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  • http://nyctalking.com/ Angel Rodriguez

    Doug, I’m going to check this out. I hope it all works for out for this old man.

  • http://nyctalking.com/ Angel Rodriguez

    This is insane to me by the way. I just can’t grasp how this is even possible.

  • speedle24

    Doug, someone needs to clean up the facts on this please. This is unclear as to who fired the shots after Leone retrieved his gun.

  • steven

    In California anything is possible, as much as I like the USCCA I think this is just and advertising ploy but I could be wrong.
    In Texas we have the Castle doctrine.

    • bob machaffy

      That’s why in Florida we have “stand your ground”.
      It should go even further if you are injured in committing a crime and injured you cannot sue homeowner, property owner, or victim.

      • CharlieFromMass

        Castle/stand your ground or not, that should be the law everywhere. I think it’s insulting that someone who was trying to rob or hurt you in your home can be sued if they get injured while attempting to/causing injury to you.

    • Snoopy

      Dead men tell no tales!

  • kenistaz

    so what the hell happened to Leone did he when or not

  • HDMania

    I guess if you have to cover your arse so this doesnt happen you need to take the robber out for good.

  • Daniel Gray

    Thats what I would have done. Shot is azz between the eyes and would never have lost a moments sleep in doing it. But then again since this is california, I probably would have been sued by his family for daring to shoot him in the first place.

  • Robert L. Rice

    IF charges are filed against this 90 year man,prosecuters should be fired..

  • jb80538

    As my son would say…This really blows balls!

  • justathought22

    suing him on what grounds?

  • Pat De ESposito

    Please, please, please let me be on this man’s jury !

  • MRD

    On a fixed income, $30 is a weeks groceries. Many are nickeled & dimed to death.

  • nevadarny

    How do you get rid of the type of lawyer that would even take this case? How can the burglar get away with this?

    • thaidude

      Or the f’in judge that would even allow the case to be tried.


    Dead criminals can’t sue!!!!

    • Dave

      If you surreptitiously dispose of the carcass, neither can their family.

    • Rattlerjake

      One shot one kill will prevent any lawsuits. Double tap is insurance.

  • seenitb4

    You’re saying that the old man ‘pointed’ his 357 without shooting it? Ran back and ‘pointed’ his piece at the criminal and didn’t shoot!! Much as I can be sympathetic for the old fellow it seems that all of his law enforcement years didn’t teach him a thing. I never say “freeze” or anything else. I just shoot who ever it is that needs to be shot. I’ve done it before and I’ll always do it. You lose all of your legal rights when you invade someone’s home with a gun. No talking-just shooting. The old axiom: ‘One died and one tried’. I’ll be the latter.

  • whyworry54

    This is not true. This is a sales pitch. He did shoot the guy and the guy went to jail and he testified against him. Guy goes to jail end of story.

  • contrarian

    Cheap theatrics. Playing on someones pain and suffering to hawk your wares. Pitching to the very people who can least afford it. Character matters.

    • LarryFrom10EC

      Homeowner’s insurance will cover this under liability.

      • Rattlerjake

        Not only will my homeowner’s insurance cover it, but as a Life member of the NRA there is more help! Of course as a retired Special Ops guy leaving a criminal alive is against my religion!

  • foxxybey

    I say when you have to use your gun, empty it, dead people don’t sue and don’t testify.

  • Centurian2010
  • Sam Houston

    I won’t shoot a home invader. I have other means to take them down but there is a price to pay for that benevolence. Depending on who it is, they will have their hands chopped off or something special carved somewhere on their face. Reading this, I think that all you can legally do anymore is to just kill them where they stand.

    God Bless Mr. Leone.

    • Dave

      If you do as you stated in your last line, DO NOT call law enforcement as that will only complicate your life. Dispose of the carcass as it is highly unlikely that anybody will know where to start looking for them at.

      • Sam Houston

        Gee Officer, I was just cleaning up my yard. I really don’t understand how that body could have gotten in there.

