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Debbie Wasserman Schultz Calls Her Opponents For FL District 23 “Children”

Well if that’s the worst description you have for your opponents, Mrs. Shultz, then that’s not too bad.  It is quite a weak argument for such an important election.

Florida holds its primary on Tuesday, August 14th.  Five Republicans are contending to replace this “vile woman” as Allen West has described the DNC Chairwoman.  Up until last election cycle, Debbie has run virtually uncontested.  This year more South Floridians are aware of Debbie’s policies against Israel and for larger government which has triggered the Republicans and Tea Party  to put forth strong candidates against her.  Grassroots activist from each contender have put in hours of time to educate their neighbors on the issues which just might cause  Mrs. Shultz to loose her seat.  She really needs to go!

WASHINGTON — Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-Fla.) is raising money off the fact that she is running a campaign against five children — well, at least five adults behaving like children — in her bid for re-election.

In a Tuesday campaign email to supporters, Wasserman Schultz said her re-election boils down to a choice between her record of fighting to protect children versus “a bunch of radical Republicans who prefer to act like children.”

The Florida Democrat asks supporters to donate to her campaign in the name of being represented in Congress by a full-fledged adult. She says her Republican opponents, like naughty children, are “just desperate for attention” and the best way to “punish them” is by helping her get re-elected.

“Actually, sorry. That’s insulting to children,” she says. “I know my own kids would never Photoshop someone into a dog collar like one of my opponents did to me.”