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America, Is that a Fat Lady You Hear Singing?

The fat lady has sung my friends. And no, I’m not talking about the new healthier Christina Aguilera on The Voice. I’m referencing the beginning of the end to life as we have known it. But it’s not like you are going to see me on the next episode of Doomsday Preppers stocking up on canned goods and bottled water. It’s more just the gradual dumbing down of society which has othe ccurred over the last 50 years or so that’s going to strip America as leader of the free world.

Half the people in the country are a bunch of girly men that don’t just want a safety net but a full on cradle to grave nanny state. I wish people realized they’d be much better off keeping more of their own money instead of the government confiscating it, wasting it on countless bureaucracies, and then doling it out to whomever they feel is

The poisonous icing on the cake was the Supreme Court’s ruling to uphold the healthcare mandate … penalty … tax (or whatever the hell terminology they finally decided on). We can’t afford this as a nation.

The national debt is 16 trillion dollars and we are adding another trillion dollar deficit this year. You know a trillion has a crap load of zeros after it, right? It’s almost incomprehensible for us to digest how much money this really is. That is why people pretend it’s manageable but it translates into $50k per citizen and about $140k per actual tax payer. Check out if you want to scare the stuffing out of yourself and see these numbers in real time.

Even in the midst of all this spending insanity we have moronic Occupy Wall Street college age kids demanding more “free” stuff. Do these young geniuses realize they are the ones on the hook for the unsustainable financial train wreck? Seriously, someone should have paddled these spoiled brats when they were younger. Time outs got us the OWS generation. Of course Congress could use a good paddling too or perhaps a little caning.

The more debt we keep piling on as a country, the less of a chance our children will afford the same opportunities that my generation had. Debt kills opportunity. It puts you in complete bondage. I don’t want to get all biblical up in here, but the borrower is slave to the lender. Slave! That’s some harsh stuff right there. Let those numbers sink in again for a moment. For every new baby born in America (and maybe one in Kenya), we give them a birth certificate, and then strap their butt with a $50k mortgage for their share of the national debt. $140k for the future tax paying productive members of society. Let’s punish the movers and shakers right out of the box, shall we?

Granted, I know it’s easy to jump on the I-want-free-stuff bandwagon. Heck, I’d like a free Lamborghini if we’re flipping a penny into a well and wishing on a star. Maybe even a finely chiseled chin while we’re at it. Oh, how I hope cosmetic surgery is covered under Obamacare.

So, back to the beginning-of-the-end scenario … we’re basically screwed because the dumb masses (say that 3 times quickly) have been duped. But don’t give up just quite yet because there is a slight chance that we can undue the brainwashing that has occurred by the ruling class of elected officials, Hollywood elites, and the mainstream media. It’s somewhat of a David versus Goliath situation, but I guess that situation ended up working out okay.

Todd W. Reed

Todd W. Reed is a Californian transplanted to Georgia and a small business owner - frustrated that he sees GA becoming like the CA he fled. He is involved with the Tea Party and ran for a GA House Seat last year; missed the run off by 40 something votes.

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