        • Dave

          Why would you dispose of the carcass in your own yard when there are so many other options available?

  • Dave

    If “Self Defense Shield ” is any thing like “Legal Shield”, don’t waste your money. This incident is just one more example proving that the “legal” system is nothing more than a damned extortion racket.

    • dontdoitagain

      You too huh? Legal shield is nothing more than an attorney referral service that requires you to pay for it. Nothing comes under their purvue and you can get the same advise from your hair dresser. I hope that this one is different.

      • Dave

        Yes. It is a bad one at that. Most of the time I would have been further ahead to represent myself in court. They are not above sending their customers to attorneys that have been disciplined for misconduct. It would not surprise me to find out that this is somehow connected with “Legal Shield”.

  • dhwilson58

    He should have followed the oldest rule in the book… Kill your attacker, never leave wounded for “He Said/ She Said” testimony and to file civil suit. When do Americans get their Rights back ???

    • tim edens

      You know that is good advice but don’t over do it either. I have seen several times where the good guy goes to jail even though he is in the right because he filled the dirt bag with holes. Apparently when you shoot them to many times you are guilty. There is a case like that right now in North Carolina I think.

      • dhwilson58

        Thank you and your right. Ones trial can go from self defense to “over kill” and/ or “exsessive force” in a heart beat. It’s actually the main prosecuted claim in a law enforcement suit. 3 well placed shots, 2 in the chest, 1 head shot should do. God Bless.

        • jmortensen

          seems that most often it is the police guilty of “over kill”

  • Saltporkdoc

    The attorney representing this criminal needs to be disbarred and the judge accepting the suit needs to be removed from the bench!

  • Lanthanum Khloride

    This is over a year old, the burglar was thrown in jail for life a year ago.

    • Dave
    • TRex

      So, what? I think you missed the point. Plus in happens quite often.

      • hal

        I think the point is-MAKE SURE YOU KILL THE BASTARD!

        • tim edens

          Good advice but they always have relatives that have lawyers. Sad but true. I did get this insurance when I got my carry permit. Some gun rights group can help too. Good luck and God protect us all.

    • KayDeeBeau

      The point is that anyone could be sued when found in a similar situation and to educate you that there is insurance available to help protect you from financial ruin should that occur.

      Glad that Common Core education is working so well – your reading comprehension skills are stellar

      • jpcec

        You’re a dumb ass and you can’t fix stupid!

      • Lanthanum Khloride

        “And now he’s suing the man he tried to rob and kill.” e.g. present tense

        I had no idea my mom used Common Core guidelines for 12 years. Thanks for letting me know.

    • GrizzMann

      What difference at this point does it make? Sound familiar ?

      Dude, this was two years ago. We’re still talking about the most mundane thing. Sound familiar?

      • Jay Star

        It would have been nice if the ending was included in the article. These writers of articles should have that responsibility or make a remark indicating this could still happen in America. We read a lot of posts like this and it is annoying!

  • Grand Vizier

    No, this happened more than 2 years ago, in january 2012, and in april 2013 the perp was found gulty, and have to serbe 85% of a 36 year term, the suit never made it to court (needless to say), did not cost Leone a dime.


    • jong

      Thanks that makes me feel better. Since this happened in California GOD only knows what kind of Judge might have presided over this case. I live in a castle doctrine state and we have had good people shoot at crooks and the prosecutors have just laughed when they tried with a law suit. Most recently here in Grand Rapids they tried to rob a store for Rolex’s and were met with gun fire from the owners. The only remarks from the “authorities” was to bad they did not get more of them than the one they shot.

    • GrizzMann

      When discussing the article, it’s nice to have a point.

      • Grand Vizier

        And your point is?

        • charlie

          simple shoot to kill the bastards and they will no longer be a problem– for anyone

    • ONTIME

      Thank you for the good news….the article left you hanging and as for even considering the law suit, no reason was given…

  • ActualConundrum

    No criminal should ever be allowed to sue his victim ever. That should be an automatic lost privilege like voting.

