• Milly

    Why do the feel the need to weigh in on things they know nothing about.

    • Eric Haulenbeek

      These people really believe they’re special in ways that most of the rest of us aren’t. They so seriously believe it that they just have to share their “wealth” of knowledge with us. They are truly narcissistic.

  • RhondaOR

    You have know idea what she goes through with the various mean things that are said about her and how that is a form of war like metnal anquish.

    • DamYankee

      Mean tweets/comments/rumors are NOTHING like war. To infer that they are is idiotic and insensitive at best. And to defend that point of view is asinine and ignorant.

    • Teachertooinpa

      RhondaOR…please tell me you are joking. Everyone has mean things said about them, just like most of us say mean things about others. If you even think that is like war, real war, you need your head examined.

    • Debbie G

      Then she should stop sharing her intimate thoughts with the public. (Like we care anyway.) This twit is constantly irritating people with her idiotic remarks. Perhaps she should keep her comments to herself and she won’t have to deal with the negative feedback.

    • Scirel

      But she has the FREEDOM to NOT READ things posted about her (unlike war victims who are by definition FORCED to deal with their anguish). And she can afford a PR firm to deal with these issues for her.

      It took me 3 seconds to figure this out.

      You may be being sarcastic though, and if so, you need to give hints about this.

    • palehorse58

      I wonder if you have enough carbon credits????

  • Jayne Nielsen

    Not many actors and actresses are paid for being smart and/or intelligent. Remember these people are getting paid for their looks and acting ability. Heck…all they have to do is read a script so if it’s not written on paper, they have to rely on their pea-brains to come up with something halfway intelligent to say…and even THAT is a stretch for most of them. Perfect example = Gwyneth Paltrow

    • pappap42

      Something like our president.

      • Jayne Nielsen

        Not “something”, pappap42…EXACTLY LIKE OBAMA! (I refuse to refer to that man as POTUS. He is NOT my president, NEVER will be, AND he is NOT deserving of that title).

        • Dave the Retired Marine MSgt

          I prefer “Our feckless idiot” of a Dear Leader, ☭omrade NØbama. But then, Coulter’s is good.

  • got243kids

    Stunning… in her simplicity.

  • Bulldog74

    Very disappointing, and she was so tough in Iron Man 3 ;-)

  • DrBobNM

    what are you guys talkin’ about? She is the intellectual icon that the upcoming generations mold themselves after.

    • Eric Haulenbeek

      Unfortunately I believe you’re right. This is the kind of person that kids want to emulate, and when they hear her speak they continue to buy the product. Our world is so screwed up these days. Real character is rarely on display anymore, but there’s plenty of this kind of muck.

  • antiliberalcryptonite

    Hot? Nope!

  • John Rustic

    I hope she falls off a cliff….I hate this pig of a person.

  • 4lifeandfreedom

    I guess she is able to memorize the lines given her, but just as with Obama when his teleprompter fails, she has no functioning brain!

    • pappap42

      She is lucky breathing is natural.

      • palehorse58

        Only if she has enough carbon credits.

  • lisarichards124

    This woman is so self-absorbed, she has been told all her life she is so so great, that she believes it. She grew up in Hollywood, famous parents, got into movies as a teen because dad was a director, so she has no clue about working hard or even about life in general. She’s an idiot

    • pappap42

      All you said could be also said about the president, except Hollywood.

  • Pissed Off American

    What is it with actors and actresses commenting on real life war situations? None of them have a clue. They all live in fantasy worlds.

  • jondarmes

    Sorry, liberal and mind numbingly stupid just ruins the hot idea for me.

  • missieb2000

    She has clearly had a ‘conscious uncoupling’ with her brain.

  • JimH69

    False advertising. There is nothing hot about her. Tweet that.

  • pappap42

    Her and all her friends when they are out of the public eye say these things so the media will talk about them. My self I don’t care one bit what these fool have to say.

  • mackadoo

    Taking anything seriously that is mouthed by a Hollywood type is like getting hair growing advice from Mr. Clean. They are make believe people existing in the alternative reality of their virtual world.

