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Obama Regime Admits Islam Is Not Peaceful  

We’ve all known them in our lives … people who we KNOW are thin-skinned, volatile, and explosive. We accommodate them and do everything possible to pacify them (including the interminable apology) … all to ensure they do NOT become violent.
You know, just like the Obama administration does…
What do I mean? Well, just look at how they have been treating the Islamic world since he’s been in office. Appeasement, pacification through endless apologies. But for what, exactly? They say … and have repeatedly said during the aftermath of the recent 9-11 terror attack on our consulate … that they respect all religions. Really? This administration, and it’s friends in Hollywood, without fail insult Christians without blinking an eye. When Christians bemoan the insults, they are told to live with it because of First Amendment Rights. 
Apologies? As we say in NY: FAGETABOUTIT!!
And, of course, why bother pacifying those who are already peaceful … that would be a waste of time and resources.
So the question arises: If the appeasers of Islam are so confident in their mantra “Islam is a religion of peace”, then why are they falling all over themselves expressing regret for offending them? They clearly are concerned about violence … but again, why? Isn’t this a religion of peaceful people? Haven’t they force-fed us that daily detestable fare? Then why the trepidation? Is it because they KNOW that this ideology is unequivocally hateful, intolerant and violent from it’s inception? 
The evidence is empirical. There’s no need to calm tranquil waters. Their consistent pacification of the followers of a barbaric ideology PROVES that this administration KNOWS the waters of Islam are not tranquil in the least … and they have to run to them with flowers and candy every time those living in the land of liberty criticize the founder of this vicious lot.
Islam is NOT a religion of peace. It has never been. And never will be. Those who think it IS are clearly misunderstanders of this ideology. I’m just glad the Misunderstander-in-Chief has finally “evolved” on the issue.
Shalom through strength…

Image: La vie de Mahomet, by M. Prideaux, 1699; courtesy of //
archive/book_illos/; public domain; copyright expired.

Audrey Russo

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