  • Jay Star

    Should never have happened! The breaking the law should be going to jail, period! The man was protecting himself and his property as a citizen should be allowed to do! I never heard such crap till the idiots in Washington started on this gun control agenda!
    So let me get this straight, a robber or worse comes into your home and your suppose to stand there, not defend yourself, your family, or your property and just maybe out of the kindness of the thugs heart , he will let you live? Not on my watch brothers and sisters! The judge should throw this thing out of court if hes any judge at all!


    Only in CA, WTF was this poor senior thinking, retiring there? That said, this is a poor case example of why we need pre-paid gun defense policies. No judge will even consider this case to be heard in a court of law. Besides, loser pays will apply and who’s gonna represent that POS criminal vermin? But I’m sure the vet will have many good, patirotic lawyers who are more than happy to represent him pro bono. Botton line, never wound sub human scum-kill it dead!

    • parlayer

      Shooting (in the private sector) is not about wounding, It’s about killing the Prep. saving your own life, and saving the tax payers the cost of his support.

  • gepops58

    Only in California can you come into court with dirty hands and get away with a boatload of cash….if this is allowed to proceed to court the judge who hears this stupid claim needs to be disbarred,no questions asked

  • AmericanIcon

    Three mistakes: 1. The attacker survived (bad shooting, Leone). 2. No pigs: (Hungry pigs = no evidence). 3. California.

  • Cheryl Lynn


    • parlayer

      I own nothing, sue me! and I’m shooting a legally purchased Home Defense Weapon. By owning Nothing I don’t have the responsibility for possessions only my life. Well I do own an old car. Real-Estate Not, Bank Accounts Not, shall I go on.

      • Chained

        You are the kind of person the govt and banks hate. You aren’t bound by debt and therefore can not be controlled. More free than many.

        • parlayer

          I tried it the other way, Underpaid and was priced out?? So I reinvented myself for success instead of failure. It’s like hiding in plain sight. For example – Gvt say Prime rib is to costly?? Solution? Change the name of the product to Cows Back? and keep on trucking, Remember: For every rule there is another rule overriding the first rule.

          • Chained

            I like it

          • parlayer

            Want to sign up for admittance to attend my alma matter?? Loophole U?? Fictitious but one needs to attend.

  • Chained

    In this case a shotgun would have been better but shoot to kill! Dead men don’t sue.

    • parlayer

      Rem 870-18.5″ barrel, .00 Buck and they tuck away behind the door.

      • Chained

        The best home defense weapon

    • falling321

      Three of his bullets hit the suspect…I’m sure he WAS shooting to kill! But sometimes even the best aimed bullet misses a vital organ! Criminals should NOT be able to sue, if they are wounded while committing a crime!

      • Hard Boiled

        actually, he hit once and missed the other 3 times. reread the article. criminals shouldn’t be able to sue, but liberals have made sure they have more rights than the victims. i have an Italian shotgun, and it blows a hole so big there isnt anything left of them to sue me with!

        • falling321

          Read the article again yourself.

          “Three of Leone’s shots hit their mark, but Samuel was able to wrestle the elderly man to the floor.”

          Jay Leone is the elderly man who is the victim and he shot the criminal THREE TIMES. Samuel Cutrurelli is the career criminal who shot Leone ONCE in the face. I have been shooting all my life and it is not as easy to hit a moving target as many on here seem to believe.

