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Planned Parenthood: 50 Million Served

By Rebecca Feldman

As I was checking my Facebook timeline the other day, I noticed one of several advertisements on the right sidebar on my screen. It was an ad for Planned Parenthood, and it read, “No stress, no worries, and no more pregnancies.”

How’s that for a marketing slogan, brought to you by the number one abortion provider in America!

The message here is clear: Children are a burden, not a blessing. You, the consumer, deserve to be carefree in this world. Babies are a nuisance. And Planned Parenthood offers a variety of services that will make sure no more children enter into the picture—which (hush, hush) includes its flagship product, the dismemberment of infants in the womb.

“No stress, no worries, and no more pregnancies.” My gosh, you’d think they were selling happiness on a stick!

Speaking of sticks, this particular ad was pushing a permanent, non-reversible birth control method involving the blockage of a woman’s fallopian tubes via inserts made of polyester, nickel, and titanium. Over a period of three months after insertion, scar tissue forms in the woman’s body in response to the foreign objects blocking the fallopian tubes, thus permanently sterilizing the woman.

I suppose a woman has every right to undergo such a drastic procedure if she wants to. But perhaps she could choose a path that doesn’t involve handing over cash to an entity that also slaughters unborn children—50 million of them, in fact, since Roe v. Wade.

“No stress, no worries, and no more pregnancies.”

The ad reads like a Seals and Crofts stanza. Meanwhile, the post-abortive woman may experience serious trauma that includes feelings of guilt, depression, anxiety, and even thoughts of suicide. (I’m sorry, did I miss something? Where’s the summer breeze making her feel fine, blowing through the jasmines in her mind?)

It is interesting that the organization that markets to women and seeks to profit from women callously ignores the post-abortive woman—and flat-out denies the pain she might feel.

While we’re on the topic of ignored pain: Back in the day, President Reagan introduced to the public the film The Silent Scream, so that American men and women would be fully informed of the “stress” and “worries” the unborn child faces as she unsuccessfully attempts to evade the abortionist’s weapon.

That was 1983. Today, we have a situation where the majority of Americans hold a pro-life position and states like Arizona are boldly passing legislation to defund Planned Parenthood. Susan G. Komen also (however temporarily) suspended its financial support of Planned Parenthood after public outcry from the growing pro-life community.

As a result of the changing tides, Planned Parenthood must resort to using incredibly slick and well-crafted language in its advertisements in order to bring in money—by knife or by stick.

Whether sterilizing women or butchering children, this grisly business rakes in a ton of money—which it keeps due to its tax-exempt status. Where do the millions go? Well, we can be certain of one thing: Some of it goes right back toward their various marketing campaigns.

Planned Parenthood: Making America childless since 1973. How’s that for a little truth in advertising?