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WARN Act Pink Slips Must Go Out- Warns Allen West

The Rule of Law has no meaning to this Administration. They overwrite, ignore or choose not to enforce at their fascist command.
Republicans need to follow Allen West’s lead and Buck up a bit! Constituents can help stop this by educating their neighbors of this outrageous ploy and by notifying their representatives of their disgust of such bold defiance of our laws and demand them to act. If the media will not give this coverage, a grassroots effort will be necessary to inform the public. Pass it on.

The industry association has projected that sequestration could lead to millions of lost jobs across the country.

The WARN Act requires large employers to give 60 days’ notice to workers facing layoffs. For the president’s reelection bid, the timing couldn’t be worse. With the across-the-board spending cuts scheduled to begin taking effect on Jan. 2, the notices could be sent out as early as Nov. 2 – four days before Election Day

But the Labor Department contends such notices are unnecessary – and would be contrary to the spirit of the WARN Act. The department’s memo notes that the law allows for exceptions in cases of “unforeseen business circumstances.”

And Rep. Allen West (R-Fla.) says defense contractors should follow the Labor Department’s guidance at their own peril: “You could end up opening yourself up to lawsuits if you don’t provide this warning,” he said in an interview on Fox News.

“This is nothing more than a politically motivated stance coming from the administration,” he concluded.

Sachs, the Harvard Law School professor, noted that defense contractors are free to communicate with their employees about the looming spending cuts, regardless of the Labor Department’s interpretation of the WARN Act.


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