  • J Cooper

    California…. mud slides, fires, tremors, psycho liberal actors.

  • yaki534

    This stupid liberal has NO idea of what experiencing a war is.

  • http://www.noneofyourbusiness.com Anthony Alexander

    Life is tough…it is tougher when you are STUPID…in this case here is another empty headed Blond that makes millions on one hand and complaining about how cruel the world is on the other…TOUGH S_IT sweetie get used to it. The world is a rough mean place out there

  • http://www.themadjewess.com/ The Mad Jewess

    Everything is a war to these Commie moonbats

  • Art69z

    Oh, poor baby. Let me put this in perspective for her. With all her fame, all her money and her lavish lifestyle…sometime between now and the next 100 years, maybe less, she will be “worm food”. The worms really could care less who you are. So, please…tell me again, what makes you so special, that I should give a “shi*” as to what your opinion may be?

  • Take 2

    Bet this empty head voted for the empty chair X 2.

  • jdbixii

    If or since one makes a living emulating every conceivable life style, to be recognized for superior artistic performance rather than a common prostitute is a distinction with a very fine line. One is a more questionable, if not ugly, reality than the other and would certainly draw mixed reactions. Perfection is a wonderful thing. Few have attained it.

  • Maggietish

    She’s either just plain stupid or just so narcissistic that she’s obnoxious. She shoots off her mouth and then doesn’t think people will or have the right to respond? Those in the Military who put their lives on the line for the freedom of this great nation and all of us. Why would she put herself on the caliber of these American heros? Does she even have common sense or is she simply acting out her own entitlement mentality. She just needs to apologize to those in the Mitlitary, Veterans and true Patriots. Most of all, she busts needs to shut up.

  • 2War Abn Vet

    I always thought she was stupid, she didn’t need to go out of her way to prove it.
    Incidentally, I never considered her to be “hot”.

    • Eric Haulenbeek

      I agree with you… she’s as ignorant as it gets, but you don’t think she’s hot? Are you straight?

      • 2War Abn Vet

        I’m not fond of scrawny washed-out blondes.

  • Charlie

    Vanity, is it not ugly in it’s most profound form .

  • bob machaffy

    Brand Poop what the hell is that? Send her to the front lines so she can experience being at War

  • IXtricate

    I’m pretty and I can recite lines with feeling, so everyone should listen to me…..

  • Trout

    Too bad she doesn’t read these comments. It would hurt her widdle feewings so bad.

  • johnstephano

    She is nothing more then a spoiled BITCH!

  • undunder

    Yes, she is more than a spoiled b****. She is an idiot. And another example of the elitist thinking the world revokes around them. Narcissism runs amok in the liberal world. Just look at her, her life, her obsession with herself. Her parents who taught her that she hung the moon must be very proud of this selfish, arrogant, deranged person. Wonderif she is related to obama. hmmm

  • colsooonscoorner

    Air head!!!

  • gfsomsel

    Poor baby ! Perhaps we should give her a purple heart. :-)

    • Dwight L.

      Or perhaps one of Jane Seymour’s “Open Hearts” they’re sparkly!

      • Dave the Retired Marine MSgt

        Yeah, and hopefully they leak.

  • Kevlar Linc

    Poor baby! Cannot even imagine how she manages to cope. Must have to take a lot of yoga classes to be flexible enough to bend that far over and get her head so far up there…

    • Eric Haulenbeek

      She and Barry both go to the same ‘obnoxionist’. That nose thing is a real turn-off.

    • Dave the Retired Marine MSgt

      She used a coping saw…….. I couldn’t resist that, sorry.

      • Kevlar Linc

        Dave, good one. But I would bet my next meal that Lil’ Gwyniff couldn’t pick a coping saw out of a lineup of hand-tools if her life depended upon it.

        • Dave the Retired Marine MSgt

          She probably could, if the handle looked like a di!do. Sorry again.

          • Kevlar Linc

            No need to apologize for that, Seargent. Carry on… Perhaps this “Goop” thing she’s promoting has a relationship with what we are discussing…?

          • Dave the Retired Marine MSgt

            Probably not, but it’s been fun.

