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Fed Discloses Details About “Deferred Action” Toward Illegals

We have laws for these matters already. Why does this administration keep changing the rules to his advantage? Better question, why has been allowed to do so? November will hopefully put a stop to this indictable behavior.

Under a policy shift announced in June, certain illegal immigrants beginning Aug. 15 can apply for what the government calls deferred action. It would release them from deportation proceedings and allow them to apply for work permits. The renewable status will lasts two years.

But officials also warned that applicants for deferred action who knowingly lie, attempt fraud or do not meet the criteria but apply anyway could be considered immigration-enforcement priorities and turned over to prosecutors for removal proceedings.

To apply for deferred action, immigrants must have been brought to the country before they were 16 and must be younger than 31 as of the June 15 announcement. They must have graduated or currently be enrolled in school. Applicants must have also lived in the country consistently since June 15, 2007 and may not have been convicted of a serious misdemeanor, three misdemeanors or a felony.