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DEAR RIOTERS: Your Boy Was Carrying A STOLEN Gun And His WIFE Filed This Against Him

Does THIS change the story a little?

Keith Scott was carrying a stolen gun when he was shot and killed during a confrontation with police in Charlotte, North Carolina, authorities have said.

The gun was reported stolen after a breaking and entering, according to the police.

A breaking and entering suspect told agents at the bureau of alcohol, tobacco, firearms and explosives that he had sold the gun to Scott, ABC 11 reported Monday. He is now in custody.

Scott’s wife Rakeyia, who filmed her husband’s killing on Tuesday, had filed for a restraining order against him and had told authorities he carried a gun, hit her as well as one of her children and had threatened to kill her, records have shown.

That gun his wife says he doesn’t own? It showed up in the paperwork when she filed a restraining order against her husband. Who had a LOADED gun on him when he was shot.

The guy who’s being held up as Charlotte’s BLM martyr? Not such a sweet guy.

…’He hit my 8 year old in the head a total of three times with is [sic] fist,’ she wrote on the form published by TWC News.

‘He kicked me and threaten [sic] to kill us last night with his gun. He said he is a “killer” and we should know that.’
Daily Mail


In case any of this is, you know, RELEVANT.

This fits with ClashDaily’s report about his ‘Traumatic Brain Injury’ which includes information on his previous interactions with Police officers.

There’s also the small matter of what *EXACTLY* he served 7 years in prison for.

According to court records, Mr. Scott was born in South Carolina, was about six feet tall and weighed 230 to 250 pounds. While living in South Carolina in the 1990s, he was charged with a number of offenses including check fraud, aggravated assault and carrying a concealed weapon. Later, he moved to Texas where he shot and wounded a man in San Antonio in 2002, for which he was convicted and sentenced, in 2005, to seven years in prison. He was released in 2011.
New York Times

It’s hard to paint someone as a ‘victim’ with someone known for attacking others. But that hasn’t stopped anyone from trying.

Fun-fact: Most Bullies are actually Pussies.

Doug Giles has the cure. Check it out here.

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