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H’Woods’ Puzzling Reaction to Kristin’s “Stepping Out”

Hollywood and its acolytes clutched their respective bosoms and gasped at the news that Twilight and Snow White and the Huntsman starlet Kristin Stewart cheated on her beau and fellow Twilight alum Robert Pattinson.

Pause while I scratch my head.

What’s the big deal? I thought monogamy was sooooo 1950s, so “repressive”, so “inauthentic”. Haven’t we been tutored for nearly a generation that forcing two adults to stay true and sexually exclusive toward one another was unrealistic, corny, “Ozzie and Harriet” (snicker, snicker, giggle, giggle)?

Looks like, maybe, Kristin got that lesson and took it to heart, that’s all.

PJ Media‘s Hannah Sternberg probes this pungent question below …

Don’t let this post lead you to believe I care about Kristen Stewart. When I told a friend that my editor had asked me to write about Kristen Stewart, that otherwise well-spoken girl’s response was:

“what are you going to write about Kristen Stewart?! That she’s a dumb ho who inexplicably cheated on EDWARD CULLEN and is one of the biggest paparazzi magnets ever — how did she think she wouldn’t get caught in public with a MARRIED MAN? HO. And, she aint even that pretty. BURN.”

I do care what people think of Kristen Stewart. Because it’s funny as hell. And my absolutely scientific survey of the girls gathered at my friend’s house to watch the Olympics last night proves, beyond any possibility of a doubt, that even the most pop-culturally unplugged female has an opinion on Kristen Stewart’s infidelity. My boyfriend adds, “Even I heard about that. Don’t you go quotin’ me.” […]

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