not Mr Ailes’ targets.

        The TV-Watcher Demographic is.

        It may be tricked into buying stuff.

    • wanda faye allen

      the Liberals does NOT CARE about No Body BUT Themselves and keeping themselves in Power and in Control of the People Who does NOT agree with them ! They are Insane

      • mcrognale


  • Knybee

    What difference? Those who lost loved ones must be championed by the people. Simply because the Federal government has the unlimited resources to cover up any wrongdoing and the victims, the loved ones of those killed, have limited resources. The stonewalling over the course of time was purposely done so that after a good amount of time these perpetrators believe that they can say “What difference does it make now.” Or “That was two years ago”. It’s a deception that those in power can use to make the people weary of the questions. They use time against their opponents and wear them down. As the media and people desert the battle, those victim’s loved ones then have to stand on their own against a government which has the means to delay and hide away all the evidence coming forth. If anyone did this in their own private sector job they would immediately be held accountable. But the liars in this situation falsely believe that time is on their side.
    These things then are clearly evil. That’s the difference.

  • joshuasweet

    damn if he is not right as long as no one is going to do any thing about not Obama, not Holder, Not Hillary nor Kerry not one democrat will say more most republicans RINO’s only so what does it matter? that they knew about it and still gave weapons money to the killers after that. fact they just do not care!

  • wanda faye allen

    SO WHAT ????????????? The sane people are going to get Elected in 2014 and 2016 And They are going to KICK ALL YOUR ASSES !!!!! So WHAT !!!!!

  • J Cooper

    I believe his suspenders are way too tight. More video proof of liberal, democratic, lunatic life in America. I’m sorry, but I also believe Bob’s alcohol addiction past has destroyed his brain cells. He needs to go to a mountain, and get himself focused.

  • drthomasedavis

    Bob BS Bechel is so far out liberal, anti-American, anti-women and a damned smart alecky nut case he ruins the show. You do not need a spoiled brat foil. Fire the bastard, he is no different from that English nerd who plays at being a big star. Shut up Bechel.


      If Bulldog wasn’t on The Five, we’d be supporting him on SNAP cards.

  • jeepdude911

    Typical liberal. Speak to them using reason and logic and they go off like a nuke.

  • http://www.facebook.com/sstephaniew stephanie wilson

    nice try beckel, not every admin. does it. bush didnt, reagan didnt. ghwbush didnt either

    • Brian_R_Allen

      But Projection’s definite of totalitarians.

      • http://www.facebook.com/sstephaniew stephanie wilson

        very true, unfortunately

        • Brian_R_Allen

          He is also, of course, way out of his depth among at least a few of @FoxNews’ @FNTheFive’s other players. Two or three of whom appear quite bright.

          Parteigenosse Beckel’s an ideologue, has never had a thought, let alone an original thought and feels that what he feels and what other totalitarians are capable of making him feel, is as if the Holy Gospel.

          His entirely predictable infantile-temper-tantrum-like outbursts are lizard-brained instinctive.

          And in between public revealings of the content of his character? A sweet-talking charmer.

          A psychotic, that is.

          (With the keys to Sean Hannity’s house!)

          • http://www.facebook.com/sstephaniew stephanie wilson

            EWW.W not good! hahaha. i do like his stance on the persecution of christians. maybe that will be his saving grace, who knows??

  • Louman

    I bet he did not defend Nixon like that , and in water gate no one died.. Hilary was one of the main ones who went after Njxon, now shes guilty of letting an ambassador get killed. Whos worse her or Nixon.

    • di

      She was fired from the Watergate investigation for lying and unethical conduct. So how bad do you have to be to get fired when investigating Nixon?!!!

      • Brian_R_Allen

        Cli’ton-Crime-Claque bad.

      • Louman

        The point I was trying to make was that Water Gate was childs play compared to Benghazi. And look what happened to Nixon.

  • grumpy

    So what??? OK Boob, let’s start with the fact that one of our Ambassadors was murdered. You still say so what? OK Boob, the government coverup also involved falsely accusing, and imprisoning the poor schmuck that made the stupid video that nobody ever heard of until that point. Not enough yet Bob, well most importantly, we also lost some brave soldiers. Odumbo and Clinton turned their back on our citizens in that compound. Just left them to be murdered. For what Bob? So the Dumbass administration could hide the fact that they were doing illegal crap. So what? Right Bob.


