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Hurricane Isaac and the GOP

You may call it coincidence. Some may say it is poetic, symbolic, metaphorical, or even meaningless. I choose to believe it is a sign from God that a hurricane named Isaac is in the process of disrupting the GOP Convention.

This is a convention of great importance and its goal is the nomination of Mitt Romney. Mitt Romney must defeat Obama if we have any hope of putting the brakes on the erosion of our country. Like John McCain before him, many of us believe Mitt Romney is far from being the ideal small-government constitutionalist this country desperately needs. Nevertheless, we are stuck with him.

While all the predictable power jockeying and politics-as-usual being set into motion in Tampa, a “small” glitch named Hurricane Isaac is on the horizon.

Hurricane. The most powerful force on the planet that will not be controlled, manipulated, or contained by the mainstream media, big banks, political action committees, special interests or even the most skilled political campaign or candidate. It can’t be hushed with new RNC rule changes, delegate silencing, or a carefully selected speaker schedule.

Isaac. Isaac was the son of Abraham, and God stopped his sacrifice because of a demonstration of faith and fear in the Almighty. That demonstration led to the blessing of a nation of people.

In my own twisted way, I find hope in Hurricane Isaac. To me, it is a Divine message to the God-fearing, and constitution-believing faithful who are willing to continue to fight for our country. It is a message that, even though the Tea Party and Libertarian-minded constitutionalists, and small-government conservatives, are once again to be sacrificed on the altar of the GOP, “for the good of the party,” this time it will be different.

The movement itself will be spared (by Someone a bit higher up the food chain than Mitt Romney). A new force has been unleashed that will continue to exert pressure to produce real change in our country. Real change that requires ousting those who are jeopardizing the very survival of our country. It starts with ousting Obama and continues until big-government Republicans and Democrats no longer rule.

And though the post-election “hurricane” will do damage within the party, the GOP will survive. I just hope that one of the first things it wipes out is our National Debt, which is now approaching 104% of GDP.

Thank you Sarah Palin and Ron Paul and the countless other patriots that have cleared the way for the rest of us.

G.C. Mandrake

GC Mandrake is the pen name for a psychologist, former Air Force Captain, and a strong advocate of the constitution, a balanced budget, and individual liberty. Website: