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Pig-Skin Pundit: NFL Picks, Week One …

[Editor: No, this isn’t political; but it is fun. If you don’t like football, feel free to skip; to you NFL fans, enjoy! … )

Fire up the bratwursts, and let’s get this candle lit!
Cowboys @ Giants – (I didn’t get this out early enough to pick, but probably would have gone with NY).

Colts @ Bears – The ponies don’t bring enough wild horses to hold the Bears off.  Luck won’t be enough, literally.  Chicago, soundly.  Double digits if Cutler is on.

Eagles @ Browns – Philly rolls to an early Vick-tory over Cleveland.  Too many weapons vs. too many holes.  Peyton Hillis does not a team make.

Rams @ Lions – Detroit’s Big Cats are ready to dehorn the Rams, and St. Lou’s running game will consist of Li’l Sammy running for his life.

Dolphins @ Texans – No amount of off-season rebuilding by Miami is enough to offset the new rising power of the AFC.  Lone Stars in a romp.

Falcons @ Chiefs – The Falcs just have too much for KC.  Feathers will fly in this contest, but most of them will be from war bonnets.

Jaguars @ Vikings – Home field is the only reason to pick Purple in this yawner.  The Jags ain’t read … yet.

Redskins @ Saints – Hmmmm……Saints.  Let me rethink that…umm…..Saints.  Drew Brees over QB-Of-The-Week in DC?  Saints.

Bills @ Jets – An interesting game, with so much to find out.  Somehow, I think Buffalo surprises whatever surprises Rex has up his sleeve.  Bills.

Patriots @ Titans – Don’t think the Pats are ready to lay down to a team like Tennessee at this point.  Muskets prevail over Krakens.

Seahawks @ Cardinals – Real Seahawks probably eat Cardinals, but I think Big Red holds serve in the desert.  Close game, but not a great game.

Niners @ Packers – KaBOOM!  The angry road team vs. the powerhouse home team.  I’m leaning Niners to spoil, but I think the Pack will hold Lambeau.

Panthers @ Buccaneers – Pirates will be wearing pelts this fall fashion season.  Bucs.

Steelers @ Broncos – It pains me to choose Pittsburgh in this most anticipated matchup, but too much in Denver is new … and some things are, well, old.

Bengals @ Ravens – Cincy still doesn’t know where it’s going.  At least Baltimore knows where it wants to go.  Blackbirds defend the roost.

Chargers @ Raiders – I like the upstart Raiders in this.  San Diego is a fading power, still dangerous, but never consistent.  The Bolts get shocked.
Enjoy the season!!

— Pig-Skin Pundit

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