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Be Real: Another Freakin’ Chick-fil-A Story

Well, a week or two has passed since the Chick-fil-A appreciation day so it’s time for yet another opinion about the situation. The big hoopla of Dan Cathy’s statements causing so much controversy seemed a little drummed up if you ask me. (Darn it, if they only served drumsticks at Chick-fil-A that would’ve been such a great play on words.)

Seriously, what is so stinking controversial about a Christian saying he’s for traditional marriage? Come on, the guy was just talking off the cuff about what he believes. The fake outrage and attempted boycotts by politicians and special interest groups just to somehow gain attention for themselves was blatantly obvious. My personal favorite moronic gesture was by the Boston mayor vowing to ban Chick-fil-A franchises from his city. Really Mr. Mayor?

But what if this situation was reversed? Let’s talk hypothetically for a moment. Imagine if you will that a CEO from another national fast food chain said he that he firmly believed in same sex marriage. He didn’t discriminate against employees but just simply stated his personal opinion. Since this is my imaginary scenario we’re going to say the fast food chain is Wienerschnitzel just to lighten the mood because this topic is getting very heavy.

Now because of this pretend CEO’s comments, what if an imaginary conservative mayor vowed to keep Wienerschnitzel from his city? The hypothetical conservative mayor would be crucified by the media. He would be considered a bigot, a homophobe, and an outright horrible person.

In this case I would actually agree with the mainstream media because the mayor should be harassed and booted from his duties. This is America and an elected official shouldn’t be able to discriminate against a business because of the CEO’s beliefs. By the way, this is the first time I’ve agreed with the media, probably because this entire synopsis is make believe.

Why can’t Christians state their beliefs without it being considered hateful and derogatory? Well, partly because some Christians can be hypocrites and do say hateful things to people that don’t share the same faith or values. Easy there, big fella, don’t let that self righteous condemnation kick into autopilot just quite yet before you hear me out.

You see, some sin gets a pass but other sin is deemed unforgivable. Sometimes Christians forget that the whole premise of their faith is that people need a savior because they are, in fact, imperfect sinners.

To my Christian friends reading this, run through the 10 commandments in your head and see how many you have personally broken this week. If you don’t remember what the 10 commandments are, just Google it or Bing it like the cool kids are doing these days.

I’ll let you in on a little inside information. I’m a Christian and I’m a sinner. I am so far from perfect and am not afraid to admit it. Now, I’m not trying to use this sinner clause as a crutch just so I can continue to mess up (ok, maybe sometimes) but because I came to the realization Christianity does not mean perfection. Many Christians do pretend that they are perfect and that can elevate the animosity against the cause. I’m not saying we shouldn’t stand our ground and try to share our faith with others but we do need to admit that we too are just a bunch of screw ups in the process.

Granted, my perspective and world view could be a little tainted since my family religiously vacationed at Jim Bakker’s PTL Club when I was a kid. Gosh darn it if it wasn’t for that dirty whore Jessica Hahn we’d still be getting a free week from that lifetime partnership at the Heritage Grand Hotel!

Ok, see what I did there? That was sarcasm to make a point because at the time many of the PTL faithful needed an infidelity scapegoat to blame for the crumbling of that ministry. But self professed perfection ran amuck and it always seems the bigger they proclaim to be, the harder they fall. Cover ups and scandals were bountiful. That’s where the hypocrite thing comes in and what turns a lot of people away from Christianity. Unrealistic expectations typically set by phonies can be a bit of a hindrance. So be real, my friends.

Please don’t misunderstand my point. I agreed with what Dan Cathy said and it sounds like we share the same values. I’m sick of the politically correct ideology professing an anything goes mentality. I believe marriage is between a man and a woman. I do believe there is a right and wrong. In addition, I believe in free speech. I liked the Chick-fil-A appreciation day for the fact that we as Americans were able to show support for a business leader who was facing boycott and persecution because he answered some questions honestly regarding his faith. Nobody should be bullied into not professing their faith.

Todd W. Reed

Todd W. Reed is a Californian transplanted to Georgia and a small business owner - frustrated that he sees GA becoming like the CA he fled. He is involved with the Tea Party and ran for a GA House Seat last year; missed the run off by 40 something votes.