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We Are at War

We are at war. Let’s stop kidding ourselves. Let’s end this stupid talk about making nice with Premier Barack and his comrades. They declared war on our way of life a long time ago. It’s time to be on a war footing and fight like heaven, in self-defense, and to depose the king presumptive. We have years of work ahead. It will be required we fight the following wars if we are serious about truly restoring our country to greatness, which essentially means preserving liberty.

The enemies of liberty war on the Truth, so we must state the truth over and over without apology. The truth is this country was founded primarily by scholars who held closely to Judeo-Christian values and principles: justice, equal standing, the rule of law, fair play, goodness, reverence, brotherhood, service, integrity, honesty, liberty, private property rights, faith, love, hope. Those values and principles have created the greatest republic in history providing for the most widespread generosity and tolerance ever known anywhere. We must never turn our backs on the very values and principles that provide the greatest good for the greatest number.

The truth is our Constitution was divinely inspired, a work of genius and a model for the world. Allowing the “living document” crowd to subvert it is an act of suicide. Officials take an oath to protect and defend the Constitution. If they violate that oath, they should be escorted out of the building.

According to the Declaration, certain truths are obvious, self-evident: we are endowed by our Creator with unalienable rights, to name a few—life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, which has always meant in part the right to own property in a free enterprise system. Any assault on life, including the lives of the unborn, liberty, or property, is an assault on America and her citizens. If we tolerate such assaults, we lose by surrender.

The enemies of liberty war on Morality, and so we must always defend and protect traditional morality, with malice toward none, understanding that traditional morality is a covenant with the God who has everyone’s highest good at the top of His list, because He is the God of love after all.

Prohibitions are put in place to protect everyone. Grace and forgiveness operate to redeem violators. All that is allowed is allowed for our health and joy. There is nothing new under the sun. Wrong is wrong, always. And right is right, forever.

Every time we embrace moral relativism, it’s sipping strychnine. The amoral and immoral have little if any restraint. Liberty depends on citizen restraint, on citizens governing themselves, on citizens voluntarily agreeing to hold to a code of conduct. Such volunteerism pre-empts the need for a strong police force. Strong moral adherence by general agreement denies the dictator access. Virtuous citizens look out for each other, respect each other, protect the liberties of the other, and serve to preserve the general welfare. Relativists put everything at risk because they invite disorder, the feeding ground of the dictator.

The enemies of liberty war on Americanism. Americanism embraces the intimate connection between the Declaration and the Constitution. These original documents create and sustain liberty only when preserved as originally written and intended, and only when cherished by the majority of citizens.

If we deny the Creator endows rights, we deny the foundation of liberty and destroy Americanism. Without the protection of the Creator, rights become a matter of human opinion, a slippery situation indeed. Any thug with enough followers can easily redefine rights to suit the passions of the moment. This is the precursor to chaos. And historically, thug-driven chaos always ushers in despotism, the antithesis of Americanism.

Our national motto, “In God We Trust,” is much more than a nice sentiment: it is the life line to liberty. Politicians and bureaucrats ought to fear God, and The People, for that is the only way to keep government in check, the very purpose of the Constitution which exists to preserve liberty.

By warring on Americanism, Morality and Truth, the enemies of liberty mount a three-pronged war on Liberty. Why would anyone war on Liberty? Doesn’t everyone want Liberty? The short answer is “no”. Too many people these days want a soft life. They want security and sustenance even at the price of Liberty lost. The powerful who think they know best for everyone seethe for control. And so it’s a very nice marriage: the ones who want to be controlled welcome the controllers, but the price is Liberty lost.

The cost of preserving Liberty is very high. To protect everyone’s Liberty, the individual must take personal responsibility, committing himself to hard work and personal integrity. For Liberty to ring free and clear, individuals must refuse government assistance and insist on doing for themselves, even earning beyond base requirements so as to have a surplus to give others, another dimension of virtue. Liberty can only breathe when government is small and citizens are big.

Liberty dies when government supplants the good impulse to volunteer and contribute to charity. In this, government gets big, and citizens get small. In the present day we have very big government, and very small citizens.

It may take a generation of renewal and revival to re-instill the values of Truth, Morality and Americanism in order to make this once again the land of the free, and the home of the brave. It took the inhabitants of the British Isles 1,000 years to achieve some measure of Liberty there, and to see the full flower of Liberty here. Can it be we’ll stand by and allow it to be destroyed in only a few short years?

Image courtesy of Grizzli

Allan Erickson

Allan Erickson---Christian, husband, father, journalist, businessman, screenwriter, and author of The Cross & the Constitution in the Age of Incoherence, Tate Publishing, 2012.