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“Queers for Palestine”? Really?

Annoy-a-Liberal alert! We’re flying that ol’, much derided “slippery slope” flag again. This time it’s an assertion that a homosexual groups’ common cause with Palestinian Muslims could end up paving the way for polygamous marriage. (Let us pause here to allow “progressives” to either huff-and-puff indignantly or roll their eyes). Okay, having gotten that out of the way, we now proceed inquisitively to the “Queers for Palestine.” Seriously […]

Pamela Geller of Atlas Shrugs has often pointed out – and asked in amazement – why there is an organization known as “Queers for Palestine” because homosexuals are killed in the Palestinian territories. Isn’t this suicidal on the part of these gays to support “Palestine?” I believe we have an answer […]

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Steve Pauwels

Steve Pauwels is pastor of Church of the King, Londonderry, NH and host of Striker Radio with Steve Pauwels on the Red State Talk Radio Network. He's also husband to the lovely Maureen and proud father of three fine sons: Mike, Sam and Jake.

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