    Bulldog’s a frustrated loser whose only politcal resume was as a part of a disastrous Mondale meltdown. His pathetic justificartion is, however, very indicative of how many on the Left will lose it when confronted by the truth they can no longer deny. BTW, admission of wrongdoing (in the face of undeniable proof), with no remorse, is an anti-social attribute.

  • golfcrackerjack

    Beckel is re-floating the trial balloon first launched by Hillary, both knowing that the story is going to come out, sooner or later. Hillary has since begun “regretting” the Benghazi fiasco to put space between her and the Golden Child.

  • RayR55

    Bob Beckel is probably the most ignorant person on TV. How he keeps a job is beyond me. He lies and says he supports our troops then turns around and says things that are disparaging at best. He’s a two faced coward that hid behind the peace movement in the 60’s and 70’s so he wouldn’t get sent to war. He has a yellow streak a foot wide running up his back.

    • Don’t Even Try It!

      I measured his yellow streak once and it was 1 foot 3 and 1/2 inches wide at it widest point (take a guess where the widest point was) ;-)

      • RayR55

        I wanna say his big butt, but it’s probably more at that big gut of his.

    • Brian_R_Allen

      Very well said!

      • RayR55

        I probably left the impression I don’t care for him…..because I don’t…

        • Brian_R_Allen

          Gotcha — and no disagreement from me.

          But perhaps you’ll also agree it way more important that We Who Are Right recognise evil than whether or not we dislike the evil one.

          Far too many Americans — and the “Democrats” usual millions of criminal aliens — “liked” Zero enough to overcome their caution at both his visible track record and his “disappeared” one — and voted for him. (Once. He didn’t need them the second time around. By then his people controlled the election machinery, the voter rolls — and counted the votes) And, not dissimilarly, before they discovered the urgent to not “like” him, every one of the young women Ted Bundy murdered, first “liked” him.

          Or, to put it a little more elegantly, as, long ago, did Charles Baudelaire: “La plus belle des ruses du diable est de vous persuader qu’il n’existe pas.”

          And more recently — and more succinctly — did Kevin Spacey’s Roger ‘Verbal’ Kint in ‘The Usual Suspects:’ “The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist.”

          • RayR55

            All very true, but I still don’t care for him or any of his ilk. If I have a snake in the grass and know it I either kill the snake or wait until it goes away. Evil is everywhere in the world but it doesn’t mean I have to or ever will like it or the people involved. I agree completely that we need to recognize evil, I will also recognize the people involved in that evil and scorn them outright for what they do. “For evil to triumph good men need only to stay silent.” Oh, and I don’t speak French, Latin or whatever that is. ;) <<<

  • Mathematical certainty

    I was not aware that beckel and schultz were identical twins, Two knuckle-dragging-left-wing-liberal-morons still trolling the planet, Yikes!!!!

  • JoeBlake

    Q: What do Unicorns and Democrats with integrity have in common?
    A; They’re both Myths

  • cwll85

    I would love to meet Bob the fat ass Beckel in person, So what Bob?. Our Ambassador was raped violently and Human beings were killed you liberal jackass. When will we finally do something about these Racist lying Liberals, They aren’t even human beings.

    • Deborah G

      Bob Beckle like most liberals has some real problem with their blinding hatred of anything Conservative lose all common sense. They should with their educations be able to see but they are so brainwashed they don’t. My sister is like that a real genius. Doctor etc. She is so liberal she thinks guns are bad,illegals should be welcomed, everyone should get free everything meanwhile she is always broke because they take so much out of her pay.

  • Don’t Even Try It!

    Headline says it all!

  • Don’t Even Try It!

    OK, so WHY did CD have to verify me now? I have been posting on CD since it started!

    • Paladin67

      CD had to verify me too. I don’t know why though.

      • Brian_R_Allen

        Don’t Even Try It! Me, too.

  • Deborah G

    Probably they are tracking dissenters

  • Noffie56

    Because of Bob, I had to stop watching the show. I just can not stand watching BS speak.

  • carlcasino

    Beckel is living proof that progressive liberalism is a disease , a mental disease. It is hard for me to watch a professed Christian claim the left’s point of view is the way to go. Every day I become more convinced that liberals should not be allowed to own firearms. Look at all the big story deaths and identify the shooter, 99.9% democrat. Beckel proves the point that without anything else to stand on you point out other bad behavior to justify the subject being discussed.

