FIRST CLASS MY @SS: ‘If our military has to fly coach then so should Congress’

A bipartisan group of Congressman has introduced a bill that would prohibit members of Congress and their staffs from using taxpayer money to fly first class.

The ‘If Our Military Has to Fly Coach Then so Should Congress Act’ would place the same restrictions on the legislative branch that are already on employees of the executive branch, a press release announcing the bill states.

It is sponsored by Democratic Reps. John Barrow and Raul Ruiz and Republican Reps. Walter Jones and Paul Gosar.

‘As representatives of the American people, we in Congress have a responsibility to wisely use the people’s money,’ Jones said in a statement. ‘Members of the House and Senate should never secure their own luxury travel at taxpayer expense, but they especially should not do so when our nation is buried $17 trillion deep in debt.’

Read more: Daily Mail

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