        • Steven

          Try rereading YOURSELF before you tell others to do so. Unless he INTENTIONALLY hit something other that the intruder, the article CLEARLY states 3 shots hit the intruder.

          of Leone’s shots hit their mark, but Samuel was able to wrestle the
          elderly man to the floor. He put the gun to his head, pulled the
          trigger, and it went, ‘click.’ Now wounded and out of options, Samuel
          fled the scene of his crime, wounded and bleeding.
          Read more at http://clashdaily.com/2014/05/say-90yr-old-man-shot-face-sued-burglar/#FqLIG0r6I3vqDzKT.99Three of Leone’s shots hit their mark, but Samuel was able to wrestle the elderly man to the floor.
          Three of Leone’s shots hit their mark, but Samuel was able to wrestle the elderly man to the floor.
          Read more at http://clashdaily.com/2014/05/say-90yr-old-man-shot-face-sued-burglar/#FqLIG0r6I3vqDzKT.99
          Three of Leone’s shots hit their mark, but Samuel was able to wrestle the elderly man to the floor.
          Read more at http://clashdaily.com/2014/05/say-90yr-old-man-shot-face-sued-burglar/#FqLIG0r6I3vqDzKT.99

      • Chained

        That’s exactly what the castle doctrine is for or part of it anyway. So one can’t be sued by criminals when protecting their home and/or life

  • PatHenry

    First rule when you pull your weapon is to shoot to kill, never shoot just to wound !!!

    • falling321

      Of course you shoot to kill and since three of his bullets hit the suspect, I doubt Mr. Leone was just shooting to wound! But sometimes even the best placed shot does not kill, so we need to stand up to these over reaching courts and money grabbing lawyers and put a STOP to the idiot lawsuits! We have the RIGHT to protect ourselves and our families and no criminal should be able to sue if they are in OUR homes, causing US harm and happen to survive being shot!

      • john johnson

        Quit talking about shooting to kill,your words can hang you in court,always talk of shooting to stop.Handguns often don’t kill and such talk is self defeating.Shoot til the threat is stopped and never more.Don;t be a stat in prison.

        • DeeBar

          Wrong ! Shoot to kill . As long as the criminal is moving he is a threat .
          I’ve been there but not had to shoot however it came very close and I was prepared to empty my 10mm (16 rounds) into this jerk and yeah he would have been dead .
          Reminds me of an NVA in 67′ that killed my Lt. We thought they were all dead but one was still kicking . Tell me how you know that the threat is stopped ? Bet your life on it ?

    • Steven

      No, the rule is shoot to STOP the threat. This is done with the knowledge that the only guarantee the person is no longer a threat is if they are dead.

  • Rosco Revere

    To all the folks living in this area, JURY NULLIFICATION! If you’re on the jury, NULLIFY!!

    • Steven

      Jury nullification applies to criminal cases. In a civil case, the jury should simply find in favor of the defendant.

  • charlie

    the lawyer that brought this case to court should be permanently disbarred and if the judge does not dismiss the case and fine the lawyer for wasting the courts time he should also be disbarred and removed from office


    Just one of the many reasons I left California. may God bless and keep you Mr. Leone. the judge & prosecutor need thumped up side the head

    • William Burke

      There IS no prosecutor. As is says a few lines above this, this is a civil case.

      • PATRIOT.WW48

        so I’m not a lawyer, nit-pick much

  • Murtud Lubadus

    Why are the US laws so fup to even allow such a bullshit case go to court???

    • Chained

      It’s called the DA and if there is any inkling of money to be made then sure as it snows in Alaska they will try.

      • Steven

        No, it is NOT the DA. This is a civil suit, not a criminal suit. I would tend to agree with you about money, if the man being sued actually had any.

        • Chained

          Oops! I stand corrected. Don’t know what I was thinking. Of course it’s a civil suit so no DA involvement. Money—the great motivator.

    • k

      It is because of the liberals, progressives, Democrats, or whatever the Obama worshipers call themselves.

  • foxxybey

    The reason to unload your pistol on a un invited person and the dead don’t sue and you live another day.

  • Charles Bill L.

    The crooks already have more rights than the law abiding people.You post your house no trespassing,Keepout,Bad dog,and the thieves break your laws enter your house you shoot one and if he survives he can take you to court and sue you for all you’ve got.There was a story of a man who was going away on a vacation for a couple of weeks who had posted his house “Shotguns rigged to go off if you open a door or window”Well there was this punk who paid no attention to the warnnings and opened the front door and a 12 GA shotgun fired and screwed his face and front body up good.Well he got a shyster lawyer and sued the man and took all his property and money.But Alas theres hope.If you kill the crook they cant take you to court.