  • Rightway1208

    Another narcissistic liberal as*hole who thinks the world is all about them. These pathetic pukes have zero idea about what life is really all about.

  • PatHenry

    Hollyweird is in it’s own little bubble and can’t identify with the real world . There are only a few that have their heads on straight, the rest aren’t worth a damn!! Overpaid bunch of cry baby wusses!!

  • C20

    If she didn’t have money, no one would listen or care.
    People in Hollywood and other occupations of wealth believe they can influence public because their wealth makes them instant authorities, intelligent speakers. Take away her movies and wealth and you have a person from the general public. Character is worth a listen. Not this.

    • desert dweller

      If it wasn’t for her name, money and mama’s name…….she would be a waitress in the local gag and vomit!

  • Linda Lee

    This woman is so far out of tune with the real world. She lives on her own planet in her own mind. She has NO idea what being in a war is like or being the wife of someone who has actually been in a war . None what so ever. Here’s an idea! Get off the tweets, get off the instagram, get over yourself. She is perpetualing her own perceived pain and she does not have to be part of that scene that sucks the life out of a person’s day and for nothing. Twitter is destructive and non-productive. it amazes me how these celebs need continuous validation. That’s real narcissism

  • Cpl.Bulldog

    This is what happens when big money is awarded to very young spoiled little brats , there is no difference between actors and polititions , 2 movies or 2 terms and they think they’re immortal and they above and better than anyone else ,,,they’re not ! !

  • harley93

    Just another Hollywood douche; nice face, no brains. or scense of reality.

  • Mari Upthegrove

    Geez, she should really keep her mouth closed. Every time she makes a statement it just reinforces how downright self absorbed and stupid she is.

  • Rose

    Gosh this is not fair to her….I don’t think she meant to compare the horrors…..stars say things just like the rest of us that may not mean more than is read into them….they are human too.

    • yaelra

      Hey Rose she says stuff like this all the time. Instead of making herself out like she’s a martyr why doesnt she learn how to filter her absurd thoughts??? As long as she makes these dopey statements people are going to laugh because it’s so pathetic.

      • Rose

        Good point. I did not know she says stuff like that all the time.

  • Eric Haulenbeek

    She is so hot! But like many celebs I’ve been hooked on for their gifted talents in whatever medium, so often they’ll open their mouths and “BANG”, the bubble bursts and my illusions are toast. These stars often get to a point in their careers where they start to believe all of the ga-ga press about how wonderful they are, how talented, how beautiful… and at this point they really believe they’re something so special that people everywhere want to know their thoughts and feelings about everything. Well it ain’t so! We don’t care what you think about politics, global warming, abortion, the second amendment, etc. etc. etc.. Will you keep your mouths shut and just do what your terrific talents have allowed you to do so well and keep the rest of your lives to yourselves. Damn, you people can be so stupid!

  • conservative

    Not that hot, mostly stupid.

  • BlueEyedAl

    There is no requirement that you have to be smart or even sane to be a celeb. Is she proof positive?

  • Mike Mike

    How many libturds can fit behind GP’s skirt? Not many she’s too skinny and boney.

  • ProudGGDOfAConfederateSoldier

    She makes all the other dumb blondes smart! Being a Hollyweird Princess she has been and still is protected from what reality is for 99.99% of people in the world. I kinda feel sad for her.

  • Babylonandon

    You ever see what that woman looks like without makeup and you’ll want to boil your eyeballs for thinking she’s hot. Lady Gaga without makeup is better looking.

  • razz

    Like a hurt that’s caused by nasty words,see? Like a war of words that wounds. And draws emotional blood…

  • monacall

    She’s a fake a made up person. Those people live In. A made up world They have no clue what reality is. Ignore them or turn them off.

  • LHTwist

    Not really, and she’s gonna need a lot more of the former to offset the later!

    Her statements makes sense – from the correct perspective. These follywood types live and die by words, and the words of other people at that. Sometimes it takes weeks to memorize them all, especially in the right sequence.
    So you see, when fantasy words are all you know, your whole world, it can be devastating when you run across mean ones.

