Agenda 21’s Subtle Transformation of the United States

Written by David Hiatt on October 15, 2012

(This is continuation from my last column, “President Shredding His Oath to Uphold the Constitution)

Agenda 21 (A21), synonymous with “New World Order”, cannot be achieved when our Constitution stands strong and is upheld through the three branches of our government.  When the sitting president bypasses the Senate and the House to dictate executive orders, that shows conflict with our liberty and freedoms; we are moving in the direction of tyranny.  

The diminishing of individual sovereignties is at an all-time high risk with ever increasing momentum. Both Obama’s and the United Nations’ goals of dominance and governance are one of the same.  With the semi- false cause of protecting the environment, they seek the power to dominate everything from the flow of water around the home to the financial mechanisms that drive the economy and job market. 

In January, 1992, George H. Bush signed the Rio Accords at the Earth Summit held in Rio de Janeiro concurring with the United Nations’ blueprint for global transformation.  This can be summarized as:  “Agenda 21 is a comprehensive plan of action to be taken globally, nationally and locally by organizations of the United Nations System, Governments, and major groups in every area in which human impacts on the environment.”  In layman’s terms, it is a big plan to control the world and everyone that lives on earth in the name of clean air and water.  In the past year or two the word “Green” has become more recognized in the United States — this is indicative of compliance with Agenda 21.  

“Isn’t the only hope for this planet that the industrialized civilization collapse? Isn’t it our responsibility to bring that about?” – Maurice Strong, at the U.N. Rio Summit, 1992

In 1995, President B.J. Clinton signed executive order 12858 which produced a Presidential Council on “Sustainable Development’.  One can substitute the word “Green” in place of “Sustainable”, each meaning the same (both “green” and “sustainable” are just words meaning: “friendly, Marxist attempt to takeover“)  Once again, this EO is complying with Agenda 21.  

On January 24, 2007, George W. Bush signed EO 13423 which strengthened Federal Environmental, Energy and Transportation management shifting the United States into a closer bond with A21.

The past three Presidents before Barack H. Obama: George H. Bush, William J. Clinton and George W. Bush, can be defined as those who hold moderate to progressive views.  They have had a substantial impact on the United States holding a relationship with the United Nations and forwarding the cause towards Agenda 21.   

Before we get into the power grabs using executive orders and the uncontrolled regulations of the Environmental Protection Agency, we need to examine the framework of Agenda 21.  A21 is three hundred pages with 40 chapters divided into four sections.  The sections and subsections are as follows: 
Section I: Social and Economic Dimensions:
Includes combating poverty, changing consumption patterns, changing trade policy, promoting health, changing population, sustainable settlement and integrating environment in decision-making

Section II: Conservation and Management of Resources for Development:
Includes atmospheric protection, combating deforestation, protecting fragile environments, conservation of biological diversity (biodiversity) and control of pollution

Section III: Strengthening the Role of Major Groups:
Includes the roles of children and youth, women, non-governmental organizations, local authorities, workers and their trade unions

Section IV: Means of Implementation:
Includes science, technology transfer, education, international institutions and financial mechanisms

Through examination, one can see that these take control of every aspect of life and the society in which we live.  This is silently being imposed on us through Federal, State and Local governments. A group with the acronym ICLEI (”International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives”), changed to “Local Governments for Sustainability“, is now in over 600 towns, cities and communities.

While our government has not rewritten the Constitution to include the United Nations agenda, laws and regulations are being executed that fulfill the objectives. Regardless of your political affiliation, this affects everyone.

In the next column, executive orders and regulations that could have an impact on our lives will be explored.

David Hiatt sees a good part of America driving his truck across it, mostly from Indiana down to the bottom of Texas. He is a passionate Christian Constitutional Conservative that is concerned about the direction this Great Nation is heading.