  • Sam Ponticello

    Beckel is a fat has been leftist old fart. Why is he even allowed to express his Obummer paid for opinions anywhere?? BUCK BECKEL!!

    • DrSique

      Gotta disagree. He is not a “has been”. A never was maybe, but not a has been.

      • Eric Haulenbeek

        Beckel’s only claim to fame was the mis-managed political bid by Walter Mondale for the presidency in 1984. Mondale lost big-time… which says volumes as to Beckel’s abilities. Considering his thin resume, he makes an excellent democrat!

  • rwp24382

    Beckel is there to give the liberal argument of the story. Sometimes I think some of the liberals on the shows know they were caught with their pants down, but have to try and put on a happy face for the Dems. Beckel is being used much like Pelosi, Reid, DWS, and other attack dogs of the left. He probably got so angry, because he had no defense of the emails. The Dems have been caught lying, so he had to strike out in anger with the line of “everybody does it” and he knows it. He is trying to change the subject for obvious reasons of “guilty as charged”. The only problem with his analogy, is that this is the standard of operation for six years by this administration.
    I just don’t see what Kimberly Guilford see in him. He must be a totally different person in private, much like James Carville and his wife.

  • karen

    Bob doesnt make any sense half of the time,, he doesnt know what he is talking about most of the time.he gets mad cause the others are right and he cant handle it,,somr times i wonder if he isnt on something cause he slurs his words a lot,,

    • DrSique

      I think he is just pickled and, if this was a republican coverup, the gas bag would be screaming the loudest. His granny panties are probably twisted up because he knows that there is an election tsunami coming and Obama’s scandal ridden administration is largely to blame. 2 Bad Bob.

    • Daniel F. Melton

      Supposedly he’s quit drinking, but the alcoholic dementia has already set in.

  • LittleMoose

    There was a break in at Watergate, So what?

  • jlbs

    Yes, Bobby, “for political reasons”, your party is saying this doesn’t matter. Well, IT DOES MATTER, YES, IT DOES. And you, and yours, have no honor whatsoever for saying “So what?”. You see, Bobby, honor is something that is learned, because it is taught by someone, like your parents. It’s like ‘class’ — it is NOT inherited, it is taught by parents and grandparents, and learned by the child. You, sir, have neither class nor honor.

  • Linda Sturdevant

    too much coke Bobby…..wayyyyy too much coke….you’ve lost it!!!

  • gepops58

    This Bob Beckel is guy is a real fine example of everything that is wrong in this country,he is a true disgrace to the fox news channel and needs to be sent down the road along with the other liberal idiots whose big mouths have got them in trouble

    • Brian_R_Allen

      …. (totalitarians) whose big mouths have gotten them in trouble ….

      Nope – Whose big mouths have gotten the world in trouble.

      Deathly trouble.

      And, worse, @FoxNews knows it.

      But otherwise? Well said!

      B A – L A – CA — and The Very Far Away …

    • OzzWorx

      I stopped watching FOX because they let idiots like this spew their $#!+ without challenge.

      • noweareman

        Actually it’s a good warning as to what these IDIOTS on the left “Think”

        • OzzWorx

          We already know what they think. They live in opposite world. They pursue any evil and vilify any good. If they aren’t committing murder they are accomplices to it.

      • Daniel F. Melton

        Even worse is the mild disapproval, factual dishonesty, vapid intellectualism, and boot licking evidenced on the o’relly show.

      • Eric Haulenbeek

        Without challenge? I don’t think so. He’s constantly challenged by everyone who listens to his crazy rants.

      • parlayer

        I had to quit Hannity when he was with Colms

    • Eric Haulenbeek

      I don’t see him as a disgrace to Fox as much as he disgraces himself because of his position on Fox. He’s a useful idiot to the people who produce The 5. You have to believe that he really looks like the piece of work he is to everyone who’s watching his erratic behavior.

    • parlayer

      I won’t miss him. perhaps his heart valve will go out. (pre obama care)

  • Brian_R_Allen


    If only.

    But, alas, that’s only his cover.

    Bob Beckel is evil. Is a psychopath. Who, had he not discovered the political path of all of those, since Mohammed, made zealous by their Malignant-Envy-driven, self, own-culture and, inevitably and invariably, own-species loathing?

    Would have made a piker of Ted Bundy.

