Andrea Mitchell- Paul Ryan’s Weird Because He Believes Our Rights Come From God & Not Gov’t!

Published on August 13, 2012

NBC White House Correspondent Andrea Mitchell had a “sour” reaction to recently-announced Republican vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan’s speech this morning, in the words of Newsbusters’ Scott Whitlock.

Without pause, she declared the move a sign that Republicans have decided this is a “base” election, and not a pick for “suburban moms” or “women.”

“This is not a pick for suburban moms. This is not a pick for women. This is a pick for the base,” she asserted, as Chris Hayes intoned, “yeah.”

As Andrea Mitchell sees it, Mitt Romney seemingly has to play to various identity groups, and can’t satisfy both “women” and “the base.”

Describing Ryan’s speech, Mitchell related: “He talked about rights coming from God and they don’t come from government…”