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RNC- “Obama’s Recycling His 2008 Campaign Crap!”

The RNC has a killer new video out today, juxtaposing Candidate Obama’s speeches in 2008 with President Obama’s speeches in 2012 and, well…he’s saying the same stuff. Pretty damning:

When you’re even using the same, specific line, “I want to recruit an army of new teachers,” you’re clearly strapped for content. He has nothing new to say, and he’s returning to his old lines because he hasn’t accomplished anything in the last year. He’s trying to run on the same promises he made (and subsequently broke) four years ago.

Wouldn’t a president who’d accomplished much of anything have new promises to make, and a record to tout? Shouldn’t a successful president be able to write a new campaign speech four years later?
Kind of reminds me of this clip of Aaron Sorkin dialogue. He uses the same lines from the West Wing in all his new shows because all his best dialogue came from there: