Give Us More Tax Money – or Children Will Die!

Written by Todd W. Reed on July 23, 2012

Politicians tug on the heart strings to make you feel all warm and fuzzy about their stealing your money and pissing it away on worthless programs. The Bush era tax rates expire this year unless of course our great elected leaders in DC grow a pair and make them permanent. Prepare yourself for a plethora of asinine sob stories of impending doom regarding society’s less fortunate solely to promote the Obama era tax hikes. Grandma won’t get her medicine and little Johnny will go hungry because there are no funds for school lunch programs.

Well it’s time we call BS on the politicians and hold them accountable to stop wasting our tax dollars on an already out of control tax system that penalizes the productive members of society. It’s time they cut back like you and I have.

Sometimes I think I would feel better if they just told us the truth, admitting they are playing the class warfare game and pandering for votes by offering EBT cards and free government funded cell phones for just about any yahoo with a pulse.

Don’t think this is just a problem exclusive to the federal level. Wherever there is a politician and bureaucracy there is a proverbial toilet flushing our hard earned tax dollars down the drain. I moved out of the nonsensical state of California 16 years ago to escape the madness and found refuge in the less regulated, more business friendly state of Georgia.

Unfortunately now this state seems to be in the gestation period of do good programs and heavier regulations, which is exactly what ignited the downhill spiral of California 30 or so years ago. They can’t see that it’s just better not to implement a new government program than to later attempt to eliminate a failing money pit program after bureaucracies are gorging on a piece of your tax-revenue pie.

State and local governments are short on cash from bloated budgets that are still based on tax revenue generated from a bustling economy of yesteryear. Sometimes local elected official yokels tend to be even more creative in renaming these tax increases by calling them fees, penalties, or, my favorite new politically correct term, the “roll up”. The term roll up is used by counties and cities to increase your property tax rate because of declining home values. Your net worth has declined dramatically or has been completely annihilated but God forbid your government reduces its spending. Apparently a roll up is easier to swallow than a tax hike… you know like a surprise posterior romantic encounter sounds better than prison rape.

Todd W. Reed is a Californian transplanted to Georgia and a small business owner - frustrated that he sees GA becoming like the CA he fled. He is involved with the Tea Party and ran for a GA House Seat last year; missed the run off by 40 something votes.