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DNC: Ancestors, Sandra Fluke and Missing Their Own Point

Well, I did my best to watch all three nights of the Democratic National Convention. It wasn’t easy. On a few occasions I had to change the channel because I feared of stroking out.

It was difficult to decipher which bothered me more: the blatant lies or the contradictory stories of the American dream. There seemed to be a recurring theme among the speakers of hardworking parental predecessors.

Many of the speeches detailed the stories of grandparents and parents struggling to give their families a better life through hard work and sacrifice. Their determination and perseverance made it possible for their adult child/grandchild to be on that very stage. It really was a testimony to why America is great.

Hard work, sacrifice, perseverance. Yet each of them would miss the entire point and proceed to tell why we need to change things in America so we can bypass the hard work, sacrifice, and perseverance parts of the story. They want to eliminate the delayed gratification portion of the equation.

Let’s give everything to everybody right now. Forget the entire risk versus reward factor that is the normal driving force of people’s efforts. Unfortunately that whole premise doesn’t work for society. We have $16 trillion of debt and counting because of this festering ideology of our elected officials.

If everyone is given everything it makes a bunch of spoiled, lazy, unappreciative, mediocre slackers. Plus the economy cannot sustain itself with this socialist mindset. Sometimes life isn’t fair, but it is just. Everybody can’t be a rocket scientist or president but everybody does have a chance to be if they strive for it.

Of course, the speech from the 30 year old law student Sandra Fluke demanding me to pay for her birth control also ticked me off. Then I realized she was backstage at the same time with Bill Clinton so it’s probably good that she had taxpayer funded birth control. This country doesn’t need anymore little Billies running around.

But the liberals praising the American dream while trying to change and destroy it really got my blood pressure rising. Don’t exploit my free market America for your own tyrannical political power. If you are going to push socialism then use a socialist country for your example. Leave my free market America the heck alone.

Todd W. Reed

Todd W. Reed is a Californian transplanted to Georgia and a small business owner - frustrated that he sees GA becoming like the CA he fled. He is involved with the Tea Party and ran for a GA House Seat last year; missed the run off by 40 something votes.