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Planned Parenthood , Cash Cow For The Dems, Gets Some BAD Financial News

We’ve often wondered, is that Dem fixation on abortion a ‘commitment to the cause’ or addiction to Planned Parenthood’s money?

With Planned Parenthood’s deep pockets taking a HUGE hit, we might find out just HOW committed some of these Democrats really are to their ’cause’.

Looks like their financials took a pretty good hit last year.

Maybe Americans didn’t find their aggressive push toward late-term abortion very compelling.

Maybe the fact that the ‘baby parts’ videos were ruled by the courts to NOT have been doctored had something to do with it.

Maybe it had something to do with the ‘Unplanned’ movie.

Or maybe it had something to do with finding out about the millions they’d shoveled into the election of Governor Blackface/KKK Northam.

Planned Parenthood isn’t so much a ‘women’s health’ organization so much as a de facto extension of the Democrat party. How do we know?

Simple. We have headlines like this one: How Much Money Is Planned Parenthood Using To Campaign Against Trump — $10M? $22M $45M?

If they have that much money to throw away, they really must not NEED any handouts from donors or taxpayers, eh?

Democrats pretend to care about money influencing politics. So this should come as good news to them, right?

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Wes Walker

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