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Christian Mobs Riot, Loot, Rape, Murder … Not

Gary DeMar makes an outstanding and timely comparison here. In hindsight, it seems a pretty obvious point. I’m frankly embarrassed to admit I didn’t make this connection myself. Thankfully, Gary DeMar did!

So … where are the “Christian” riots???

Dr. Karen L. King, a professor at Harvard Divinity School, has released what she claims may be a 4th century papyrus that depicts Jesus as being. Here’s how the “discovery” is being reported:

“A small fragment of faded papyrus contains a suggestion that Jesus may have been married.

“The fragment, with just eight lines of text on the front and six lines on the back, is from a fourth-century dialogue, written in the Coptic language, between Jesus and his disciples. In it, Jesus speaks of ‘my wife,’ according to Harvard professor Karen L. King, who discovered the fragment.

“‘The most exciting line in the whole fragment . . . is the sentence ‘Jesus said to them [his disciples], my wife.’”

Anyone familiar with the history of Christian doctrine knows that the church has always taught that Jesus never married. While Jesus holds up the sanctity of marriage (Matt. 19:1–12), it was not His designed purpose to marry.

To claim that Jesus was married in the usual sense of what constitutes marriage is an affront to everything Jesus is and what the Bible and the Christian church has taught for 2000 years. Many would call the “Jesus was married” claim blasphemy, and if not that, heresy. Will Christians storm the halls of academia and demand the blood of this Harvard professor who dares to publish such rubbish?

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