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President Hopes Lies and Nonsense Distract from His Failed Leadership

I’m really tired of hearing that this is the worst recession since World War II. Not so!

The worst recession was the 1980-82 recession, which Ronald Reagan inherited from Jimmy Carter in January 1981.  Unemployment and inflation were in double digit percentages. Reagan overcame this recession with enlightened financial policies, appropriate tax cuts, and business deregulation. The economy turned around and America experienced a period of growth and innovation which lasted until 2000.

The current sluggish economy is not a recession. It ended in the second quarter of President Obama’s first year in office.  However, it feels like a recession because of high unemployment, declining wages, declining family wealth, skyrocketing gasoline prices, rising food prices, collapsing real estate values, out of control federal debt and deficit spending, and inept presidential leadership.

Frankly, we have a schoolboy president and administration, and a Democrat Congress that has led this country into economic decline since taking control of Congress in 2007. Their focus has been on social engineering, entitlements, partisanship and political power.

Obama has been totally ineffective in implementing bipartisan “Hope and Change” as promised during his 2008 campaign. He had no executive management experience and has never run even a candy store.  He is clearly over his head in the area of finance, economics, business and entrepreneurship.

The thought that such an inadequate man could be given another four years as president is preposterous to anyone who knows Obama’s record.  Simply look at his history.  See the movie 2016.  Read Roots of Obama’s Rage.  Read The Amateur.  Read Fool Me Twice.  Read The Price of Politics. These books, and many others, all say the same thing: we have a president who doesn’t know what he’s doing, how to lead from upfront rather than from behind, and how to conduct bipartisan political negotiations with congress.

Obama appears to have an academic, schoolboy approach to governance and social engineering.  He wants to “fundamentally transform” America – the most successful nation and economy in the history of the world – into a collective, entitlement society.  That’s what he said during his 2008 campaign.  Of course, no one thought he meant converting America into a de facto Marxist/Socialist/Quasi-Communist/Radical-Leftist nation.  Obama apparently wants to replicate the failed Soviet experiment of 1917.  Heaven forbid!

Still unconvinced? Check out his and the Democrats’ tedious fiction regarding the “GM rescue” – more massive lies to distract and attract voters.

In response to GM’s crisis, Governor Mitt Romney called for a managed-bankruptcy settlement several months before Obama did the same thing. 

Romney’s earlier settlement would have saved the taxpayers at least $20 billion . . . and saved the company and the jobs via the normal legal managed-bankruptcy process. 

Barack Obama’s delayed approach, on the other hand, cost the taxpayers over $50 billion and screwed the bondholders, while rewarding the United Auto Workers Union with significant company ownership. 

Most voters don’t realize that Obama implemented a managed bankruptcy — just as Romney was proposing.  Obama lies when he says Romney would have destroyed the company and the related jobs. Managed bankruptcies don’t work that way and Romney is a proven expert in turning around failing business.    

See the following for an informative summary.

Finally, regarding lack of responsible leadership on the geo-political/national security front: did you know that Obama went to Las Vegas last Wednesday (9/12) for a political fund raiser after reading a statement in the Rose Garden regretting  the murder of our Ambassador and three American staffers in Libya? The storming of the American embassy in Egypt was not even mentioned.    

If this isn’t the height of irresponsibility, I don’t know what is!  Instead of staying on the job in the White House and getting to the bottom of this failure of foreign policy  and security, Obama leaves town for Las Vegas money. 

Worse yet, the Liberal media has virtually ignored Obama’s failure of leadership and absence from the White House.  They’ve even underreported  the attacks on our Egyptian Embassy and Libyan consulate. 

Instead, the Liberal media focused most of their attention and criticism on Governor Mitt Romney for his statement objecting to our Cairo Embassy apologies to the people attacking them.  Interestingly,  the White House eventually came out with the same criticism. 

Three more important points: Obama has skipped more than 50% of his Intelligence briefings.  Again, this initially was only reported by FoxNews.  Also, why weren’t our foreign facilities and people better protected on 9/11?  And why didn’t our troops guarding our ambassador and facilities have live ammunition in their weapons?

Frankly, the failure of leadership from this White House and from our cheerleader President is even worse than that of Jimmy Carter.  This cannot be allowed to go on.  Obama’s got to go!

Image courtesy of: Coolcaesar at en.wikipedia; released under the GNU Free Documentation License.

William Pauwels

William A. Pauwels, Sr. was born in Jackson Michigan to a Belgian, immigrant, entrepreneurial family. Bill is a graduate of the University of Notre Dame and served in executive and/or leadership positions at Thomson Industries, Inc., Dow Corning, Loctite and Sherwin-Williams. He is currently CIO of Pauwels Private Investment Practice. He's been commenting on matters political/economic/philosophical since 1980.

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