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Fact Checking The Fact Checkers of Obama’s Drama

As the civil war among Democrats rages over the reinsertion of Jerusalem and God in the Democratic Party platform and the exclusion of other pro-Israel language from that platform, a second front is opening up among liberal media allies. The leftist media now wants the head of the Associated Press, which had the temerity today to fact check sainted former President Bill Clinton’s DNC speech last night.

The fact checking industry has made a name for itself of late by “fact checking” not just the actual factual claims of particular candidates – usually conservative candidates – but by fact checking their supposed implications. And the fact checkers have almost universally been friends to the Obama campaign.

That’s how Politifact actually claimed that Barack Obama’s spending increases were lower than any other modern president. That’s how the Washington Post claimed with a straight face that it was a lie that President Obama hadn’t visited Israel … when President Obama hasn’t visited Israel. That’s how the fact checkers decided that every word of Paul Ryan’s VP nomination acceptance speech about a GM plant in Janesville, Wisconsin, was false – even though every single word of it was true. That’s how Politifact decided that it was half-true that 44 states saw an increase in unemployment in August – even though that statement was fully true.

And the liberal media said nothing. Because, after all, the fact checkers were on their side.

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