  • Claude M. Dionne

    Instead of saying, “a tooth for a tooth, an eye for an eye”, I would rather say, “a life for a life”. In Canada, we used to have the death penalty until 1976, then our federal govern-ment annulled this rule. I am ‘FOR’ our Conservative Party to reinstall it. If you live by the gun as a criminal/bank robber, you shall surely die by the gun (or sword!). How mischievious and cowardly for the thieves/gun robbers to sue the victims… D-E-S-P-I-C-A-B-L-E!! You are welcome to give me some feedback, I don’t bite (but I’ll bark if I have to!).

    • William Burke

      I don’t know about Canada, Claude, but the Death Penalty is under attack in the U.S. because DNA evidence has exonerated so many prisoners who were on Death Row. It points to some very deep problems with our criminal justice system. How do so many innocent men get sentenced to die?

  • Dominic De Falco

    Instead of padding pockets of lawyers, how about setting up a fund to change laws. A law that states criminals can not sue the people they are trespassing on and robbing!
    Second option, practice shooting and make sure the bastard criminals are dead!
    The cops have become worthless, The courts have become worthless and prisons have become worthless! It is every man, woman and child on their own now!

  • knight2

    Take that money you would have to give to some sissy lawyer, and spend it on something that will make you happy…like the disappearance of the person suing you.

    • James Andrews

      Exactly; kill the s.o.b., and hide the body well!

    • James Andrews

      And the scumbag lawyer defending this thug as well.

      • William Burke

        He’s not “defending” him; he’s helping him ATTACK poor Mr. Leone.

  • Spencer

    Doug, Tim’s “Self-Defense Shield” service may be the “real deal” as you put it. But dig a little bit deeper before you recommend such things to your readers. I’ve called this service myself, and asked them to give me the names of even ONE of their members they’ve successfully defended, and they can’t. Plus, it turns out it’s a reimbursement plan (i.e., they reimburse you for your defense costs; so if you don’t have the money in the first place, what good is the insurance?)…they only reimburse what they consider to be “covered” and “reasonable” costs (and they get to define what is “covered” and “reasonable”)…and you have to be found innocent in order to get reimbursed. So the reality is, paying these guys makes you feel like you have some kind of protection, but it’s mostly marketing hype when you parse the details. I’ve had them send me their policy and have read it word by word, and then called them with questions. You should do the same. And so should your readers. Mark the parts of the policy that sound “iffy” and call them on it. Then decide if it’s really what it’s hyped up to be. And check into the other policies out there, as well, such as the one offered by the NRA. I know some shooters who own two or even three different policies from different companies, because each one leaves out critical coverage that you’d think you’d get, but don’t. Just saying, folks, do your due diligence before laying your money on the line.

    • William Burke

      It’s not a “recommendation”; it’s a PAID AD.

      • Dave

        It plainly states above that Giles is the author of the “article”. Therefore it is a recommendation on his part.

  • Rosco1776

    Jury Nullification Folks!! I welcome jury duty so I can nullify a case like this or some unjust law! ;)

    • Douglas W. Rodrigues

      Same here! The Judge won’t mention Jury Nullification in his instructions to the Jury , but I would!

  • Snoopy

    Ooooo… Would I like to be on THAT jury!!!

  • FriendofThom

    Seems like they could come up with a better case to sell this insurance than one that would be thrown out with the judge laughing out loud.

    • Jim

      It’s not about whether or not it gets thrown out, it’s about the legal defense fees. Lawyers are expensive even if you win.

      • FriendofThom

        It’s a myth that you have to hire a lawyer for everything.

        • Jim

          I understand that. I’ve filled out legal docs on my own, but only for simple things. This is a gun related incident. Gun owners have become political targets. I would never go into any court situation without the representation of someone who knows the procedure.