  • Dwightmannn

    It really hurts when you have a huge ego. . . Suffer bitch. . .

  • sadlyso

    That’s why she got dumped by Brat Pitt.

  • DocJimmy

    Someone once said; you can keep your mouth shut and let people think you’re stupid, or; you can open your mouth and remove all doubt – something like that. Someone may want to tell her to get over herself, Gwyneth, stick to the script until you learn how to ad lib more effectively.

  • Jinglebob

    When your words are unspoken, you control them. After they are spoken, they control you. P.S> stop reading your tweets.


    Paltrow is less intelligent than a sea scallop…why bother to give her any note?

  • Ryan Cawdor

    Another dumb hollywood idiot that the Sheeple follow. Dump hollywood and get real lives people.

  • Maverick
    • selahgreene

      That is heartbreaking. The worst part: “This is how we look for IEDs, Momma.”

      The family in this story are the ones that the Obama’s have such contempt for. This family has been proud of their country for 3 generations (at the least). It didn’t take one of them getting elected president for them to be proud.

      Salt of the earth; and treated like dirt by our royalty.

  • selahgreene

    It seems that Ms. Paltrow is discovering how empty and void fame and fortune are. She persists in trying to find some sense of meaning, of sacrifice in her life, something of substance. She wants to be seen as fighting the good fight.

    First she complains how much more difficult it is for a wealthy, famous actress like her to raise her two young children than it is for Moms who just work in an office. Now, she compares her Twitter dealings to our military men and women fighting in wars. Sad, but Twitter is most likely the closest she will get to the real world.

    Gwyneth, look beyond your struggles for real meaning. Look to the Source of all for your meaning. Jesus will open your eyes to a much greater world.

    • voteliberty2014

      If she wants to fight the real fight, do what Hollywood did when it was young and fresh, volunteer her time to entertain the troops who fight for their country (USO) for free (not on the taxpayer’s dime). Visit a camp of wounded soldiers or a VA hospital and thank them for what they’ve done. Hell, how about lead a protest in front of a VA that had secret wait lists and show your support for our heroes in true celebrity style! But no, she’s a Hollywood Celebrity, and Hollywood doesn’t like real soldiers. Hollywood only likes the ones they can create on the screen — so they can feel right and appropriate talking about war like they’ve been in it themselves.

      • Barrustio

        I will be forever grateful to Bob Hope, Martha Raye and the love of my life ….Ann Margaret

  • Pendy1

    This insufferable, narcissistic, elitist, bad actress is not even particularly hot.

  • Brittney

    It’s a simile…the comparison was clearly rhetorical not literal. People love to complain. This dude, Paltrow and everyone who published it as a “story” pathetic.

    • selahgreene

      It’s an asinine simile. Comparing the flack she gets on Twitter with the dehumanizing effects of fighting in war is beyond the pale; it is beyond absurd. But it is consistent with the self-pity that this ‘celebrity’ has expressed in the past, complaining that being a star mother is much harder than being a run-of-the-mill working Mom.

      No, what is pathetic is the condescension of this spoiled celeb and others like her who would compare themselves to those who are willing to sacrifice their lives for us, and often do.

      • Barrustio

        What is really pathetic is that she has a slew of apologists

    • voteliberty2014

      No, it’s not pathetic. What is pathetic is that people like her have so much more influence over people like you (and our politicians through big $$) than history, civics or common sense does. This sort of naiveté does not serve the long-term interests of our country or our species and should be kept on the screen where it belongs. Further influencers with such naiveté should not be capable of helping or swaying the creation of fairytale policies in this country that people in the real world have to deal with (i.e. anthropogenic climate change).

    • Barrustio

      A simile???? Really??? The comparison was STUPID not rhetorical

  • rangerchuck

    Hopefully it wasn’t a fatal twit She might want to check in to the TA ( twitter Administration ) for a check up. Might even be covered under Hoebama Cares Not. Snipers are out there waiting to take a Twit at you….. Whoraaaa soldiers

  • evea

    What a shameful thing for her to say.

