Hezbollah Still Trying to Kill Jews; Europe Still Ignoring

Hezbollah? Still bad guys. Even if the European powers-that-be won’t admit it.

Audrey Russo tells us more about this deplorable situation:

The recent terror attack in Burgas, Bulgaria was the first successful terror attack in 2 years against Israelis/Jews abroad, according to Israeli Intel reports. Iran, and its proxy Hezbollah, have attempted to attack Israeli and Jewish targets in more than 20 countries in that time period.

But there’s more confirmation by the NYC Police Dept.

They state that Iranian Revolutionary Guards (Quds Force) or Iran’s other proxies (Hezbollah) have been involved so far this year in 9 plots against Israeli/ Jewish targets throughout the world: Three in January, 3 in February and 3 since June […]

Read More from Audrey Russo @: EU: How Much Proof Is Enough Proof?

Image courtesy of: upyernoz from haverford, USA

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