Tale of Two Women: Sandra Fluke and Housewife You Never Heard of

Written by Mark Mayberry on September 7, 2012

While sitting and watching the Democratic Convention being held in my hometown of Charlotte, North Carolina, I was greeted by a rather stark comparison while being pontificated to by Sandra Fluke. The comparison was this: female democrats versus female republicans.

Sandra Fluke is far from the average citizen that the left loves to portray her as. In her career she has headed the Georgetown Law Students for Reproductive Justice group as well as worked for several groups dealing with battered women and human trafficking. Fluke is not a typical citizen looking out for her fellow citizens at all. She is a feminist activist.

Now that you know a little bit about Sandra, lets look at another woman, a conservative woman. Lets examine the differences between the two in an effort to see just how different they are and whether or not all women feel the way Sandra Fluke does.

The woman I am speaking of is named Christina. She is an average everyday woman much like Miss Fluke claims to be. I could float a million names of successful conservative women in front of you, like Nancy Reagan or Ann Coulter, but it wouldn’t hold the same weight.

Instead of a career, Christina saw value in taking care of her husband, their home and their three young children. Christina did have odd jobs here and there once her children were old enough to either attend school or daycare. She did this to help make ends meet and keep her children wanting for nothing.

Now on top of her various jobs which included working at McDonalds, cleaning other people’s houses and doing minor book keeping, she also had to keep the house clean and take care of her children who were still young at the time. So after work it was homework, football and cheer-leading practice, dinner, bath time and finally bedtime. All this to only get up and do it again the next day.

Now lets fast forward in history. Christina’s children are all basically teenagers and she decides she wants to get a career and make something of herself. So while she is still raising her kids and working, she enrolls in the local community college. From there she enters a four-year university and soon leaves with a bachelors degree in Accounting.

A short time later she begins to work for the government as a law enforcement officer for the Treasury Department. Eventually she works her way back into the private sector to be where she is today. Today, two masters’ degrees later, Christina resides in her very own office in the administration wing of a hospital owned by one of the most successful healthcare companies in America. Her job title is “CHIEF FINANCIAL OFFICER.” Her job title for me has always been simply “MOM.”

Now that you know a little bit about both Christina and Sandra, lets look at where they differ. Sandra filled the air just a few nights ago with words of warning to women everywhere that republican’s were coming to get them and force their birth control from their very hands. On top of this she used words like “antiquated” and “death” to bring her point home. Her point is simple: women must elect Barack Obama because he is the candidate that cares about women’s reproductive rights and that Republicans have trampled the rights of women and they simply do not care about women at all.

My mom told me just that same night that she was highly offended by Miss Fluke’s speech and that it did not speak for all women across America. In fact, she believes that it is quite the opposite and I tend to agree.

She remarked to me that what offended her most was the idea that there are women, Sandra Fluke included, that feel like it is the government’s job to take care of them. She told me she believes that what boosted America to where it is today was rugged independence. The thought that these women’s making it appear as though all women needed to depend on the government was insulting. She asked me, “What type of example does this set for my kids, that I have to depend on someone else for my basic needs?”

Christina was a single mother for quite sometime after my parent’s divorce and in my opinion she is a shinning example of what women’s rights should be, she succeeded instead of turning to government. That is the very essence of an empowered woman.

You see the issue here is not whether or not someone should get an abortion or get free birth control; it’s about responsibility. My mother had responsibilities and even with them she was able to reach great success and she even became one of those “evil executives.” She did all of this without having abortions or petitioning the government for free contraception.

She did it the American way, through hard work. So the real distinction between Democratic feminists and Republican women seems to be responsibility and morals; and in this writer’s opinion, that is the real choice on the ballot this November. Much like Fluke I see two possible America’s as well. One that believes in the sanctity of life even at it’s most inconvenient and one that believes that life is a matter of convenience and that Americans cannot survive without cradle to grave socialism.

Image: The Housewife; Abraham van Strij; courtesy of www.rijksmuseum.nl; public domain