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News Clash


Out in Hendersonville, NC, an 87 year old lady persuaded two armed robbers to leave her house when they broke in at 3 AM. And by “persuaded” I mean that she showed them the handgun she was going to shoot them with if they didn’t exit the premises immediately.

The best part is what the County Sheriff said.

People have every right to defend their homes, and should do so, Henderson County Sheriff Charles S. McDonald said after an 87-year-old woman scared off would-be home invaders by brandishing a handgun.
“I can’t recommend to people what they should or should not do, but I will tell you that first-degree burglary — breaking into a house while it is occupied — is a serious crime,” McDonald said Saturday.
“Anybody that is going to do that is risking a lot, so you really have to ask yourself if you’re confronted in a situation like that what might be at stake,” he said. “My general advice is ‘aim small, miss small.’”

Aim small, miss small is something I was taught in my hunter’s safety class. The concept is, don’t shoot at the deer, shoot at the specific tuft of fur you want to hit. If you just shoot for the deer, you might miss entirely. If you shoot for the tuft of fur, you might miss that specific part, but you’ll still hit the deer.
For those who still don’t understand, the Henderson County Sheriff basically just told everyone to shoot the home invaders, hopefully to death.

Suspect 1

I don’t suspect that the Sheriff would have been too put out about having to pull a sheet over this guy’s head.

Sheriffs are elected. They serve the people who elect them, unlike big city police chiefs who serve the mayors who appoint them. You can bet that the Sheriff has the pulse of the community on this one. He’s unlikely to advise people to shoot home invaders if he was concerned that citizens would be horrified by the suggestion. If the County’s top law enforcement officer feels comfortable suggesting that the only good home invader is a dead home invader, you can bet that his constituents feel exactly the same way.


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