Obama’s Strategy to Win The Youth Vote: Weed, Strippers and Cold Beer

Written by Doug Giles on July 11, 2012

I wonder what kind of campaign voodoo Obama’s going to foist on young voters to get them to buy his “Hope and Change” (again) in 2012? What potent potion, pray tell, will he concoct to get the 18- to 35-year-olds to actually get off their unemployed butts, leave their mommies’ basements, drive their chitty Chevy Volts to the polls, and wait for hours in a snaking line only to punch a ballot for four more years of this economic hell?

I’ll tell you one thing: BHO had better be way slicker than he was back in ‘07 because the twentysomethings he mesmerized then have grown more cynical than Penn Gillette watching Jan Crouch talk about how Jesus resurrected her pet chicken. The mood has changed so drastically among formerly enchanted young voters that I hear Amber Ettinger now has a crush on Mitt Romney. C’est la vie.

From Politico — “What’s happened since? Young Americans have been hurt disproportionally in the Obama economy. Unemployment now hovers above 8 percent, but unemployment for college graduates under age 25 has averaged 9.4 percent over the past year. Close to 40 percent of employed graduates with a bachelor’s degree were “mal-employed,” according to researchers at Northeastern University, working in jobs that don’t require the degree they earned. Young women still earn less than young men — regardless of their educational background.”

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