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More Untruths? Trashing BHO? A Few More Thoughts on the Dem Convention …

A few observations about this past week’s Democratic Convention …

Don’t Trust Michelle Either …

In addition to what’s been reported in a Joel B. Pollak piece in Breitbart, according to Michelle Obama’s biographer, Barack was not at the bedside of his mother while she was dying as was conveyed during the First Lady’s and Joe Biden’s speech at the Dem Convention.  Barack was reportedly on a book tour, promoting his book Dreams From My Father. He hadn’t seen his mother in months and didn’t arrive in Hawaii until after she had passed away. 

In addition, the author reports that Barack’s mother’s medical expenses were  fully covered by health insurance – contrary to what President Obama represented during his ObamaCare campaign.  She did negotiate with her insurers for additional disability benefits to cover her personal expenses while dying of cancer. 

We have learned over the past several years that Barack Obama is a great deceiver – who will say whatever it takes to please an audience and sell his point – while later doing just the opposite, if necessary, to achieve his objective.  It is sad to see his wife engaging in the same kind of deceptive practice.  

Democrats Boo God & Jerusalem…

The Democrat Party Plank Committee, reportedly under the direction of the Obama Administration, wrote God and Jerusalem out of their document. 

However, public reaction was so adverse that Pres. Obama ordered an immediate revision, reincorporating God and Jerusalem back into the plank (but still leaving out traditional godly and  pro-Israel commitments of the past). 

Never-the-less, when the convention chairman tried to get the necessary two thirds approval of the change from the delegates, half of the delegates booed their disapproval.  They actually booed the incorporation of God into their plank!

Folks – if this isn’t telling you something about your parents’ Democrat Party – nothing will. It’s gone – doesn’t exist!

Clearly, the Democratic Party is being taken over by secularists, sexists, abortionists, Islamists, anti-Semites, atheists, agnostics, and quasi-Communists.  Deny it if you’d like, but when half of the Democrat Convention delegates – the Party Leaders – scream out in protest of God and Jerusalem in the Party Plank ― the Democrat Party has clearly lost its way ― The Traditional American Way.

Elizabeth Warren Trashes Obama Record While Supporting Four More Years…

Could you believe the speech delivered by Elizabeth Warren at the Democratic convention? Apparently, she lost sight of where she was ― at the Obama nominating convention.

Frankly, a Republican couldn’t have delivered a more critical summary of Obama’s failures of the past four years. Give her credit, she was honest,  even if irrational! . . . Obama just needs another four years to fundamentally transform America into a de facto Marxist/Socialist/Radical-Leftist/Quasi-Communist Nanny State.  She is with him all the way! 

Frankly, Warren forces the question: What will President Obama do differently in a second term that he couldn’t do during his first two years when the Dems controlled both houses of Congress? 

Obama clearly doesn’t know how to lead and solve the nation’s problems: jobs, wages, family wealth deflation, food inflation, gasoline inflation, real estate price deflation, economic growth, trade imbalance, government deficit spending, excessive national debt, the depreciating dollar, affordable health care, halting illegal immigration, etc.  Obama has had his chance and has clearly failed.  It is time to give a proven performer a chance. 

Selecting a president should not be a popularity contest!  We are hiring the Chief Executive of the world’s largest enterprise – someone who can turn our economy around and restore the American Dream – the American Way-of-Life.

Americans should hire the best of the best – someone with a proven track record – who knows what he’s doing.  That is clearly not the Obama/Pelosi/Reid/Chicago-cabal, whose quasi-Communist ideology is destroying the traditional American-Prosperity Machine – Free Market, Competitive, Constitutional Capitalism. 

Clinton’s speech at the Dem Convention praises himself . . . while indirectly exposing Obama’s inability.

Early in his speech at the Democratic convention, Bill Clinton criticized the Republican philosophy of individual freedom and responsibility, while praising the Democrat philosophy of “we’re-in-it-together,” i.e., Collectivism.

His advocacy is, of course, nothing more than de facto Marxist/Socialist/Radical-Leftist/Quasi-Communist ideology disguised by a skilled orator.  

Clinton continued his deception for the duration of his 50 minute, put-me-to-sleep talk — by defending Obama’s big government, Nanny State philosophy.

Like so many big government advocates of the past, Clinton used his oratory skills to sell a time-tested, bad idea ― sacrificing individual freedom and personal responsibility for collective, big-government-knows-best, security and control.

In addition, amongst his many tributes to himself, Clinton elaborated on his ability to work with Newt Gingrich and the Republican Congress in balancing the Federal Budget four times.. Read between the lines folks ― Clinton was really criticizing Obama’s inability to pass a budget for the past three years. Clinton was really criticizing Obama’s inability to work cooperatively with the Republicans in the Congress.

In fairness, Clinton and Obama have a few things in common. Both are skilled orators. Both are great deceivers. They tell an audience what they like to hear and make them feel good. (They understand that people remember how you made them feel versus what you actually said.) Both are self-promoters. Both are de facto Marxist/Socialist/Radical-Leftist/Quasi-Communist ideologues – Obama more so than Clinton, however.

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William Pauwels

William A. Pauwels, Sr. was born in Jackson Michigan to a Belgian, immigrant, entrepreneurial family. Bill is a graduate of the University of Notre Dame and served in executive and/or leadership positions at Thomson Industries, Inc., Dow Corning, Loctite and Sherwin-Williams. He is currently CIO of Pauwels Private Investment Practice. He's been commenting on matters political/economic/philosophical since 1980.

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