Field of Obama’s Dreams?

Writer/actor Michael Moriarty offers a few thoughts on his own sports-themed movie experiences and the baseball film Field of Dreams — and how it reflects elements of Barack Obama’s own “dreams” to see America “fundamentally transformed”.

My grandfather, George Moriarty, first played for Chicago.

No, he didn’t field for the Chicago White Sox, a team that eventually became known as the infamous Chicago Black Sox.

He played for the Chicago Cubs. That baseball team hired my grandfather right off the sandlots of The Toddlin’ Town’s very, very tough and very, very Irish South Side.

“Big George”, as we used to call him, then went on to play with the New York Highlanders – which later became the New York Yankees – and then he settled down for most of his playing career with the Detroit Tigers.

There he became that team’s best third baseman … until George Kell, that is.

My grandfather really couldn’t hit all that well. Never broke a seasonal .300.
But what a base stealer!!

Stole home more times in one season than anyone in baseball history … including Ty Cobb.

Well, at least that’s what my father said he did …


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