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Former NFL Player to Black Americans: Don’t Vote for Barack Obama

The recent statements of former New York Jet and Oakland Raider Burgess Owens hold the seeds of what could be an ideological revolution in the African-American community: a candidates beliefs are more important than his skin color.

Hear it from his own mouth …

Burgess Owens gets it. In the clip below he says that the one gift Obama has given us is that we get to see what true in-your-face liberalism looks like, and he hopes that will push more blacks to consider principle and policy over ‘blackness’ when voting. He doesn’t see a big turn around this election, but hopes it will happen over the next few years.

He also talks about the the black elite in this country that protects liberals like Joe Biden so that they can say anything they want to, like “we gon’ put ya’ll back in chains!” He adds that they’ve been voting against policies that help black people for years.

Watch below:

NFL Player: Blacks Shouldn’t Vote for Obama

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