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WTH? Coca-Cola Banned at Football Games?

Example #1,765,897 of the nanny state run amok.  Liberals suck.  Ban coke?  why don’t you ban Marxism?  Or nerve grating busy bodies who want to tell you what you or your kid should eat or drink. Shove your hummus where the sun don’t shine. Viva La Coca-Cola!

FoxNews– Attention high school football fans in Maine: B.Y.O.C. – Bring your own Coke.

The Portland Public School system will no longer allow soft drinks to be sold on school property – including at high school football games. School officials are also banning the sale of gridiron staples like buttered popcorn and potato chips.

Instead, football fans will be encouraged to nosh on baked tortilla chips, reduced fat string cheese and hummus.

The total ban on the sale of soft drinks is part of a new policy governing the sales of healthy foods and beverages, said Chanda Turner, Portland’s school health coordinator.
“We’re taking it to another level,” Turner told Fox News. “We’re not going to sell soda and it doesn’t matter who it’s to.”

The school system released a statement online stating that “diet influences students’ ability to learn, and they aim to ensure that food offered at schools and school events support student achievement.”

The far-reaching policy covers food and beverages served at sporting events, staff parties, and school celebrations. Soft drinks will no longer be sold in the faculty lounge.
Parents will no longer be allowed to bring cupcakes to celebrate birthday parties. Teachers will no longer be allowed to reward students with a cookie or brownie.

consume.“Using food as a reward for behavior and achievement can encourage unhealthy habits later in life,” the school system said in a statement on its website.

Instead, teachers will be encouraged to reward boys and girls with an eraser, a sticker or “taking a walk with a special staff person.”

Turner said food sold during the school day must meet the USDA’s Healthier US Schools Challenge minimum nutrition standards at the Gold Award level. But they are also applying strict standards to food and beverages sold after hours.

“If it’s a school organization or a school group doing the selling, then they need to meet some minimum nutrition standards,” she told Fox News.
In other words, Mr. Pibb and Coca Cola are now banned.


Doug Giles

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