    A choir boy of Albert De Salvo.

    And, worse, @FoxNews knows it.

    Brian Richard Allen

    • Kanudawg

      But how do you really feel about Bob?…;-)

  • FRENCHIE1369


    • sargeant rock

      Hey… if slapping 40 pounds off him works, you may have created a new diet….
      Come see me, I am way over weight and can’t seem to loose it… LOL

      • parlayer

        team up with Bob. and you’ll be in line for the treatment

        • sargeant rock

          Sorry, there is no way I would be party to him, I will just have to remain over weight then…

          • parlayer

            That would be my choice.

    • larryincamden

      Only 40????

    • parlayer

      40Lbs? I wouldn’t quit till I had callouses. Angry, Disgusting, Foul Mouthed, shall I go on?? Ah what the heck, one more, FAT

  • http://drputts.blogspot.com/ Keith Westbrook

    I tell you what difference it makes you fat socialist bastard: Tyrone Woods, Glen Doherty, Sean Smith and Christopher Stevens were left to die by your god Obama for political expediency and you know it and soon so will even the multitudes of your govt. created double digit followers. Your progressive socialist dream is a failure and you can’t hide it any more than you can hide the little fascist dictator in the white house. You are a scum sucking bottom feeding parasite beckel and need to go back to running failed democommie campaigns.

    • Daniel F. Melton

      Don’t forget that the situation was set up by the refusal of the state department (under hillary clinton) to increase security in spite of numerous incidents in the months prior to the 9/11 attacks.

    • Chicago Zephyr

      Well said, Keith!

  • http://drputts.blogspot.com/ Keith Westbrook

    And your bullshit about nobody cares…. well explain why it gets tweeted every 12 seconds rat bastard:

  • sreynolds

    Beckel is a good candidate to PROMOTE abortion.

    • larryincamden

      Even retroactively.

      • Daniel F. Melton

        In his case, especially!

  • noweareman

    Would it matter if HE was shot?

    • Daniel F. Melton

      Maybe to him. Not many others.

  • Chet

    Bob, as a fairly new Christian convert, should do more studying of his Holy Bible. In this instance, Numbers 32:23 b “and be sure your sin will find you out” surely applies. He could also read-up on what God thas decreed regarding marriage as being the union of male and female, period, and of course educate himself regarding life beginning in the womb. And just who is the author and giver of life and determiner of when a little one should be translated from his/her momma’s womb to her lovingly outstretched arms.

    Then, upon having the Holy Ghost stir up his heart and mind he should bolt his Democrat party ASAP. This is THE party that dismisses the Almighty and has nothing but disdain and mockery for God and his Christ…

    • sargeant rock

      You are so correct my friend…
      There are those that “call themselves” Christians and those that “are” Christians… Those who read, study and believe the word of God, and those who use it and the word “Christian” for their own purposes..
      Going to church does not make you a Christian any more than standing in a garage will make you a car… You are correct, IF he is a Christian, then he needs to start standing on God’s word and principles and not the worlds…

      • http://www.facebook.com/sstephaniew stephanie wilson


  • Sam Riddle

    So what? I’ll tell you so what!

    I’ll tell you why they really covered it up and why it matters!

    #1. This was not just to save Obamas butt from losing the election, he has a standing order “No boots on the ground ANYWHERE!” (this would prove what a total failure his national security policy is and that al qaeda had NOT been decimated. So, that means NO SECURITY for 30 + personnel at a consulate that should have had a MARINE CONTINGENT for SECURITY like all the other embassies and consulates that aren’t using TRUSTWORTHY in country security contractors.

    #2. Clinton and Obama don’t want the American people to know that they were giving heavy weapons to various militias that were clearly involved with al qaeda which is so freaking obvious now! Giving al qaeda the power to expand in numbers all over the muslim world and carry the fight into Syria as well as attacking and destabilizing the current government in Libya. So much for NORMALIZATION with Libya! This would also explain why there has NOT been ANYONE BROUGHT TO JUSTICE after nearly 20 months, they don’t want another smoking gun like the Ben Rhodes email that came out last week! And it has been reported that the FBI knows where these killers are and that the administration is in no hurry to kill or capture them so they can continue on wreaking havoc in Libya!

