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Chi-Coms … for Christ??

To those crusading atheists proliferating all along the cultural landscape (Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris, et al), I would submit one of the sturdiest evidences of Christianity’s heavenly origins is it’s historic indestructiblity. For more than two millennia, nothing has ever come close to eradicating the worldwide faith in Jesus Christ; although so many have tried – including the savage, materialistic exertions of global Communist forces.

In fact, when Mao drove foreign missionaries from his “Red China” and closed off that nation against outside influence some sixty years ago, the numbers of men and women turning to Christ in China actually went into overdrive. The church gained millions of converts in the subsequent decades. And followers of Jesus in the Middle Kingdom continue to thrive, in spite of ongoing bursts of persecution against them.

Recent reports, moreover, of swelling ranks of Chinese Communist Party members bowing their knees to Jesus Christ as Lord suggest the demise of Christianity in the People’s Republic is nowhere in sight.

( – More Communist Party members in the Peoples Republic of China are attending church, according to the U.S. State Department’s latest report on International Religious Freedom.

“Although CCP members are required to be atheists and generally are discouraged from participating in religious activities, their attendance at official church services in Guangdong Province was reportedly growing, as authorities increasingly chose to turn a blind eye to their attendance,” the report stated.

Representative Frank Wolf (R-Va.), who authored the International Religious Freedom Act of 1998, backed up claims that more Chinese Communists as well as members of the media are becoming Christians, despite continuing religious repression in China […]

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