        • Steven

          It is a myth that you DON’T need an attorney when sued for using ANY force in self defense.

    • Rebecca

      It’s in California. It’s not likely to be thrown out. Years ago there was a case in NY where a thug robbing someone was shoot and paralyzed. His family sued the man who defended himself. It was in the courts for a few years. The thugs family won. You know why? Because an anti guns judge decided the guy defending himself shouldn’t have used a gun. If I remember correctly this was a three on one attack in the subway and the only reason he wasn’t beaten to death was because he shoot one of them and the others ran away.

      • jondarmes

        The mans name was Bernard Getz. The Peoples Republic of Kalifornia, Illinoise, & New Jerk. Want to be able to protect yourself and stand a reasonable chance of getting a judge with a modicum of common sense, DON’T LIVE THERE.

      • FriendofThom

        You haven’t provided enough details on the NY case. Was the thug fleeing and shot in the back? In the CA case, the victim was shot first, and the criminal convicted for the crime.

  • Larry Major

    Any judge who award any criminal such as this one is also a criminal!

    • Steven

      Unfortunately, it will be a jury that awards the criminal something. It is still wrong, but the judge won’t be the responsible party in this case.

  • Don Sr.

    Let me get this right. You are at home, not breaking any law. Someone breaks in on you or you and your family. Whether the crimimal is armed or not you shoot him or her, they live and can sue you? Are you serious?! How many peo[ple out there see something wrong here. If there are laws that allow the criminal to sue you what the heck is going on? It’s mankinds natural instinct to self protect….hey legal beagles are you listening? There is something bad wrong here. How about the criminal doesn’t live to make it to court. Then you get sued by their relatives? We’ve seen this too. This is all just stupid and we know there is no cure for that problem.

  • Douglas W. Rodrigues

    The ambulance chasing liar…ahhh….lawyer representing the criminal should be disbarred! Any Judge who accepts the case should be thrown out of office!

  • ron44

    You can bet California encourages these illegal actions against gun owners. There is plenty of trash working the law offices looking for an easy win case to make their bones.

  • Zundfolge

    Someone needs to acquaint the burglar AND HIS ATTORNEY with the 3 S’s.

  • mjnellett

    There should be legislation that forbids those perpetrating crimes on others from suing that person for defending themselves. No money. No rewards! Nothing! Just let the perps suffer…it’s good for the soul.

    • Steven

      In many states, there actually is such legislation. In California, the judge would declare such a law unconstitutional.

  • lokiswife

    Duh! If someone breaks into your home, you are supposed to presume that they are not there to harm you, to kill you? Jay Leone is a retired sheriff, he would know more than anyone else to be afraid of someone who breaks into your home. He has probably seen many horrible examples of what can happen to the homeowner and anyone else there. Does someone know who the lawyer is so we, the angry people can contact him and let him know what a sleaze he is?

  • Shears_of_Atropos

    If you defend yourself, you might hurt someone. We can’t have that! /s

    • Ben Name

      maybe the real problem is that people have to defend themselves.

      • Steven

        I suspect the ‘/s’ at the end of Shear_of_Atropos’s comment is intended to indicate sarcasm.

        • Ben Name

          maybe the real problem is that people have to defend themselves regardless if people make sarcastic comments or not.

  • Robert

    Need to find the address of the ambulance chaser that encouraged the law suit and publish it.

    • Ben Name

      yeah, that will fix the problem.

  • Al Chemist

    Only in California. Well, maybe also in NY, and some of the New England states and…

    • Ben Name

      oh snap! in every state….except Texas of course.

      • Steven

        Unfortunately, even in Texas.

        • Ben Name

          say it aint so!!!!

  • Mort Leith

    Any Judge should immediately dismiss this lawsuit so it doesn’t cost the VICTIM a dime.

  • Brian P.