    #3. Clinton (who intended to replace Obama as President) doesn’t want the whole country to know that when she got that “3 am phone call” there was a total failure to listen to the numerous request for more protection for our embassy personnel and the total failure to prepare for the anniversary of 9/11 (if the proper preparations were made there would have been refueling tankers for our fighter aircraft and the fighters would have been properly armed and in standby in hotspots around the world as well as a quick response seal team instead of the so called “fast team” which was too slow to react, and was sent to Tripoli instead of Benghazi). (Remember NO BOOTS ON THE GROUND!)

    #4. Absolutely no one is mentioning that there were not just FOUR MURDERED AMERICANS but 30 plus embassy staff at Benghazi a lot of whom were wounded and would also be dead if we hadn’t had a couple ex navy seal heros who went from Tripoli to Benghazi after being told to stand down by the State Department and protected those folks which clearly ended in their own deaths of which we still have not heard from the Benghazi Survivors and Obama and Clinton would like it to stay that way.

    #5. Finally, no one is talking about the fact that Clinton was running advertisements in the Muslim world, and Obama going to the UN nearly two weeks later as well as the tonight show and still spewing the LIE that it was a video and not a terror attack, triggering demonstrations and riots all over the world that would not have happened if they didn’t push this lie, causing destruction to our consulates and embassies, endangering huge numbers of military personnel as well as embassy staff being under siege by demonstrators.

    Very few would know this stuff if they weren’t paying close attention to the various news reports and numerous house investigations. And someone needs to take the time to put this into a clear and coherent story so the American People will understand that this is not just a political witch hunt to smear the demoncrats!

    Most of all, this is absolute political corruption at its pinnacle, it is a violation of federal law to politicize the various branches of the federal government like IRS, FBI, CIA, EPA etc. etc. etc… So yes it does matter and Speaker Boehner should have acted much, much sooner on the decision to up the game on this investigation!

    This is just my opinion and my understanding of what happened you should ALL take the time to read up on this info and verify that the information is accurate for yourselves, but thanks for taking the time to read this lengthy opinion…

    • parlayer

      I respect your opinion, as it is parallel with the facts.

  • Mike the cowboy

    Beckel you fat faaaaak shut up,civil rights fighter communist bastard.

  • GrandmaAmerica

    Bob, What if that was your son. What difference would it make then?? Do you even have any spawn out there? Pray not. P.S. Get rid of Beckel, Riveria, Carville,Smith, Williams and OReilly. Need more like Judge Jenine, Greta, Sarah Palin, and Michelle Bachmann. Or at least get someone that knows how to debate a disfunctional liberal like Beckel…

  • twspears6007

    The cover-up continues and will continue till Obama and Hillary C. and this lying government is repealed and sent packing. After a month of blaming the attack on the Libyan Embassy on a video a total team effort led by Obama, Hillary C. Susan Rice and many other White House conspirator’s you noticed that the team effort finally admitted that the attack was a organized plan of terrorism. A month later Obama made a very revealing statement when he said that protestors don’t use hand held rockets and it as obvious that this was a terrorist attack from the get-go. My question is if this was so obvious why did Obama days after the attack still blame the video as the reason for the attack. What is obvious is that blaming the video was an attempt to cover the fact that Obama did not want to be seen as a failed leader before the November elections. Did Obama and Biden at the Democratic Convention two weeks before the attack cause terrorist to respond and attack the Libyan Embassy in retaliation for their bragging that Osama Ben-Laden was dead and that Al-quida was decimated. What if Obama and Biden had not made that stupid statement when we were at war with terrorism would we have had the attack and the murders of 4 brave Americans on that fateful day this is worthy of thought Trenton

    • Eric Haulenbeek

      You’re right 6007… winning an election meant more to these people then standing up and doing the right thing. When American lives are at stake, the campaign should stop, and defense of our own should start. You either stand up for American lives at risk or cover up and try to win an election. Barack Obama chose poorly and four American lives were lost. Then, covering up his poor choice became the number one game plan, and everyone switched into defense mode. Obama had an opportunity to show us what he was made of and instead, he hid behind Hillary’s skirt. And then Hillary did the only thing she could, which is the one thing she’s well known for… she lied, and lied again! What a bunch of schmucks! There’s no pride at all in this bunch.

      • Panors77

        Don’t forget the “concusion” she suppsedly had before the interrogation?

    • Panors77

      I think another possible reason could be BO’s government were running guns to Al Queda?

