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The Newest Racial Slur: America’s Third Largest City??

It is no secret that race is at the heart of the American political debate in 2012. The Obama administration has used the “great race debate” as the focal point of its campaign since before there was an Obama Administration. In 2008, amid all of the rainbows, unicorns and promises of “Hope and Change” was a much more cynical and dastardly narrative. That narrative was if you publically disagreed with then-candidate Obama, you were in fact a racist.

This was proven to still be the game plan for the left in this 2012 election cycle just a few nights ago. Just the other night the host of Hardball, Chris Matthews, parroted this sentiment just like a good liberal should.

Matthews was covering the GOP convention with Eugene Robinson, a writer for the Washington Post and John Heilemann, a journalist for New York Magazine. As if they were spring boarding off of MSNBC commentator Toure’s remarks about the “niggerization” of Obama, Matthews began to talk about the “otherization” of Obama by the GOP.

Robinson echoed this thought with the following quote, “It’s all part of this Barack Obama as ‘other’ sort of blanket campaign that has been waged by the Republican Party for some time now.  It may be gaining some traction now, though I wonder why now as opposed to a bit closer to election.”

As if this wasn’t ridiculous enough, Matthews went on to say, “What about now, is this constant barrage of assaults, saying the guy is basically playing an old game of demagoguery politics, where you take the money from the worker bees and give it to the poor people to buy votes.  That’s basically what they’re charging him with.”

Now here is where the conversation spins rapidly out of control. If you are a frequent reader you will know that last week we spoke about illegal immigration and how there are now groups that are seeking to make the word “illegal” a racial slur. You will remember that this writer told you the left has a history of using race to change the narrative. When that was written it seemed like it couldn’t get any more ridiculous than that.

Well it has gotten more ridiculous. Following up his comments on Obama and race, Matthews brings up the fact that the GOP continues to bring up Chicago while talking about the president. During the show, Matthews said the following; “They keep saying Chicago by the way, have you noticed?  They keep saying Chicago.  That’s another thing that sends that message – this guy’s helping the poor people in the bad neighborhoods, screwing us in the ‘burbs.”

During this exchange Hielemann feels the need to make sure all of the viewers are on the same page and reminds us all that Chicago has a lot of black people in it. As if to say the GOP is constantly bringing up Chicago as a racial slight. I guess this means the word “Chicago” is now stuck in the racist category along with “illegal.”

I guess in whatever world Matthews and these other race baiters live in there is no way the GOP could be making the case that Barack Obama is a crooked politician and it is possibly a byproduct of being a Chicago politician. It has nothing to do with President Obama’s affiliations with people like Tony Rezko and Bill Ayres.

In fact we really need to look no farther back in time then the recent conviction of Governor Rod Blagojevich to see how the city of Chicago deals with their politics.

It seems to me that the left is grasping for straws and it quite frankly stinks of desperation. If President Obama believes that he will win the 2012 election strictly on racial lines he is sorely mistaken. In the opinion of this writer it is doing more to tarnish his reputation than his time in office already has.

Image: Chicago Skyline and Lake Michigan; courtesy of Raidarmax
Image: Chris Matthews, Hardball, Manchester, NH 2008; courtesy of

Mark Mayberry

Mark Mayberry lives in Tennessee and is pursuing a Law Degree. He hopes to work in politics and law after graduating. He is also a staff writer at and is the operator of Mark is an avid outdoorsman and enjoys spending time hunting and fishing as well as with his family. You can reach Mark on Facebook and Twitter as well as his website

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