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Dear Ron Paul/ Gary Johnson Voter Guy …

I understand that there is some discontentment when the guy you are pulling for all through the primary doesn’t end up in the number one spot. I can understand this because for the first six or so months of campaign season I was a huge supporter of Rick Santorum, and still am.

Can someone tell me the sense it makes for me to say I am not voting for Mitt Romney because he wasn’t my initial pick? Even now it is astonishing to this writer that Romney is our nominee when I struggle to find any conservative that liked him before he got the nomination in the first place.

This is neither here nor there. After watching the debate on Wednesday, I walked away with some guarded optimism that although Romney is far from being my favorite or first choice, he is the best choice we have. What scares me more than the Obama campaign is the Ron Paul crowd who has vowed to not vote, write in Ron Paul or vote for Gary Johnson.

That is the important theme here, the best guy we have. As a social conservative I think that Romney is nowhere near the social conservative that he now claims to be and there are plenty of sound bites to prove it. However by not voting for Mitt Romney, you are assuring another term for Barack Obama. So I ask Libertarians, who is closer to your agenda? Barack Obama, who has racked up more debt than any other president in history or Mitt Romney who is a big government conservative but way more fiscally responsible.

I can understand the utter disappointment in the candidates being turned out by the Republican Party. It was shameful that we ended up with John McCain and although Mitt Romney is better, he certainly isn’t great. This however is not a reason to show your disgust by not voting or voting for a loser. As much as the Ron Paul crowd doesn’t want to hear this, throwing away your vote on Ron Paul or Gary Johnson is not going to start a revolution. In fact if you do either not vote or toss your vote away, then you are just a complicit as those who vote for Obama.

This election is the final battle. Right here and now is when we are going to decide which way our country goes. Will we stand apart from our Western European neighbors as we have for more than two centuries or will we follow the road to socialism and eventual ruin? Ron Paul supporters have perhaps the biggest choice to make; and by simply not deciding you are electing Barack Obama to another four year and allowing him to possibly make up to four Supreme Court picks. This election is far too important for your no vote principles. If you are either too ignorant or too brainwashed to understand that you are going to burn the country to the ground for your political principles than shame on you.

All I am suggesting is that you vote for your interests. The common argument I hear is that people don’t want to vote for “the lesser of two evils.” But what you must comprehend is that by not picking one you are allowing the worst into office. You want smaller government, and so do I. In order to get it we can’t allow Barack Obama to finish installation on this gigantic government machine.

I will leave you with this. As fall approaches and we all begin to get football fever this analogy is a perfect example: folks, we must play ball with who is on the field. Would it be nice to throw the ball to Rick Santorum or Ron Paul? Yes it would, but the reality is they aren’t on the field. If we choose not to throw the touchdown pass to Mitt Romney, then it is going to go to Barack Obama by default.

A very wise man once told me that, “Just because it isn’t perfect, doesn’t mean that there is something better.” So it is in that spirit that I will cast my ballot for Mitt Romney and I encourage you to do the same so we can take back our nation. Not this term but maybe in eight or sixteen years. The only thing that is certain is if Barack Obama is still president on November 7th the chance for course correction has passed us by.

Image: 2012 Republican Presidential Candidates; courtesy of Cirt; author:DonkeyHotey

Mark Mayberry

Mark Mayberry lives in Tennessee and is pursuing a Law Degree. He hopes to work in politics and law after graduating. He is also a staff writer at and is the operator of Mark is an avid outdoorsman and enjoys spending time hunting and fishing as well as with his family. You can reach Mark on Facebook and Twitter as well as his website