  • Texasfedupgramma

    Beckel’s another liberal Obama lap-dog. He needs to wrap those suspenders around his neck and be done with it!

  • Jr1776

    America need’s honesty, nothing else.

    • Sam Riddle

      NO, America needs jobs, border security, and a strong military!

      • Combat Veteran Seabee

        And all that culminates from Honesty.

    • Eric Haulenbeek

      What’s happened to honesty and character in our world? We’ve all been sold on the new reality that “everybody lies” and character doesn’t mean that much, “as it’s the end that justify’s the means.” It seems like we’ve been scraping the bottom of the barrel at election time lately. Honor used to mean so much more, and yet we have a president who doesn’t seem to care one way or another… as long as he wins! WTF?

      • JK Hout

        Reid, Pelosi, Beckel, and the other libs are sooo dizzy from the spin they are putting on the Benghazi scandal that they can’t rationally explain it. It wouldn’t be an old story if the administration would have complied with information requests and given the House Committees nothing but redacted papers. The costs and time wasted in these investigations would be minimal if the administration would have been transparent as they alleged. Because of the delays, deceptions, and denials, it would not have turned into the “witch hunt” the Democrats have brought upon themselves. At what point will the public denounce the Democrats that defend the President? When will this dizziness subside to the point where those who defend the President realize they putting their own true character, lack of honor, trustworthiness, and careers on the line. When does the dizziness from their spin become deadly for them?

  • parlayer

    this is the one time I wish Bob had been in government, as Ambassador to Bengazi

    • Dave G

      You got that right. And then some other dumb a$$ would be down-playing the significance of his death,,,man you hit it right.

  • Douglas_Thompson

    President Nixon attempted to cover up what happened at the Watergate Hotel, so what? Oh, that’s right, it was a Republican President, trying to cover up something that was illegal. But we didn’t know how involved President Nixon was UNTIL the cover up was investigated. There are numerous murder investigations that are prosecuted years after the act. Is he saying they shouldn’t be prosecuted because they happened a long time ago? Where/When evidence of illegality is uncovered, it should be followed up no matter what or who is involved.

    • Panors77

      AND……the fact that in Nixon’s case no one was killed. That’s the difference in the “so what” factor.

      • Douglas_Thompson


  • Arlinda2

    The Five ooh and aah over Beckle, an unrecovered obese drunk. These, otherwise intelligent, well informed, no nonsense pundits forgive him his crazies, humor him, pat him on the shoulder and over compliment him on some rudimentary unremarkable comments he makes that are vaguely common sensical. But, it’s Beckle’s rants and raves that dominate the show. His outlandish behavior may be appropriate on a reality show but not on a legitimate opinion panel. He may have given up alcohol but alcohol has not given up on Bob. He belongs in rehab not on Fox News. Maybe a reality show would be more in keeping with his talent and addiction.

    • Combat Veteran Seabee

      He is “DRY,” not “SOBER.”

      • Veritas

        Beckel sniffed “I’m dry, been dry for years.” Sniff, sniff, snort. Yum.

      • Arlinda2

        Never has so much been said in so few words …. a powerful and gifted statement.

  • bluejacket472

    It is good having Beckle on “The Five” even though he’s aggravating to watch, he is faithful in exposing how asinine the left’s policies are.

  • shamu9

    Beckle and Alan Colms are the 2 biggest Fruitcakes in the Business!

    • Sam Riddle

      You forgot Juan Williams… And now O’reilly’s’ been using that bald headed loud mouth from Louisiana, I can’t remember his name but you will never, ever get him to admit when he’s wrong and they have NO problem repeating the lies… BTW, I think O’reillys a closet liberal, don’t mention the US Constitution around him and he may sound tough on Oblomo but he sure as hell gives him way too much latitude or benefit of the doubt…

      • Dave G

        Hey Sam, Juan Williams was also anti-gun until his wife was car-jacked and she said, she wished she had a gun. It is all different when and if it happens to them. Now they need to have something happen to them to change their attitude about lying about the facts.

      • hoedigr

        That would be James Carville, the Clintons old buddy. BTW, O’reilly certainly has the arrogance to be a Democrap. never being wrong about anything, except everything.

  • Nancy Sternberg

    Tell those who lost family members in the Benghazi attack that.

  • Azsteve53

    The progressives don’t know what to say so they say “so what ” ? The new tactic, just dismiss Benghazi and it will go away, first it is a non scandal, now “dude, it is like two years ago” and now dismissive of its importance.

