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Clash Pigskin Pundit: NFL Week 3

by The Pigskin Pundit

Well, Week Two proves that you never can tell in Pete Rozell’s “parity era” NFL. Good teams can get beat by not-so-good teams on any given Sunday, to abuse a couple of clichés. Boomer said as much last night on tv, repositing the coach’s adage that you don’t know for a month into the season what you have for a team. I went 10-6 in Week 2, putting me at 20-11 for the season. Not bad, but certainly room for improvement. It didn’t help that the mismatch of the week (seemingly) resulted in my own “powerhouse” Patriots getting beat at home by the lowly Cardinals. Ouch! Oh well, that’s why they play the games….(another bad cliché). Here’s the picks.

Giants @ Panthers – Which Giants team will show up? I’ve got to believe that NY will find some consistency early on and start a winning trend. Giants.

Buccaneers @ Cowboys – Same argument as the Giants. Will Dallas find some steadiness this season? If they do, teams like the Bucs will be a tune-up rather than a threat. If not, Sheriff Garrett will be turning in his star before the season’s end. Gunslingers should pop the pirates at home.

Jaguars @ Colts – I still think the Jags are too short on everything to even steal a win in Indy. Indy has a little Luck, and Freeney & Mathis are still a force. Ponies prance.

Bills @ Browns – Fresh off their win against the Chiefs, perhaps the Bills are ready to make a little noise in the AFC East. They may be the only thing that’s “hot in Cleveland” this week. Buffalo stampedes on the road.

Jets @ Dolphins – The Phins beat the Raiders last week. The Jets aren’t the Raiders. Gang Green wants to establish itself as the new Beast in the East, knocking the Patriots off their pedestal. This road win will help them along that path.

Chiefs @ Saints – New Orleans’ mediocrity has been my biggest surprise this season, but a loss at home to KC isn’t likely. The Battle of New Orleans goes to the Christians, not the pagans.

Bengals @ Redskins – This is my “pick em” game. Washington’s defense is decimated with the loss of Carriker and Orakpo. The Bengals have a defense ranked 30th out of 32. I’m looking for BenJarvus Green-Ellis to have a big game. Bengals win on the road in a high-scoring contest.

Rams @ Bears – Bears eat sheep…especially those that wander into their lair. Nuff said.

49ers @ Vikings – Does anyone want Minnesota in this one? Bueller? Bueller? Anyone?

Lions @ Titans – I think Detroit is further along in their rebuilding effort than Tennessee. Krakens get eaten … again. Chris Johnson asks to be traded.

Falcons @ Chargers – I’m going with Atlanta. They are one of the more solid, complete teams you will see this year, and should make some big noise in the post-season. The Bolts are about to find out how good they aren’t … again.

Eagles @ Cardinals – Despite last week’s victory over the Patriots, the Cardinals still aren’t for real. The Eagles are beginning to soar. Philly phlattens Phoenix.

Steelers @ Raiders – The Hardhats of Pittsburgh should have enough depth to rivet the Raiders. Black & Gold trumps Black & Silver.

Texans @ Broncos – Cowboys break broncos as a vocation. Nothing different this week. Houston is seriously on the move in the AFC. By the time they face a tough opponent, they will have a lengthy unbeaten record and momentum.

Patriots @ Ravens – I’m not confident that New England has the game plan to beat Baltimore. Crabcakes prevail over clam chowder this week.

Packers @ Seahawks – Green Bay has the answers for Seattle that Dallas didn’t. And they need road wins, after a poor home opener. I see the Pack winning big in this contest.

Enjoy the week!

Image: courtesy of Flickr user hyku

-Pigskin Pundit