Don’t Listen to Lame Parents

Published on July 13, 2012

By Jeff Mullen

I know at least a dozen young couples that have recently had or are having their first child. I would like to share with you something I thought about last weekend as we sat together in true Mullen family fashion streaming our nearly 1000 pictures through our Apple iCloud to our TV so we could all celebrate the young lady our youngest daughter is becoming.

SO – this brings me to my word for you.

While many people; parents, uncles, aunts, grandparents, best friends and people you hardly know will be giving you advice in regard to your child – I’m begging you… only listen to about 10% of what they say.

We had a friend who prior to our having children said, “Don’t tell me anything about raising my children – you don’t know anything until you have your own”.

Her two young pyromaniacs were out of control and had no respect for her or her husband.

Then after we had our first child…she said, “You got lucky on that one. Just you wait until you have your second child” … and we did.

Then she said, “Just wait until you have a boy… then you’ll understand”.

We didn’t have a boy… so she switched her comment to, “just wait until they hit the terrible two’s”

You get the idea….

Please hear me!

Never listen to your negative friends whose kids are whining, disobedient Neanderthals. Find friends with great kids and learn from them. Stop reading books from pathetic progressive pansies. Read your Bible – it’s the best parenting book in the marketplace. If you’re not so sure about the Bible I’ll leave you a few great resources below.

We have enjoyed every day, week, month and year with our girls and believe we will have, yes, even our best years through their teen years.

Take the time to speak into their lives. If YOU don’t speak into them you can be sure someone else will. Set boundaries and discipline them. Encourage them by speaking truth – hope – peace – faith – leadership – humility and strength into their lives.

Mothers: Dress like a lady. Keep the girls covered and don’t give your daughters a reason to put you on “What Not to Wear”. And please remember to cut your apron strings as quickly as possible with your boys. The longer you make their meals, clean their rooms and keep them from failure the more likely they’ll be living with you until they’re 30 and will be virtually worthless to any other women.

Fathers: Be a real man in front of your sons and daughters. Love your wife – cherish her – show respect to her – speak kindly – serve her. Be an example of the kind of man you hope will marry your daughter. While you’re at it teach your son to work hard, tell the truth and keep short accounts. Model for your son what it is to be a man of honor for his future bride.

Enjoy. Have fun. Parenting is an amazing journey!

Resources? (found on

Baby Wise – Ezzo
Parenting by the Book – Rosemond
Raising Righteous and Rowdy Girls – Doug Giles