    Obviously Hillary Clinton has a lot to lose in this, all of this smells very Clintonesque in the tactics.

  • Dave G

    Beckle is worse than an idiot when he openly condones the killing of human beings and then lying about it for the purpose of political advancement. This man makes me want to puke and he should be removed from television and or radio. If it had been one of his family members, I think he would want all the truth and he would be the first to stand on his soap box to obtain that truth. The English language is too nice when describing beckle.

    • FriendofThom

      “.. openly condones the killing of human beings..” Where the hell did you get that idiotic BS??

  • Not You

    I like to watch The Five, particularly the experience and class that Ms. Perino brings to the table, but I usually change channels when Beckel starts his tirades.

  • jimshaw54

    What difference did it make? Possibly the difference between Barack Obama having a second term and having a Republican presidency now. Possibly the difference between people getting kicked off their health care plan, and being able to stay on the one they liked. And the list could go on.
    I would say that Dems telling the truth could have made a big difference. Like all of the other lies this administration has told and gotten away with because no one in the MSM is interested in getting the truth from them.

  • armydadtexas

    Just when one believes that maybe Beckle has some honor, he opens his FAT FACE “who cares”. A Cover up is a cover up. 4 Americans were brutally murdered by ISLAMO-FASCISTS and all Beckle has to say is“who cares”. Another FAT, LOUD MOUTHED, WITHOUT HONOR Obamanista.

  • TycoMA1

    If someone were to put a barrel into BOB’s mouth and blow his brains all over the wall that would be a ‘So What’ moment – Benghazi is not a ‘So What’ moment. Bob would not be missed.

  • carmellady

    I am a loyal viewer of the Fox channel and I do watch the FIVE almost everyday. As much as I hate to see the liberal, Bob Beckel, and the people who fill in for him, I do understand that the panel needs to have the other side voice its feelings.
    With that being said, I saw the show that is being referenced and I was shocked to hear the words that came out of Beckel’s mouth. I ask the question, ‘If he has children, would he be so quick and snarky if it was his child coming off that plane in a flag draped coffin?’
    I realize that is the obvious question to someone like Beckel but it’s the truth. I honestly feel that these types of people are so far detached from the everyday citizen that they really have no understanding of what we all endure on a day to day basis.
    I would love to have him stand in front of the families of these four MURDERED Americans and say what he did on that show. Maybe it would be easy for him because it was easy for Obama and Hillary but I would still like to see that happen.
    My eyes fill with tears and my heart breaks for the families of these four MURDERED Americans. Benghazi is a tragedy on so many, many levels. That is why it is being dealt with daily and with such deliberation.
    I hope and pray that we get the answers to what really happened but more importantly, trace these answers to the source.
    Folks, our country is under attack from many, many directions and we have to stand up, be counted and do what we all know is the right thing to do.
    May God Bless America and protect us from our enemies both outside and inside the government!
    P.S. ~ By the way, one of the “fill-ins” for Beckel is Juan Williams and I honestly do not know why Fox keeps these people on board. They may be nice folks off camera but what I see on TV makes me sick.
    Whenever Juan Williams is on a panel discussion and something is said that he doesn’t agree with, his eyes move in strange ways and his facial expressions make me think of Walter, the Jeff Dunham puppet!

    • genmar


      • armydadtexas

        I agree! I am fed up with the venimous crap coming from the mouths of “liberals” whether on tv the news print, radio or up close and personal. Challenge some of the stupid crap they declare they believe and get ready for the the Obamanista blow up, cause it is coming. Bob (fat ass) Beckel is nothing but a STALINIST MOUTH PIECE ready to spew STALINIST CRAP as are the vast majority of far, left wing, radical extremist democ-RATS.

  • Tonto

    Bechel is a cold commie from the old school of “I don’t give a darn….the end justifies the means”. He’s “all in” for communism, whether he admits it or not. He should be arrested, tried and hanged for past crimes he committed as a active supporter employed by past communist administrations.

  • genmar


  • Arlinda2

    A “free” press/media in bed with, slobbering over and/or in complete agreement with the government is called Pravda.

  • smash44

    Typical angry, white, fat hating racist liberal lying Democrat.

  • Mort Leith

    Phat-a55ed Beckel is the typical libbie commie 1di0t

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