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Pelosi Is In Fact Crazy- She Claims A Personal Visitation Of Susan B. Anthony

Nancy, it’s time to lay off the prescription meds.  Or it’s time for you to check into a mental health facility.  Is it possible you really believe this or is it a calculated political manipulation to make you seem super-spiritual to weak and foolish women who are prone to believe in ghost.  Are you trying to validate yourself as some “anointed from on high” servant of the people?  This is utter non-sense and the logical  American public just thinks you’ve lost it.

In a  video you can find at the link below Pelosi says, “He’s (Bush) saying something to the effect of we’re so glad to welcome you here, congratulations and I know you’ll probably have some different things to say about what is going on–which is correct. But, as he was saying this, he was fading and this other thing was happening to me.”

“My chair was getting crowded in,” said Pelosi. “I swear this happened, never happened before, it never happened since.”

“My chair was getting crowded in and I couldn’t figure out what it was, it was like this,” she said.

“And then I realized Susan B. Anthony, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Lucretia Mott, Alice Paul, Sojourner Truth, you name it, they were all in that chair, they were,” said Pelosi. “More than I named and I could hear them say: ‘At last we have a seat at the table.’ And then they were gone.”

This was not the only time Pelosi has told this story. On June 6 of this year she told it during an event celebrating her 25 years of political service.

Pelosi has also told the story when speaking at colleges, including at Trinity Washington University’s commencement on May 20, 2012. Pelosi’s website contains a transcript of the tale as related in her 2005 commencement address at Goucher College in Baltimore.