  • voteliberty2014

    It just shows how out of touch she is with 99% of the real world. Being in the Hollywood 1% tends to do that to people, as we’ve seen. I mean, it’s almost like you can’t blame a 12 year old for believing in Santa Clause, and Hollywood tends to revert people mentally back to about 12 years old. It’s a shame their 12-year old behaviors and ideologies tend to spill over into the general public with more impact than anything a history or a civics class seems to be able to do. Wait, do they even still teach civics?

  • David in Dallas

    I’ll at least agree she’s stupid. Hot? I wouldn’t have anything to do with anyone that out of it.

    • Mi

      I was mildly attracted to Scarlett Johansson until I just read that she campaigned for John “the pompous jackass” Kerry and later “The dingle” Barry Sotero. Oh well, another Hollywierd scumbag added to the list.

      • BeJebus

        you lyin’ sack! you’d eat a mile of scarlett’s excrement to get an inch from her backside. as would i!

        • Mi

          Actually I’m not lying. There is nothing in the world that is a bigger turn off than a Leftist. Women that are animal rights activist, anti-gun, anti-God, pro-abortion, pro-Leftist, environmentalist, etc., etc., absolutely disgust me.

          • Name

            I don’t have a problem with kindness to animals, but militant groups do disgust me. I do notice that white people are (in general) more concerned with animal welfare than other groups. We do seem to be more compassionate than other races, unfortunately, that has also been our biggest downfall. The liberal media plays on our weak side. (sympathy) Otherwise, I agree. Most vegan girls I have met are pro aborts. Sympathy for a hot dog, none for their children.

          • Denver

            Wow… White people tend to be a more compassionate people? That’s as dumb as the comment Gwyneth made! Check your history books.

  • jimoaklanduniv

    The Epitome of Stupidity, typical Air head LIB DEM OBAMABOT!!!!!!!!!!

  • Teachertooinpa

    She has made some wild analogies in the past, but my guess is that after making this one, there will be more mean comments written about her. Problem is, they will be on sites like this and she probably won’t see them. She will just go on her way, suffering through life as a mother who, as an actress, has it much harder than mothers with normal jobs. That was another comment she should have kept to herself.

  • pysco

    She makes war comparisons… I have one for her. She sounds as stupid as Nancy Pelosi.

    • PhylBoyse

      And she is getting mighty to sounding and acting like “hanoi jane” too. She has nothing between the ears except blond emptiness.

  • getthelibsout

    let’s send her to a war zone for 30 days and let her file a report after that….seems fair

  • Dwight L.

    Aw c’mon give the poor girl a break. She did not have anyone to write her a clever line, and she did not have any one to pretend to be so she had to be herself and come up with an original thought. That just has to be as tough as going to war, doesn’t it? I think she said “dehumanizing”
    Yeah well, whatever..

  • larrygrant876

    Hollywood plus Liberal Democrat plus blond= Stupid, and as of yet you just can’t fix stupid. Oh well at least she has her unicorns and rainbow factory.

  • https://www.facebook.com/FarRightOfLeft Farrightofleft

    OMG! I laughed so hard, I accidentally farted!
    I’m sure soon she’ll claim she’s “sufferng from PTTS” (Post Traumatic Tweet Syndrome)

    #lmfao #smh

  • John

    I don’t see why actors should receive any more attention than for the roles they play!

    After all, they are just actors, paid to perform a role, often that involves being who they are not and using lines they would not use. They are paid to lie.

    I do not give them any credit except for their good performances; and winning a credit or award from their peers gives them no rights to inflict on me or others their personal views on any subject.
    Let them just do their work and move on. Leave me alone.

  • http://google.com SaraB55

    Well, she’s an airhead and a bimbo. What do you expect?

  • SlickChick27

    not defending her in any way, to compare anything trivial in our ordinary lives to being in war is obviously pathetic and naive, but most of these replies just bleed jealous anger toward her status and life style. That soldier’s letter to her was awesome and Im sure shes embarrassed, but that doesnt mean she wasnt worked hard and earned her success. Haters are so quick to bash her lifestyle because they dont have it.

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