    You can get up to a $1,000,000 in protection, immediate access to an attorney and payment of retainer, immediate cash for bond, pay for every day in court for the same price with Second Call Defense. And you can add your spouse to the coverage for just a few extra bucks a month. Contact me to sign up: BPCCW@Yahoo.com.

  • Brian P.

    Some lawyers (the ones that would even take this case) are WORSE than the criminals.

  • Dave

    This case was tossed about a year ago. This “article” is just another shameless attempt by some God d@mned attorney to extort money from gun owners. Attorneys are only one half of a link higher on the food chain than are child molesters. They make a living off of the fear and misery of people. In most all cases this fear and misery has been created by attorneys that are also elected officials. At the end of the day the only thing that an attorney produces, at any level, is more fear and misery. The court system is nothing more than an extortion racket presided over by black robed sodomites, who are also attorneys. If Hitler had used his ovens for attorneys only, the most he could have been charged with would have been, “burning trash without a permit”. DO NOT waste your money on this worthless bu!!$#!t.

    • Ben Name

      how can attorneys be Libtards if they are higher then child molesters?

  • Tom K.

    Was Samuel Cutrufelli one of the Obama Administration’s recent early release / Illegal Aliens ? Whether Cutrufelli is a Citizen or not, this case should be thrown out before it gets started. Our right to Family and Self Defense is God Given and is not to be taken lightly. Many Progressives will be ” fired ” this coming November at the baloot box. AND remember, that those Dem-Lib-Prog-Soc-Comms that are not up for reelection CAN BE Recalled – and should be !

    • Jeanne Ballard

      Cutrufelli should be sued by the man he shot and robbed. What is wrong with this country?

      • Dave

        Winning a civil/law suit is one thing, collecting is another. Suing Cutrufelli would only make some damned attorney richer.

        • Ben Name

          oh. lawyers are the problem?

      • Ben Name

        Exactly, what is wrong with this country?

    • Ben Name

      Yeah. Obama is the only one who can release people from prison. In fact, I bet the first time this guy was released it was Obama in his High School track suit who unlocked the cell.

  • Ron Coon

    This would not even be an issue if Mr. Leone had a 10mm in the bathroom instead of a 9mm. That’s what a .357 is a 9mm on speed. Where as a 10mm will take down a bear and on one shot.

    • Ben Name

      oh man. could you imagine if he had a rocket launcher behind his favorite chair? Oh man……the perp would have been knocked back to his birth day and killed an entire bear family.

    • Steven

      You know NOTING about guns. There is NO SUCH thing as a caliber that is guaranteed to take down ANYTHING in one shot. A 1mm difference in bullet size doesn’t make 1/10th the difference as a 1mm PLACEMENT of the shot.

  • TBJWebmaster

    I would have more time for this advert if it had set out saying it was an advert in advance and then giving the Leone case as an example, instead of pretending it is a recent news item – which it isn’t. I am totally pi$$ed off with adverts mnasquerading as news.

    • insectman


    • Ben Name

      I caught that too.

  • mule man

    no prob in Texas–drop the scum

  • johnnywood

    He should have been a better shot and sent the fool to his Maker.

  • Allen

    When you shot someone make sure he is dead, if not shot him again in the head.

  • Ben Name

    “Without warning, BAM!, his door was kicked-in by a career criminal who had just been released from prison, named Samuel Cutrufelli.” I guess the penal system doesn’t work too well in the first place. I really feel sorry for this guy that our criminal system wasn’t able to reform this heinous person.

  • desert dweller

    This is where vigilantes are needed desperately! They need to pick up this a.h. and his a.h. lawyer, take them out and hang them!!!

  • cvxxx

    The simple answer is that law suits are forbidden while in the plaintiff is in the act of a felony. Nor is anyone else allow to sue.

  • Snap N McGarrett

    What’s the difference between a news story and an advertisement? In this case, nothing. In most cases, the publisher will have the integrity to identify advertisements as such so you know up front that you’re being pitched to rather than just ‘informed’.

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