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Terrorist Released? A Bold and Terrifying Prediction

Sometimes, one can only hope a fellow conservative will prove mistaken. The following prediction from Tea party Nation’s Judson Phillips is one of those times. If Phillip’s inklings are confirmed, it will result in one of the truly most scandalous miscarriages of justice in presidential history. Or, arguably, in American history, period.

For those who pay attention, we realize something terrible is looming on the horizon. No sane American can call this anything but a disaster.

What is this bold and terrifying prediction?

The prediction is simple. The Obama Regime is going to release Omar Abdel Rahman. Rahman is known as the blind sheik. He is also known as the “Pope of Jihad.”

Rahman is serving a life sentence for his role in a conspiracy to attack American targets in the 1990’s following the first World Trade Center attack.

When the Muslim Brotherhood took over Egypt, with the assistance of the Obama Regime, they announced one of their first demands was the release of the Blind Sheik.

Rahman is a dangerous terrorist. While he was incarcerated, he had messages covertly sent out from the prison. One of them was a Fatwa that Osama Bin Laden used as justification for his attack on the World Trade Center.

And Barack Obama will release him.

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Image: Omar Abdel Rahman; public domain