Bat Crap Crazy Alert! Liberals Call For Romney’s Death!

Written by Doug Giles on August 13, 2012


Examiner– After attacking Paul Ryan on Twitter, liberals turned their attention to Mitt Romney, calling for his murder, a post at Fire Andrea Mitchell said Saturday.

“I wana shoot mitt Romney (sic),” threatened “Brick Chaney.”

“Someone shoot Mitt Romney,” tweeted “bow_Tye.”

“Ruaridh Pond” wrote: “Someone needs to shoot Mitt Romney. I’d pay d**n good money.”

“[S]eriously,” tweeted another user, “Mitt Romney needs to die.”

User “Gavin” expressed hatred for Mormons and said he would “f*****g freak” and “die” if Romney won.

“Mitt Romney just needs to die, he is going to do no good for our country, (sic)” tweeted “Fish Taco.”

Another user said she would support Obama “because [I] want to shoot [R]omney in the face. (sic)”

The blog post asked: “Hey Secret Service, paying attention?”

Romney is not the only Republican targeted with death wishes on the social media site.

As we reported earlier, Sarah Palin, Donald Trump, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, and Republican voters in general have been targeted by leftists sending death wishes on Twitter.

Liberals also wished death on Supreme Court Justices after they ruled on Arizona’s immigration law.

Recently, liberals on Twitter called for the death of a six-year-old boy after he was featured in a viral video explaining why Obama should not be re-elected.

It’s enough to make one think some on the left want another bloody civil war in America.